Friday, April 29, 2011

I've Been Crystalised!

Yep thats right....after scrapping with the gorgeous Crystal for two days during my holiday I have well & truly been 'Crystalised' and have started putting paint on my pages! What the?!

In all seriousness though, have learnt a lot scrapping with this girl, she is a super amazing scrapper who just gets the layouts done so quick and they always look stunning!!

Here's my painted layouts...

LOTS of 8.5x11 layouts for my 52 week album, finally getting caught up!

Week 10 - It Fits! using the total last bits & pieces from the March She's Savvy Kit, the girls didn't think I could get another layout from the remnants but I proved them wrong!

Week 11 - Another B'day Party using scraps.

Week 13 - Big School Application using the gorgeous Bella Avalon range from Scrapbooking Delights.

Week 15 - Girls Night again using the Bella Avalon range.

And one 12x12 using the new We're Savvy Kit.

I'm still away, staying with my gorgeous cousin Donna and looking forward to celebrating at her 40th birthday party tomorrow night! But today & tomorrow we prepare...with waxing, hairdresser appointments and a visit to Katty Cakes!! Can't wait!

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Wonderful Day!

Sometimes the whole scrapbooking world can be a bit of an effort, with competitiveness and drama, bitchiness and craziness, and conflicts of interest....but not on days like today. On days like today where I get to meet other scrapbookers that I 'know' online and we all instantly click and just laugh for hours, I know its totally worth it. There ARE lots of like-minded souls out there who are just in it for the 'hobby' and want to enjoy their scrapbooking with other happy people without all the crap that sometimes goes with it...and today I was lucky enough to spend the day with four of these absolutely gorgeous girls. Thank you Sara, Crystal, Renee & Anne for coming and playing with me today...I had a total blast!

I managed to get five layouts scrapped, one of which I've just popped up over on the Purple Pumpkin Blog, one which was for the blind scrap at Savvy tonight, two for an upcoming deadline that I can't reveal just yet...and one that I could show if I'd managed to photograph before dark, so you'll just have to wait!

Lets see if I have something else that I haven't shared yet...


Ooooh, here's one...a page of my boy, just because using some leftovers from one of the class kits at last year's SFS Retreat.

Well the Easter Bunny has visited and its nearly time for this little bunny to get to bed, hope you all have a safe & happy Easter with your family & friends. Thanks for visiting!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Savvy Cybercrop Blog Hop!

Welcome to my blog if you're here for the first time...hopefully lots of you have been here before though!!

My apologies for the lateness of my blog hop post...I've been very busy holidaying, spending time with my family, bike riding, swimming and just hanging out together.

Looking forward to a happy scrappy day tomorrow with some of the QLD girls...can't wait!!

Hope you get time to do some of the Savvy CC challenges this weekend, I will be trying to as well and hoping that I've packed the right stuff!

See you soon!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stuck?! on Holidays...

I know when I'm away on holidays I still need to look for inspiration when I pull my scrapping if you're the same check out the mid month sketch at Stuck and you'll be getting that layout started in no time.

And my take, my man in his element at the beach, using last month's He's Savvy Kit.

Don't forget to upload your take over at Stuck before the end of the month for your chance to win some great prizes!

We've had a great couple of days at Dreamworld & Whitewater World on the Gold Coast, check out my photos here if you're my friend on Facebook....and if you're not my friend, add me! Find my link in the sidebar here on my blog.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Road Trip Randoms!

We are on holidays! Left home early yesterday morning to head to Dubbo. Our first stop, The Three Sisters at Katoomba. The kids have been intrigued by the story of the Three Sisters and I've had to repeat it numerous times. Georgie has even told me she is sad that the girls got turned into stone cause now she can't play with them. Kids eh...

The typical tourist shot of The Three Sisters.

The kids, still in their pjs. :)

And the expected selfie of me & Dan. xx

We had big plans today of spending the day at the Western Plains Zoo. We packed our bikes and a trailer for the girls, but unfortunately the weather had other plans. I had a dream last night that it was raining....and lo & behold I woke up at 6am to the sound of rain. So this morning we went straight to the shops, bought some raincoats and went to the zoo anyway. We had a good few hours there, but not the whole day we had planned. By just after lunch we were wet through, which isn't good for those with the flu (me) and those with ear infections (Georgie) so we headed back to our hotel. We got a few good photos and saw most of the animals, but I'd love to do it again sometime like we planned without the rain & mud dampening the day. Here's a few pics of what we did see.

The rhinos (yes, we did see real ones too!).

The giraffes, which were just AMAZING and so close, being fed & frolicking in the rain. The are just SO big and lanky, and just WOW! The kids were in awe.

And the elephants were another major highlight, well worth the trek through the mud to get to them!

We are off to the Gold Coast tomorrow, and hopefully we will get away from this yukky weather!

And some scrapping, just cause I always have something I haven't shared...

Trouble Wears A Santa Hat - a just because of Cooper a few days before Xmas 2010.

