Sunday, March 30, 2008

OMG - I scrapped!

I had forgotten how good it is to just wander into my scrap room and stay there for more than five minutes! And to actually scrap, not just clean up and organise...actually sit down and create a page. My neice Em & I spent a few hours downstairs last night (during earth hour but I figured the scrap room light was essential!) and after deliberating for a bit, I just delved in and got two pages done! Both of my Georgie girl and both when she was tiny, only two more pages and her first album is done.

On a general note, life is good. I'm now 33 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) so the countdown is on. One week until my next scan, so we're looking forward to that. Georgia is nearly 15 months now, and finally walking. Her little personality is cracking us up every day, she is a cheeky girl but at the same time is such a good kid. Cooper is 3 1/2 and full on, just at that age where we've had to give up the daytime sleep but he still hits a brick wall mid afternoon and needs rest say he's challenging at times is an understatement! Daniel is still working the weekends and no expectations of that changing for a while yet.

Quick catch up from me, fingers crossed for more scrap updates if I can keep my motivation going this late in my pregnancy!

I have been madly quilting and stitching the last few weeks just trying to get my baby's quilt and cross-stitch finished before she arrives, no to mention all the other babies that are due this year!

Bye for now,