Saturday, September 29, 2007

My bestie has a BLOG!

I'm so of my best friends, Leesh, has started her own blog! Check it out...and I'm on the first layout that she is showing off! Funny, I have hardly any photos of me with the kids to scrap....I might have to get a copy of this pic from her!

Lots going on with me but I'll fill you all in when I get a chance...not much scrapping happening, too much house cleaning to do today (seeing as I haven't cleaned properly for what seems like forever!) but maybe I'll get something done tonight, we'll see...


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lazy Sunday...

A lovely day today. Started with breakfast at the beach with our little family and Daniel's sister Kaz and little Chloe. Then Daniel headed off to work and we came home. Did some stuff around the house and then my friend Linda came over for a scrappy afternoon. Cooper went out for the afternoon with my sister & family, so it was just the babies and Georgie had a good sleep, so I had a few hours to myself.

Here's what I managed to get done today! A page of Cooper watching Boobah on tv, he absolutely loved this when he was little and would just stare at the screen mesmerised. It was really funny cause on the show it would say 'Boooobaaaah' and Cooper always though they were saying 'Cooooopaaaah. Classic!

And a couple more minis for girls on the SM forum.

See if I can get anything more done tonight....just about time for the bath & bed routine, wish me luck!


Friday, September 21, 2007

Another scrappy day...

Thank god for scrapping, it helps take your mind off things when life just seems to get too hard.

Here's my efforts for today, not a lot but something at least. A page of my cheeky Georgia girl and a couple of mini LO's of me for a swap on the SM forum.

Nearly bedtime, as soon as this baby of mine decides to go back to sleep...


Better day...

Thankfully i had a better day yesterday! Good company and some scrapping got done, hopefully today will be the same.

Here's my pages from yesterday. The first one is one of 1 week old Georgia with my mum and dad. I used a transparency and loved how it turned out.

This next one is of my Mum and Aunty Chris with the two Coopers of our family. If you click into it and read the journalling, there is a special story about why we have two Coopers.

Will hopefully have more scrapping to show for today! Talk later.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Last night's effort...

So I did get more done yesterday arvo/night! Surprise, surprise...

Two pages, I was stoked. A good effort for just an ordinary night of the week.

The first one is of Georgia, cheeky girl, loved this outfit so much! For some reason the little photos are darker, damn Rabbit photo...

The next one is of little Cooper with our two pups, Kiara & Kobe. Just love this photo, always have!

No scrapping to be done tonight, have had an awful day and just need to lay on the lounge and take it easy (for once). Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fireman Cooper

A quick page I did yesterday arvo/night...very simple but I'm pretty happy with it...I've got that much to do that I can't be fussy all the time! Cooper was about six weeks old in this picture, wearing Daniel's fave outfit that says 'I wanna be a Fireman'.

Its really funny cause at the time Daniel was in the Rural Fire Service but now he's a 'REAL FIREMAN' as Cooper calls him. Cooper talks about going to 'fire calls' all the time and loves it when Daddy take him down to see the fire truck.

It was really good scrap room is downstairs and so is our rumpus room which is now the toy room and has the Thomas table in it. So yesterday Daniel, Cooper and Georgia played in the toy room while I was lovely and I didn't feel like I was excluding myself from my family by going and hiding in the scrap room!

Lets see if I can get another one done today...I said to Daniel that I'd get through my scrapping heaps quicker if we did that every day!


Monday, September 17, 2007

So I'm Up...

Told ya....I just knew this was going to happen tonight. Georgia has been carrying on since midnight. Its now 2.38am. Daniel got home from work at about 12.30pm so he dealt with her for a while, but I ended up telling him to go to bed a 2am (seeing as he went to work at 10.15am this morning) and now I'm up. Daniel gave her a bottle, thinking that was her problem...but no, she's still crying. I am doing the five minute thing with her...its a plan the midwife gave me called 'controlled comforting' where you go into their room every five minutes and say goodnight to the 'trigger' (which in our case is cow) then pat the baby, say goodnight and walk away. Its really really hard, but not as hard as controlled crying...I did that with Cooper and sometimes he'd cry for nearly an hour at a time. Apparently this teaches them that we're still here and we'll be here if she needs us, but by going in it makes her feel comfortable enough to go to sleep on her own. I've had to do this once before and it took three hours of constant going in and out every five minutes...but the next night she slept through. Its finally been bad enough with her and has been going on for nearly two weeks of her waking in the night, so I'm over it....trying it again.

