Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Xmas Morning!!

A special post for my mum so she can see the kids this morning...

It was all very exciting, Cooper was ripping open presents left, right and centre...and Georgie watched on in awe. They spent the last hour and half just wandering around the loungeroom playing with everything. We've had a lovely relaxing morning, haven't had breakfast yet but just busy playing and checking all the new 'prizes' out.

Here's some pics:

Cooper very excited about his new golf buggy...he's been riding it round and round in circles around the dining room.

Georgie and her Glow Worm that was from Aunty Leesh, Uncle Ben & Charlotte. She was already in bed last night when they came over but loved opening this pressie this morning.

And all of us!

Merry Xmas! Love you Mum!


Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas Preview...

I am soooo excited! Its 10.46pm on Christmas Eve, our friends have just left and Cooper is in bed. We're just waiting for him to go to sleep so we can get everything out of hiding, then go to bed ourselves! My boy has been out of his skin today, so excited and jibbering all day about Santa and reindeers and presents. Georgia is oblivious to it all but is such a happy girl that you'd think she was excited too! Here's a couple of piccies from today:

Isn't she cute!!! Georgie looks so pretty in red...

And just a glimpse of how excited Cooper will be in the morning, here he is opening his pressie from Aunty Leesh, Uncle Ben & Charlotte...

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas day with your families, I'm really looking forward to it, hope you are too!


Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa photo is Done!

And Georgie officially hates Santa!

After last week trying, Cooper wouldn't smile, Daniel & i were in the photo, Georgie was screaming...I refused to buy them and said we'd try again. Spent a few days trying to get Georgia used to Santa, but no...every time we went anywhere near him she just clings and cries.

So today, that was it...I HAD to get it done...put Georgia on Santa's lap, said to Santa 'I don't care if she cries' and ordered Cooper to 'Smile!'. And this was the end result...

Oh well, at least we'll be able to tease her in future years about her first Santa photo!

Heading off for a relaxing couple of days away tomorrow, going to Mollymook with two of my girlfriends, and can't wait to get there! We have our massages and facials all booked in for Wednesday morning. Planning to do not much at all, taking some stitching but no scrapping. Hoping to get back into that in the new year.

Talk to you all soon.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Quick hello...

I just logged on to quickly reveal that yes, I am still here although life is mental and I have no time for anything!!! My mum has been looking at my blog every day for a catch up on my children...so here I am to quickly post a couple of recent pics of them.

My miss Georgia tried chocolate for the first time the other week thanks to Aunty Hayley bringing Bertie Beetles over...do you think she liked it?

And here is Cooper cooking us something special for dinner, main ingredient Peek-A-

Gotta go, its way late and I'm tired. Promise to do some scrapping soon!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Convoy for Kids!

Hi all,

Wow, what a massive day we had today. Cooper & I went to Marty & Erica's Camp Quality Convoy for Kids. Its a massive fundraiser held in Wollongong for kids with cancer, and this year was just amazing. I haven't been before, but from what I am told this year just blew everyone out of the water and I'm hanging to see how much money our city has raised for these gorgeous kids.

Cooper & I were at my friend Amy's place at 9am this morning, and waiting on Windang Bridge by 9.20am. The first truck didn't come through till sometime around 10.30am (running late of course!) and it just took your breath away. The front trucks were driven by MJ Rowles who donated $20,650 for the honour of being the first trucks, and second place was Unanderra Tanker Hire who still donated their bid of $20,600. What an amazing donation, it was just unreal listening to that auction on the radio on Friday.

Our friend Adam (Amy's soon to be hubby) was driving for NTS and was a fair way back, but not too bad considering there were over 500 trucks this year. Besides the fact that he left home at 4am to get his spot! Here is Adam's truck as it came past...he spent over 12 hours cleaning and polishing it yesterday! Looks awesome huh...

After the convoy we went to the Fun Day and Cooper had a ball. It was sooo hot and I'm pretty much burnt to a crisp tonight! Here he is in Adam's truck...he spent most of the day sitting in there honking the horn.

The only way I could get Cooper to leave was to bribe him with a swim at Amy's place. Finally he relented, lucky as I was just about passing out in the heat. He had a fun swim, as did Georgia who we picked up from Grandma & Grandad's on the way to Amy's place. Here is Cooper sitting on Adam's truck just before we left, check out the unreal sign on the back of Adam's truck, pretty special hey.