Thanks for visiting, I'll check in again soon!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Random Kit Challenge

I have been so busy that I have only had a chance to do ONE lonely little layout so far from my April Savvy kits...but one is all we need to set some criteria for the Random Kit Challenge where all Savvy Kit customers can enter for a chance to be the next Guest Designer who receives not only a FREE kit for the following month but also a generous DT discount for the entire month of their term.

This month, the Kit Challenge criteria is to use the following on your layout...

- bows with string
- layering
- NUMBERS somewhere on your page

And my example, using the SOLD OUT He's Savvy Kit for April...

And a closeup of my journaling...

Make sure you enter your page by the end of the month for your chance to win!

Can't wait till I'm on holidays at the end of this week and will have more of a chance to relax and get some scrapping done (in between spending time with my wonderful family, of course!).

See you soon!

I am so excited to have a project published over at the online magazine for April! Check out my article and step by step instructions here.

Thanks for looking! :)

My first post!

My first post is up on the Purple Pumpkin Blog! Go check it out here!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Its Friday today!

So glad the weekend is nearly here, and what a weekend its going to be!!!

Tonight I look forward to scrapping with some gorgeous girls at the last Scrapbook Savvy crop. Hopefully I'll finally be able to dig into the new kits and get my kit challenge page done!

Ooooh and the next Purple Pumpkin sale is on tonight as well, so I'll definitely be online waiting with bated breath for the reveal...and I have already had requests for the computer to be available at crop tonight so the girls don't miss out! Make sure you check it out, there is sure to be something for everyone!

Tomorrow is looking a busy day, but I'm so looking forward to it! We have Cooper's footy game in the morning, then an Activewear clothes party at Alicia's before heading over to Scrapbooking Delights with Nat for a visit with San until she finishes work. Then its PARTY TIME for Megan's 40th, gonna be a fab arvo/night and I can't wait!

Dan is taking all the kids to the farm for the night so my whole family will be having a fun time with friends - me with the girls, Dan with the boys, and the kids with their little friends! We're so lucky to be surrounded by such a great group of amazing people who help to make our lives complete.

Sunday morning will hopefully be a lazy one but then an afternoon bbq with some gorgeous friends will make it the perfect day while watching the Dragons game on the big screen.

Gotta love weekends like that! :D

And to bring some scrappy into my post, here's a couple of pages!

Icing Only - a page using scraps from an old She's Savvy kit, love getting the most out of these kits and just keep adding more cardstock until its impossible to get another page out of it!

Her Day - a page of my kids with their 'cousin' Charlotte on her birthday last month. When I say cousin I don't mean by blood. Sometimes friends are more 'family' than real family can be...and we are so lucky to have this family in our life, with Ben & Leesh being godparents to all of our babies and our kids being so close. Love you guys. xx

I used the sold out March We're Savvy Kit for this one.

Have a great Friday, see you soon!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Purple Pumpkin Sneaks...

I am so excited about the next sale at Purple Pumpkin happening tomorrow night (Friday 8th April). Make sure you check out the blog for all the newest goodies including some gorgeous new twine! Lots of buttons, flowers & other handmade yummies as well. Here's a sneak...

And a link....GET OVER THERE!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 1st Stuck Sketch

Seeing as the first week of April is nearly gone, I thought I better share the latest Stuck Sketch with you! Here is is...

And my take, using the March She's Savvy Kit (yes, AGAIN!).

Make sure you link your entry to this post here for your chance to win some awesome scrappy dollars from the awesome sponsors at Stuck.

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Monday, April 4, 2011


A busy few days has had me not blogging and barely scrapping, life is just so busy!

Amongst other things this weekend I managed to complete my first proper fun run (I've done one before but walked the whole way) for the Kembla Joggers Fitness 5 yesterday. I ran 5km in 32.5 minutes, only stopping to walk a few times to catch my breath. I was so proud of myself but omg thought I was gonna pass out after reaching that finish line! And my legs today! Soooo sore! Thanks to my besties Linda & Leesh for encouraging me to get involved...wouldn't have done it without you (and your nagging!). ;)

Apart from that we've had b'days galore, dinner with friends, Cooper's football and Georgie's eisteddfod rehearsals.

AND my little nephew Spike (1.5yo) broke his arm in two places on Thursday night, so we've been worrying about him and got to visit him on Friday night. Poor little mite has a cast from his shoulder to his wrist. I have to say though, he did look great on Friday night, smiling & laughing & playing...his poor stressed Mummy & Daddy not so much though!

Here he is on the day he was born, I did this layout a little while ago and haven't had the chance to share. This page was actually about my maiden name and how my brother's two boys are the last in the line of Pettett's in our family. So great for my Dad to have these little boys carrying on our family name. xx

Thanks for visiting, see you soon.

Friday, April 1, 2011

So honoured.... be part of the wonderful forum over at Chat with Charm and to be one of the 'Scrappers in the Spotlight' this week! Thanks Charm! xx

Check it out here.