Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scrappy Happy Me!

I've had an awesome few days of scrapping with my girls...first with Juz & Amanda on Sunday night, next last night with Sandra, Kell & Em...and then again today with the Savvy girls at our Tuesday crop! Have managed a few layouts, lots I can't show just yet but here are some I can.

The December Sketch over at Scrapbook Savvy, a great Pagemaps sketch once again.

And one I don't think I've shared of my gorgeous niece Molly on her Christening day, isn't she just beautiful. xoxo

Only a couple of days now until the first Savvy Kit for 2010 is released!!! Here's some sneak peeks just to get you interested. ;)

Look out for the kit release on the 1st of January, but don't forget if you want to secure one NOW just head over to the Savvy store and purchase a subscription for yours to be sent out immediately. :)

Hope you all had a lovely Xmas and have lots of fun come New Years in a couple of days! Looking like a pretty quiet one for us, but only a week until Georgie's 3rd Birthday...then our trip to the Gold Coast two days later...so lots of excitement happening in the new year in the Ward family. Can't wait!

Friday, December 25, 2009


We were awoken at exactly 5.17am this morning by Cooper, saying 'Santa's been!'...but convinced him to wait until nearly 6am before waking his sisters up...after counting down the minutes...'mum, its 5.32', 'mum, its 5.41', 'dad, its 5.50'...oh for gods sake, go and wake them up already!!!!! So he did.

It was all over so quickly, we tried to slow them down without too much success. Three very happy kids in our house though, being totally spoilt by Santa, and Mummy & Daddy of course!

Here's a few pics from our morning...

Surveying the scene as they entered the loungeroom

The girls comparing their new dollies

Cooper and 'DEVASTATOR'

Georgie Tinkerbell

Us, our family, I'm so lucky.

Wishing you all a Merry Xmas, although our plans have changed a little today I am looking forward to it, a relaxing day at home with my family, the people who mean the most to me. Can't wait for my parents to get here at lunchtime, and the rest of my family tonight. A visit from my gorgeous SIL this afternoon with my nieces will also be a highlight of my day. I'm focusing today on putting my energy into the people I love, the people who are there for me all the time, the people that I know I can count on no matter what. Hope you are all spending the day with your favourite people too, thats what Christmas is all about! xoxo

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Free Thickers!!!

Who doesn't need more Thickers in their stash?
Well, thats what I'm giving YOU for Christmas!!

Purchase a He's Savvy or She's Savvy Kit before Christmas to receive one free pack of Thickers from the store - your choice! Just put your preference in the comments section of any available Thicker you can find in the Scrapbook Savvy store.

There are three kits still available in the store - She's Savvy, He's Savvy & We're Savvy. Remember, the free Thickers only come with the She's Savvy & He's Savvy as the We're Savvy is already AMAZING value at only $25.

Check them out here for more information. There's only a few left!

Too busy to think!!!

You know when you're just so busy that sitting down to create a page is nearly impossible? Not just the time factor but the 'think factor' as well...when life is totally crazy I find it hard to be original and come up with ideas for my page. When this hits I turn to Peta for help...and print off old blind scrapping challenges over at Scrapbooking From Scratch. Here's a couple I've done in the last week or so...

Thanks Pete, step by step instructions were just what I needed! We played again last night over at SFS and I'll show that one as soon as I take a pic!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Savvy Delights Xmas Dinner

I would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to all the girls that joined Sandra & I on Thursday night for the combined Scrapbook Savvy & Scrapbooking Delights Christmas Dinner. 18 of us in total, all regulars at both stores. Its so nice to be able to share the love and celebrate our passion for scrapboking together without the bitchiness and nastiness that can sometimes occur between rival stores. Sandra is one of my biggest supports since I purchased Scrapbook Savvy, and I thank her so much for everything, love you San! xoxo

Here's a few pics from our night!

Me & San, the gorgeous owner of Scrapbooking Delights and a wonderful friend

Me & my sis Nic

Me & my bff Leesh, mwah babe!

Renee, Kaitlynne & Lisa, both Renee & Lisa teach at Scrapbooking Delights and Lis of course is also on my DT at Savvy, and is someone who has helped me so much this year with her input and advice.

Me & Miss Emma, isn't she stunning!

Me & the VERY talented Kim Arnold, if you haven't visited her blog before, go check it out!

Kelley & I, Kell drives all the way from Mac Fields every fortnight for crop, and we just LOVE having her! Thanks for your support Kell!

Des, me & Kel, such good friends and major Savvy supporters this year. xoxo

So there you have it, a bit of a photo share and a thank you all in one, Savvy wouldn't be where it is today without all these girls, thanks so very much to ALL my friends and customers for being there. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas with your families, make sure you take LOTS of photos! See you all in the new year! :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Officially a BIG BOY...

...and I thought I was ok with that! Until I walked into preschool to pick him up for the last time...all I had to do was look at Cooper's teacher and we were both in tears. I have kinda been trying to pretend it isn't happening, he CAN'T be going to school next year, he CAN'T be finishing preschool....but he is, and he has. :(

Here are some pics from this afternoon when I picked Coop up.

Getting ready to leave

Signing him out for the very last time :(

And waving goodbye to 'school'

I am sad that he has to leave his friends that have been with him since he was a baby, I am sad that he has to leave Georgie as I know they spend lots of time together at school and he was in most of her pics in her book we brought home yesterday. I am sad that he has to go to 'big school' not knowing anyone.