Anyway, just about my bedtime here, hopefully I'll crash as quickly as the kids did. Well, Cooper didn't crash THAT quickly at first....after being in bed for about 45 minutes after refusing to eat dinner cause he was SOOOO tired, I went in to discover him under the blankets with a torch. I told him to get out and he refused. On pulling the blankets back, I find him with a big bag of Snakes Alive lollies from his sample bag....and they were just about all gone! Couldn't believe it, sneaky little bugger! After that he was asleep within ten minutes, god knows how after eating all that sugar. Kids, I tell ya...


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jacquie's Wedding

After much anticipation, I went to QLD on the weekend of 27 October 2007 to go to my friend Jacquie's wedding. Nic (my sis) was at the quilt show working on the Dyed & Gone To Heaven stand at the Brisbane Quilt Show, so I flew up on the Friday to meet her there. After getting totally and utterly lost on the way from the airport to the convention centre (blame the baby brain!) I made it, and had a good day.

Had lunch with my friend Kellie (actually my hubby's ex-wife but thats another story!) and her little boy Blake, which was lovely and I was so glad to see her. She moved up to Brisbane about a year ago (I think?) with her hubby, but is just about to come back to Wollongong to live. She is pregnant too, so we had lots to talk about.

Left the quilt show at about 3pm, and after getting lost AGAIN (yep, my fault) we got to the Gold Coast sometime before 6pm. We could not believe the traffic from Brisbane to the Coast, it was terrible. After a quiet Italian dinner we were in bed early, both of us exhausted from a very long day.

Saturday was unreal, we shopped and shopped in the morning (which we can never do without kids or husbands nagging), then got ready for the wedding. After lots of rainy weather that week, it turned into the most gorgeous day. So hot that I had to go and sit down during the ceremony as I felt like passing out! Jacquie looked amazing (as always!) and Wade was just such a sweetheart, these two are just made for eachother. Check out the gorgeous photos, they got married on Burleigh Hill, the place where Wade had proposed.

And look at me and Nic, all dressed up and looking gorgeous!!!

It was a fab night, one in which I REALLY missed having a drink and would've done anything to be on the tipsy side and having a dance. BUT, I was a good girl and just sat back and watched everyone else, it was really funny actually watching all these pi**ed idiots jumping around and making complete idiots of themselves! Goes to show doesn't it...I never notice that when I'm drinking, probably cause most of the time I'm the one running around like a total and utter lunatic (as my girlfriends can definitely vouch for!).

It was up early and at the airport just after 9am, Nic dropped me off at Coolangatta airport and then headed back to the airport. A great weekend, but very quick and very busy. I slept all day Monday and spent the whole week recovering. Someone remind me next time to stay an extra day and relax a little... ;)

Oooh...next time will only be a few months away, we've booked to go back to Burleigh Heads at the end of February, this time all of us and we'll be staying ten night. I can't wait! I'll be 28 weeks pregnant by then, so will totally need some rest and relaxation. It'll be here before we know it, like everything else.

Well there you have it, another catch up from me, only about three weeks late!


Monday, November 12, 2007

An Announcement!

I know, I know...where have I been? All I can say is BUSY!! Its been flat out the last few weeks, the kids are taking up lots of time as usual...plus everything else. Went to QLD for a wedding, then the Papercrafts Festival, then my birthday the weekend after that. Needless to say, I haven't stopped...and I'm tired as anything. One main reason for me being so tired is the following:

Yep, another baby is on the way! A very big surprise, but a wonderful one and we're stoked. Had a few troubles early on, thats why I hadn't announced it on here...but I'm 13 weeks now and had a scan last week, all is as it should be and we're so relieved. I'm due on 19 May 2008, so pregnant for another birthday, Melbourne Cup, Xmas and New Year! Can't believe it, two years in a row! My youngest babies will be 16 months apart, and I know, everyone keeps telling me 'You're gonna have your hands full!', like I hadn't already realised!!

I will get on again soon when I find some spare time, I need to post pics of my friend Jacquie's wedding as well as updates on everything else. No scrapping being done in this house, so you haven't missed anything there. I'm just in the middle of watching a movie and cross-stitching while Daniel is at a fire brigade drill, I'm waiting for him to get home with some chocolate for me!