At least my ironing is getting done...oh, five minutes, better go...


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Scrap Update

Oh yeh, I did actually get some scrapping done this weekend! Nowhere near as much as last weekend, but that doesn't surprise me. Had a scrap day with the girls yesterday and got two pages done. Hope you like them! Pretty basic but its all I had in me...

Yep, both of my girl...I was just in a girly mood...

Bye for now!

My busy life just gets busier...

I've been quiet, haven't I? Busy busy as usual...lots going on with me at the moment. Not all stuff I want to talk about just yet....but soon... ;)

Have been having a lot of sleepless nights with Georgia this week, I just wish her damn teeth would come through! She has been so cranky and has now decided that 4am is a good time to wake up in the morning...I don't think so! See how we go tonight, my fingers are crossed but I'm not too hopeful...I reckon I'll be doing the controlled comforting thing sometime during the night so I'm off to bed myself very shortly to get some MUCH NEEDED sleep.

It was my Mum's birthday today, and it is my brother Dave's birthday on Tuesday, so we spent a lovely day today having lunch and generally just being a family. It was really nice, the kids were good (most of the time!) and the little boys and Emma had a ball in the spa. Here's a couple of photos from today...

Mum & Dave and the lovely cake that Dad told us he cooked! Ha ha...

Here's poor Emma getting pounced on by Cooper! He just adores 'his' Emma!

And my baby girl with Uncle Dave...

Like I said, a really nice day.

Talk later,

Sunday, September 9, 2007

My God, 3 scrap days in 4 days!

Can't believe it...another scrap day at my place today! Totally friend Linda missed out on coming over yesterday as her little boy was sick. Linda & I went walking this morning and neither of us had plans, and seeing as all my stuff was still out I asked her to come over, so she did! So did my other friends Alicia & Rachel and my neice Emma again. We all had a good day and got some done.

Here are my two efforts for the day, pretty happy with them although they're nothing spectacular.

This first one is of Daniel & Cooper when Coop was about four months old and the next one is Georgia on our way to the maternity ward, funny story about the cricket bear....the boys had been joking around for ages, and Daniel had said that Georgia wasn't allowed to be born until after Australia had won in the Ashes....I kept saying that i was gonna go early but Daniel said I couldn't. His step-brother Damo and brother-in-law Scotty were in on the joke, Daniel kept telling them 'imagine your children being born while England had the Ashes!'. As it turned out, Georgia was born on Friday 5 January, the last day of the test and we watched Australia get the Ashes back while sitting in the hospital before she was born! Classic...


Saturday, September 8, 2007

3 pages again!

Again, I can't believe it...its not often I get three pages done in one day! This one hasn't come up real good in the photos (probably cause its night time) but I'm happy with it, loving the glitz and bling!

My Georgie Girl not long after she was born...

And the close ups...

Nearly time for bed, Daniel should be home from work any minute so it'll be nice to see to you all soon.


Unbelievable! 2 successful scrap days in 1 week!

I can't believe it...we had another fantastic scrap day today, and even though we had the kids we all still managed to produce some wonderful pages. It was only me, my SIL Hayley and my 11 year old neice, Emma. Lucky there were only three of us though cause there was no way we would've fit anyone else on the table!!!!!!! Ha ha...funny how us scrappers just SPREAD our stuff everywhere when we're creating, hey?!

Anyway, here are my pages for today, got two done and I'm really happy with both of them. You've probably noticed at the moment I'm swapping between Cooper's and Georgia's albums...they're both that far behind that I'm just opening the album and doing whatever page jumps out at me.

This first one is of Georgia, about three months ago, in the jolly jumper. She is such a happy little thing!

And Cooper, four months old, Boxing Day 2004. Can anyone tell how much his Daddy loves him???

Just about to put Cooper to bed, so fingers crossed I'll have something else to show tonight...I'm planning on scrapping as soon as Cooper's head hits the pillow!


Thursday, September 6, 2007

And Page 3!

Can't believe I got three pages done today! This one is pretty damn basic, but its done now and thats the main thing!

Don't know if I'll be getting any more done tonight, got some ironing to do for the guy I iron for (crazy, I know)...will have to see if work has sent me anything too. Hope not! ;)


Page No. 2

Yay, I actually got another page done! This one is of Daniel & Georgia, I just love it as they're looking so closely at eachother and look so genuinely happy!