BUT, I am happy that he made such wonderful friends at preschool, friends that I'm sure we'll still see regardless. I am happy that Georgie will be able to 'come into her own' and grow that little bit of independance I know she needs. And I am happy that Cooper is going to a great school, the same school his Daddy went to all those years ago. And I know deep down that it'll only be the first five minutes on the first day that he doesn't know anyone, and that he'll make friends super easy.

I just wish I could slow time down a little, he was only a baby five minutes ago. xoxo

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Inspired Blueprints Sketch #37

I nearly forgot to show you the newest sketch from Inspired Blueprints! This one is Sketch #37 and is great for all those multi pic pages I just KNOW that you have waiting around to scrap! Here it is:

And my take, telling the story about Fathers Day when Cooper kicked the footy through Grandad's garage window!!

Don't forget the Sleeps Till Xmas Sale is still going on over at Scrapbook Savvy, today we're up to 10% off....and you know what that means, 10 sleeps till Christmas!!! We celebrated today with our final Savvy Tuesday Crop before the big day, a full house with 10 of us here in total. Thanks girls for an awesome day, much fun was had as usual and I even managed a layout!!

This one is for Kerryn's Cybercrop Challenge, you've still got until midnight Thursday to join in on our CC Challenges so head over and check them out. Some great inspiration for your 'Year In Review'.

Hope you're all having a happy Tuesday, mine has been fab! :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

December Cybercrop @ Savvy - STARTS TONIGHT!

We've decided to hold our cybercrop a little earlier than usual this month, hoping to get in before the full on Xmas rush starts (although we all seem so busy already!).

Instead of the expected Xmas Theme...we've decided to go with the theme of:


We will look back at 2009, our favourite moments, photos and memories. Before the year ends, remember it...and cherish it, we can't get it back now!

Hope you'll all be around to play along, we'll be revealing challenges on Friday night 11th December with the deadline being next Thursday 17th December at midnight.

Join me for blind scrapping in the forum tonight at 8.30pm here.

Hope to see you there!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Bumblebee, The B'day Party & The Graduate

Well the first half of a busy week is over, the rest is yet to come!!!

Sunday was Georgia's first performance with her B2B (Born To Boogie) Class and she rocked it! Was so excited, and had no worries with me leaving her backstage with all the other dancers. I was so nervous, not for wanting her to perform, but just for leaving her and giving her that little bit of independance. She is only 2! But she did great, I was so proud. I can't show photos of her actual concert due to child protection and all that, but here are a few of my beautiful Bumblebee girl.

Looking a little bit worried about the fact that Mummy wanted her to pose for photos!!

Looking just gorgeous, this photo melts my heart. <3

And this is what its all about, running and playing with the other kids during interval, she had an absolute ball!

Monday brought about Emma's 14th birthday, and with the big move still causing their house to be in a little state of upheaval, I offered my home for the routine family get together we have on birthdays. It was a lovely night, with Miss Emma being totally spoilt but of course, very deserving. Here she is. xoxo

Emma and her big bro, Adam.

Blowing out the candles with the assistance of the Coopster.

And having her cake and eating it too! No one else i know could look totally gorgeous with a mouthful of cake....but Emma just pulls it off!

That brings us to tonight. *sniff sniff* My little boy graduated from preschool. I don't know how I feel. I'm happy that he is going to big school and so proud of his achievements, but omg he is just growing up way too quick for my liking!!! He did so well tonight at his graduation, singing and dancing and giving it his all.

Receiving his graduation certificate from his gorgeous teacher Lee-anne.

Dancing & singing his little heart out!

So proud - in his hat and gown with his certificate!

So there you have it, my last three days. Life is insane, I have no time for anything at the moment! Its nearly midnight and I'm still up and have been uploading new stock to the Savvy store. When will things slow down a little? I guess not until we leave for QLD in early January....bugger... ;)

Thats it for now, I'll be back soon with some scrapping from the weekend, not much but something at least!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A busy week!

The week has flown! Its Friday today and I don't know where the days have gone. Kit release and the Savvy Sleeps Till Xmas Sale is keeping me busy, as well as the normal happenings in the Ward household!

The fortnightly Savvy Crop was held tonight, I had a lovely time with Megan, Erin, Kelley, Naomi & Scarlett. Thanks for the laughs girls, see you in two weeks!

No scrapping to show just now, but here are some pics of my gorgeous kids decorating the tree, they are definitely right into this whole christmas deal and watching Santa and Rudolph movies over and over again! Bronte likes to pull the decos off the tree and any xmas lights spotted in our travels causes MUCH excitement in the back seat of the car!

And the finale, the STAR!!!

I hope your December has started on a merry note, ours has and many merry days to come...20 to be exact! 20 sleeps till Xmas today, and you know what that means...20% off ALL DAY at Scrapbook Savvy. Head over and grab a bargain!

I'll have some scrapping to show tomorrow from crop tonight, I actually managed a couple!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Kits are On Sale!

Loving the kits designed by Sara this month, and I'm so glad I got to work with them. Here's a look:

December's She's Savvy Kit

And my pages using this kit...

The blind scrapping session held by Peta during the Savvy CC, thanks Pj!

One of me when I was only little. My nan was reading me a book and look how intrigued I was. I look like Georgie hey? Well she looks like me, I guess...

And my Bronte girl, looking just a little bit grubby.

And the He's Savvy Kit, this one is a rocking kit!!

My pages, I have taken inspiration from 52 Sketches 52 Weeks for the first couple.

And just because, more pages of Cooper, he's certainly getting some pages for his album with me having to work on these boy themed kits!

Grab yourself one now, before they run out!

Monday, November 30, 2009


Congrats Amanda!!! Your We're Savvy Kit will be heading out to you soon!! Thanks for reading my blog. xoxo