Bye for now and talk soon,

Saturday, November 3, 2007


And now Blogger is being a pain in the butt trying to upload photos, so I'll keep trying and will post again shortly...


LO's from 2 weeks ago!

I know, you'd thought I'd fallen off the face of the planet! But I haven't, truly...I am here but life is just spinning so damn quickly at the moment!! Haven't had a chance to sit down and blog, so here goes...lets see how many posts I can put up tonight to catch you all up...

These are a few layouts from two weeks ago, when I scrapped with my girls while the boys were away at the National Mines Rescue Competition (which they didn't win, by the way). Not REAL happy with the one of Cooper & Georgia, I had such good ideas in my head for the Periphery BG paper that I'd been waiting so long for...but it all turned to s**t when I tried to put it together. So anyway, here they are...

The first one is Georgie's first roll, it was a classic as Linda & I were here having a scrap day and we were saying it looked like she was trying to roll over...AND SHE DID! And we had the camera right there, so it was caught on camera and I was stoked.

The next one is the one of Cooper and Georgie, don't say anything cause its just not good and I know it...

And this one I love, its of Cooper and Emma not last year but the year before, he wasn't so sure of Santa and was much happier having Em go with him to sit on Santa's lap.

Okay, one post down, a few more to go...


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Don't worry - I am alive!!

Sorry girls, I've been a bit slack haven't I... ;)

I am here but very busy, have had a lot going on this week including hubby being away and my sis-in-law being in hospital with pancreatitis...let alone all that usually goes on in my busy life!!

Not a LOT going on in my scrap world, but did manage to have a scrap day with the girls yesterday while all our boys were away...got three layouts done for the day but haven't had a chance to take daytime pics yet to post. Will try my best to do that tomorrow.

Kids are good but missed their Daddy this weekend....don't think we've ever seen Georgia so excited as when she finally saw her Daddy at 6pm tonight after four days away! She has been saying 'Dadadadadad' all weekend and Cooper keeps telling me she is saying 'Where's Daddy!?'.

Had a bit of a brainfade last night and forgot to put a nappy on Cooper when he went to bed...he is three and still wears a nappy at night. So at 4.30am this morning I hear a little voice calling 'Mummy....Mummy'. I wander in to Cooper sitting up in bed and he says to me in the cutest voice ever 'You forgot to put my nappy on and I wet my pants!'. Poor boy...ended up in my bed, but his sister woke up about 45 minutes later, so really I've been up since 4.30am and am starting to feel it!

Gotta laugh at some of the things they come out with don't you. He cracked me up again this morning when we were out for our walk. On getting back to the car I started the car and Cooper said 'My seatbelt isn't on!' so I get out and go around to put his belt on (THANK GOD HE TOLD ME!). Anyway, he says to me...'You're silly mummy...you forgot to put my nappy on, you forgot to put my seatbelt on AND you forgot to water daddy's plants!'. And I'm like 'Oh s**t, daddy's plants!' which I hadn't watered since he left!!!! Lucky Cooper's here... ;)

Enough from me, I'm going to bed, talk to you all tomorrow.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Scrap Day @ Home

I was very excited to receive my package from the US yesterday afternoon...now I know why the postage was $80, I got heaps of stuff!!! My gorgeous Love Elsie ranges, some awesome Xmas stuff plus lots of Basic Grey ranges...some of which I've already sold as I just can't have everything and will never use it all.

So today I scrapped at home with my niece Emma and my girlfriend Doreen, managed to get two pages done while the kids were sleeping. One of my girl and one of my boy...I love them both (the pages I mean, not the kids! OF COURSE I LOVE THEM BOTH!).

Whatchya think?


Friday Scrap Day @ Linda's

Finally managed to fit a Scrap Day in this week! Linda & I decided to scrap at her place with the babies, but they were pretty good and had a couple of good sleeps, so we did get some work done! I worked on my Bali album again, its easy to pick up and take it all with me when I'm scrapping somewhere other than home.

I started this page as a single using the September Sketch Challenge from the SM Forum, then realised i had more photos so made it a double. I love how this one turned out, it was our most favourite day and place in Bali! Tides Restaurant at Uluwatu, which was on the edge of a cliff and just magnificent.