Scrap Day, Yeh!

Finally I'm having a scrap day with the girls...its been a while (like maybe a whole two weeks!). My sis-in-law Hayley and friend Linda are here, everyone is baby-free except me...but my hubby is here looking after Georgia (except if there is a fire call, which has happened once already). Anyway, I told my other sis-in-law Kaz (love ya, babe!) that I'd post my pages when they're here is the first one (and hopefully not the last one!). This one is of my boy Cooper, its for a Journalling Challenge, my first challenge ever.

Back to work, lets see if I can get another page done before the day is over...


Monday, September 3, 2007

Georgie & her Ellie...

I did actually get some scrapping done on the weekend, was a bit distracted to put it up yesterday. Feeling much better today, though I still get upset thinking about it.

Anyway, here is a page I did of my baby girl Georgia and her Ellie the Elephant. I am so happy with this page, I just tried to use LOTS of products as I've been buying and buying so much stuff lately and not really using much of it, so I just kept going with this one until I really couldn't fit anything else on the page!

You like?


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Life is Precious...

Warning: This post may be a bit in depth and emotional...

What a day. I don't know how to explain it, other than horrible and awakening at the same time. It started off bad...everyone in my house woke up in a bad mood (no idea why, just one of those days). Daniel and I were at eachother, Cooper & Georgia were cranky (kids aren't stupid, they sense tension). I don't know...Daniel hasn't had enough sleep lately and I guess I ask too much of him sometimes...not going to go into all that, but we weren't on good terms really. We still went walking around the beach as we usually do on a Sunday, but it wasn't a happy morning. Daniel went to work, I came home and then went out to Mum & Dads for Fathers Day lunch.

Cut to the chase...Cooper has received tons of new toys this week, having his birthday on Wednesday and his party yesterday...we took one of his new games out to mums so we could all play together. Me, my niece and nephew, and Cooper opened up his game, set it all up and had a play. We played for awhile, then had something to eat, then played again...basically we were in and out from the loungeroom to the outside area. Cooper was inside for a little while after lunch, watching Blinky Bill as far as I knew. I organised cake for dessert (we had tons leftover from his party) and cut it up, then called out to Cooper to come and have some cake. Mum went in to get him, and he came walking out of the loungeroom with a plastic bag (from his new game) over his head. It was tight, must've been a squeeze to get on and even harder to get off. Mum & I ran to him and Mum pulled it off his head, I grabbed him straight away and he was just staring at me. I stood him up and was asking him if he was okay, he was looking at me but wouldn't say anything. He was dizzy. I just picked him up and kept asking him if he was okay, he finally said he was okay and I just squeezed him so little boy is as fragile as anyone else. You think that things like this can never happen to you, you're so careful, you are responsible...but my god, it happened so quick. Its my fault. I left the bags on the table, not even giving them a second thought. I can't believe I did that, how stupid. Thank god my baby is alright, I can't even bear to think about what MIGHT have happened. A few minutes later I just burst into tears and couldn't stop beautiful sister was there to comfort me, and we just couldn't stop saying how quick shit happens, no warning, nothing. I have felt sick all day, I rang my hubby tonight at work and cried on the phone to him, he was really upset but not cranky at me, thank goodness. He talked to Cooper for ages on the phone, those two are the best of friends. I don't know how to feel about it...

Anyway, I think this may have been a warning to me. I have been stressed and cranky and over-emotional lately, well for a while now...always worrying about work, or the house, or being too fat, or something else that I create. I am constantly yelling at Daniel, and the kids, for no reason other than me being unreasonable. I think I have learnt that you need to cherish every single day, hour, minute that you have with your family as it can be taken away from you at any given moment. Life is precious, and short...

On a lighter note, Cooper had a lovely birthday party yesterday with all of his little friends. I'll put some photos up of his day as my Mum checked this morning for photos, so here they are...

This is Cooper and his friend Jonty, they go to preschool together on a Thursday and are the best of friends. This is the first time we have seen Jonty outside of school, so they were both very excited.

Coop dancing with all the girls.....sooooo cute!!!!!!!

All of us after cutting the cake (his third cake this week!).

My exhausted boy after three hours of playing & partying.

My apologies for this lengthy post, but I had to get this off my chest. Tomorrow WILL be a better day.