This one is a really basic page, but took me forever cause I sorta lost my mojo in the afternoon. I had this rubon that I just HAD to use with this pic, but kinda couldn't think of much else to do with it unfortunately.

I'm getting there with this album, thank goodness seeing as it is now six years later!


Monday, October 8, 2007

October Sketch Challenge

Here are my attempts at this month's Sketch Challenge on the SM Forum. These are of our Bali trip in 2001, such a fun time and still wish we could go back...can't believe those buggers wrecked Bali for us, I'm scared to go back now that I'm a mum, guess that changes your whole perspective on things, hey?!

Daniel has drill tonight at the station, so lets see if I can do something tonight...


Go on..laugh at me... ;)

This is a post I just put on the SM Forum, thought I'd put it here too...

Embossing Embarrassment...


Just thought I'd give you guys a laugh...

Anyone who has read my blog will know I've been having trouble of late with embossing and am yet to get the hang of it. I tried again on Saturday night with no luck...but now I know why...

I was at my girlfriend Alicia's place yesterday for a scrap day, there were five of us there just scrapping and chatting and having a good time. Got to talk of embossing and the fact that I'm crap at it. Another girl Kindra was saying how she did embossing on some invitations and it was a hassle...ink, powder, heat on every single invite.

So my brain started ticking over...I had that blank expression on my face, then it clicked...I had to think twice about even telling the girls what I'd just thought of. But I did...and boy did they laugh...

I DIDN'T USE ANY POWDER!!!!!!!!!! Just ink and heat....then got frustrated that nothing was happening so just inked and left it as it was. Can't believe it, I forgot the most important step of embossing...adding the embossing powder!! Couldn't believe it, how embarrassing....

Only this one time I did this though, I promise...every other time I failed at embossing I DID use powder but just overheated or something....

Maybe next time I'll have more luck, eh?!


Sunday, October 7, 2007

My mum...

Last night I decided to just grab some of the new paper I've bought (Blush - Basic Grey, just gorgeous) and do something with it. Had this photo of my mum with Georgia, its a bit blurry and out of focus but I love it anyway. Its a really truthful photo...mum has so much fun when she is here and just dotes on my little girl. I used chipboard for the first time in ages...haven't used it much since I got my Cricut. I was gonna emboss it, but I still can't get the hang of the ink and heat gun...think I need to do some lessons or something in this?! Anyway, heres my page, I love it.

I have a scrap day at Alicia's, so hopefully I'll have something to show for it tonight. Bye for now!


Friday, October 5, 2007


Thanks for tagging me, Loz... ;)

Here are my answers, pretty funny...

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet, current car) Leiba Forester

2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (favorite ice cream, favorite cookie) Boysenberry Choc Chip

3. YOUR FLY “GUY/GIRL” NAME: (first initial first name, first 3 letters last name) Swar

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) Pink Elephant

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born) Elizabeth Wollongong

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters last name, first 2 letters first name) War-Sa

7. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink and add” the”) The Purple Water

8. NASCAR NAME: (first names of your grandfathers) Glynne George

9. STRIPPER NAME: (favorite perfume, favorite candy) Baby Doll Bullets

10. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s and father’s middle names) Therese John

Classic! And I tag...Leesh, Kristy, Lisa, Nicole & AnnDee.


9 months already...

My baby girl is 9 months old today, I can't believe it! Where does the time go? She is growing up so quickly and seems to be doing new things every single day. The personality on this child is amazing, she is so happy and bubbly and just smiles all the time (well, not ALL the time but you know what I mean!). My Georgia, don't you think she is gorgeous?

And here is my scrap effort for the day, I'm reasonably happy with it but not totally. I had big ideas with the Uno cards and all, then kinda got stuck and it turned out pretty basic. This is Cooper, 11 months old and still such a chubby baby!

Its really weird you know...I have sooo much stuff in the way of scrapbooking supplies (and just keep buying more!), yet I hardly use much product at all and feel like all my pages are really basic and looking sorta the same? I don't know, maybe I'm in a rut, think I need to experiment more or something. My pages always seem so neat and tidy, which is not necessarily a good thing. I think its because I scrap under pressure, never enough time to do anything, fit an hour in here and an hour in there...therefore rushing to get everything finished, or finished enough that I can say its done and put it away. Anyone else know what I mean?


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Photo Swap

I have entered a photo swap for the first time ever...I've just completed the first layout for one of the girls on the SM Forum and I'm pretty happy with it. I never knew how hard it would be to scrap for someone else!! Its really difficult to know when to stop and if they'll like it etc...I'm pleased to say that Wendy loved it and commented as soon as I put it up on the forum, THANK GOODNESS! I've only just sent my photo off today, so we'll wait and see how that turns out. Its a photo of the kids for my album, which i obviously never do cause I'm too busy doing the kids albums to touch my own!

So anyway, my dining room is officially trashed, me and my neice Emma have spread scrap stuff absolutely everywhere. You should see how good Em is getting at scrapping...she isn't even 12 yet, and amazes me with what she does! Here is her double layout for today of herself and her bf Brittany. What you think?

Clever chook, huh?


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Uh Oh....Look what I just bought!

See what happens when you're up at 4am in the morning....you remember something really cool on ebay you were watching and you just HAVE to check it out before you go back to bed. Half my luck, with ten minutes to go I won these unreal Love Elsie sets! And for less than $40US each...gotta be happy with that!

Missed out on Roxie, but never mind! I'm gonna be in trouble.... ;)

Back to be for me...night night...


Saturday, September 29, 2007

My bestie has a BLOG!

I'm so excited....one of my best friends, Leesh, has started her own blog! Check it out...and I'm on the first layout that she is showing off! Funny, I have hardly any photos of me with the kids to scrap....I might have to get a copy of this pic from her!

Lots going on with me but I'll fill you all in when I get a chance...not much scrapping happening, too much house cleaning to do today (seeing as I haven't cleaned properly for what seems like forever!) but maybe I'll get something done tonight, we'll see...


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lazy Sunday...

A lovely day today. Started with breakfast at the beach with our little family and Daniel's sister Kaz and little Chloe. Then Daniel headed off to work and we came home. Did some stuff around the house and then my friend Linda came over for a scrappy afternoon. Cooper went out for the afternoon with my sister & family, so it was just the babies and Georgie had a good sleep, so I had a few hours to myself.

Here's what I managed to get done today! A page of Cooper watching Boobah on tv, he absolutely loved this when he was little and would just stare at the screen mesmerised. It was really funny cause on the show it would say 'Boooobaaaah' and Cooper always though they were saying 'Cooooopaaaah. Classic!

And a couple more minis for girls on the SM forum.

See if I can get anything more done tonight....just about time for the bath & bed routine, wish me luck!


Friday, September 21, 2007

Another scrappy day...

Thank god for scrapping, it helps take your mind off things when life just seems to get too hard.

Here's my efforts for today, not a lot but something at least. A page of my cheeky Georgia girl and a couple of mini LO's of me for a swap on the SM forum.

Nearly bedtime, as soon as this baby of mine decides to go back to sleep...


Better day...

Thankfully i had a better day yesterday! Good company and some scrapping got done, hopefully today will be the same.

Here's my pages from yesterday. The first one is one of 1 week old Georgia with my mum and dad. I used a transparency and loved how it turned out.

This next one is of my Mum and Aunty Chris with the two Coopers of our family. If you click into it and read the journalling, there is a special story about why we have two Coopers.

Will hopefully have more scrapping to show for today! Talk later.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Last night's effort...

So I did get more done yesterday arvo/night! Surprise, surprise...

Two pages, I was stoked. A good effort for just an ordinary night of the week.

The first one is of Georgia, cheeky girl, loved this outfit so much! For some reason the little photos are darker, damn Rabbit photo...

The next one is of little Cooper with our two pups, Kiara & Kobe. Just love this photo, always have!

No scrapping to be done tonight, have had an awful day and just need to lay on the lounge and take it easy (for once). Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fireman Cooper

A quick page I did yesterday arvo/night...very simple but I'm pretty happy with it...I've got that much to do that I can't be fussy all the time! Cooper was about six weeks old in this picture, wearing Daniel's fave outfit that says 'I wanna be a Fireman'.

Its really funny cause at the time Daniel was in the Rural Fire Service but now he's a 'REAL FIREMAN' as Cooper calls him. Cooper talks about going to 'fire calls' all the time and loves it when Daddy take him down to see the fire truck.

It was really good actually...my scrap room is downstairs and so is our rumpus room which is now the toy room and has the Thomas table in it. So yesterday Daniel, Cooper and Georgia played in the toy room while I scrapped...it was lovely and I didn't feel like I was excluding myself from my family by going and hiding in the scrap room!

Lets see if I can get another one done today...I said to Daniel that I'd get through my scrapping heaps quicker if we did that every day!


Monday, September 17, 2007

So I'm Up...

Told ya....I just knew this was going to happen tonight. Georgia has been carrying on since midnight. Its now 2.38am. Daniel got home from work at about 12.30pm so he dealt with her for a while, but I ended up telling him to go to bed a 2am (seeing as he went to work at 10.15am this morning) and now I'm up. Daniel gave her a bottle, thinking that was her problem...but no, she's still crying. I am doing the five minute thing with her...its a plan the midwife gave me called 'controlled comforting' where you go into their room every five minutes and say goodnight to the 'trigger' (which in our case is cow) then pat the baby, say goodnight and walk away. Its really really hard, but not as hard as controlled crying...I did that with Cooper and sometimes he'd cry for nearly an hour at a time. Apparently this teaches them that we're still here and we'll be here if she needs us, but by going in it makes her feel comfortable enough to go to sleep on her own. I've had to do this once before and it took three hours of constant going in and out every five minutes...but the next night she slept through. Its finally been bad enough with her and has been going on for nearly two weeks of her waking in the night, so I'm over it....trying it again.

At least my ironing is getting done...oh, five minutes, better go...


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Scrap Update

Oh yeh, I did actually get some scrapping done this weekend! Nowhere near as much as last weekend, but that doesn't surprise me. Had a scrap day with the girls yesterday and got two pages done. Hope you like them! Pretty basic but its all I had in me...

Yep, both of my girl...I was just in a girly mood...

Bye for now!

My busy life just gets busier...

I've been quiet, haven't I? Busy busy as usual...lots going on with me at the moment. Not all stuff I want to talk about just yet....but soon... ;)

Have been having a lot of sleepless nights with Georgia this week, I just wish her damn teeth would come through! She has been so cranky and has now decided that 4am is a good time to wake up in the morning...I don't think so! See how we go tonight, my fingers are crossed but I'm not too hopeful...I reckon I'll be doing the controlled comforting thing sometime during the night so I'm off to bed myself very shortly to get some MUCH NEEDED sleep.

It was my Mum's birthday today, and it is my brother Dave's birthday on Tuesday, so we spent a lovely day today having lunch and generally just being a family. It was really nice, the kids were good (most of the time!) and the little boys and Emma had a ball in the spa. Here's a couple of photos from today...

Mum & Dave and the lovely cake that Dad told us he cooked! Ha ha...

Here's poor Emma getting pounced on by Cooper! He just adores 'his' Emma!

And my baby girl with Uncle Dave...

Like I said, a really nice day.

Talk later,

Sunday, September 9, 2007

My God, 3 scrap days in 4 days!

Can't believe it...another scrap day at my place today! Totally unplanned...my friend Linda missed out on coming over yesterday as her little boy was sick. Linda & I went walking this morning and neither of us had plans, and seeing as all my stuff was still out I asked her to come over, so she did! So did my other friends Alicia & Rachel and my neice Emma again. We all had a good day and got some done.

Here are my two efforts for the day, pretty happy with them although they're nothing spectacular.

This first one is of Daniel & Cooper when Coop was about four months old and the next one is Georgia on our way to the maternity ward, funny story about the cricket bear....the boys had been joking around for ages, and Daniel had said that Georgia wasn't allowed to be born until after Australia had won in the Ashes....I kept saying that i was gonna go early but Daniel said I couldn't. His step-brother Damo and brother-in-law Scotty were in on the joke, Daniel kept telling them 'imagine your children being born while England had the Ashes!'. As it turned out, Georgia was born on Friday 5 January, the last day of the test and we watched Australia get the Ashes back while sitting in the hospital before she was born! Classic...


Saturday, September 8, 2007

3 pages again!

Again, I can't believe it...its not often I get three pages done in one day! This one hasn't come up real good in the photos (probably cause its night time) but I'm happy with it, loving the glitz and bling!

My Georgie Girl not long after she was born...

And the close ups...

Nearly time for bed, Daniel should be home from work any minute so it'll be nice to see him..talk to you all soon.