Monday, February 28, 2011

Where do YOU find the time?

This is a question I get asked a LOT! 'Where do you find the time?' People ask me this question regarding lots of things - my business, my personal scrapbooking, my exercise regime, my social life, my whole life basically! I kind of get sick of this question and want to just yell at people and say 'I BLOODY WELL MAKE THE TIME!' All of us seem to live very busy lives in this day and age, and we need to prioritise and make the time to fit in the things we consider MOST important in our lives. I do manage to fit a lot in but in doing this I do have to sacrifice other things - like doing the ironing (which I just do as I need to), reading books, watching sitcoms on television (I just don't have the time to absorb myself in OTHER peoples lives), sleep (yep I go to bed too late but ah well) name it, I'm sure there are other things I give up too but they seem unimportant once you fit in the REALLY important stuff.

In regards to my scrapbooking, I MAKE the time to scrap a lot. The way I look at it, as morbid as this may seem, the truth is that one day I'm not going to be here to tell my children all the stories of their past, my past, their father's past, our lives in general...and you know what, I don't have forever to do it, nobody has forever to do it. I have RIGHT NOW to get their stories down on paper, right now while its happening, right now before I forget that funny thing they said or did, or the way they sang that song wrong. It is important not to put this off for the sake of lying on the lounge, or just because its too much effort to pull my scrapbooking stuff out today, tomorrow, or the next day. SCRAPBOOKING IS IMPORTANT! If you don't tell your children their stories and yours, no one will.

Just say'n.

Here's some of the important stuff I put together for my kids this weekend while away visiting my friend Peta, I love that we share this scrappy passion and that we feed off each other's inspiration...whether we're in the same room or not. Love you Pj! xx

BBQ Mate - the story of Cooper the day he very nearly chopped his toes off when he lost a fight with a very sharp barbecue tool, here he is in the bath with a plastic bag on his foot, poor boy!

Sparkle & Shine - my beautiful Georgie girl on Xmas Day 2009.

And my two girls, looking out the window together, enjoying the view and talking about god knows what. They are often found together just exploring and telling eachother stories, bless them.

More to come, but will spread them out over the next few days & posts...thanks for visiting and listening to another of my 'soap box moments'. LOL!

Till next time. xx

My Happy Place... the Hunter - thats where I am right now. I have been here for two nights spending time with my gorgeous friend Peta, and then joined by another beautiful lady Kellie yesterday who drove down from Tamworth for a sleepover, totally spur of the moment yesterday morning! So happy (and lucky!) to spend some quality time scrapping and laughing with these chicks. It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful friends this hobby has given me, thank you scrapbooking! xx

So far I've managed 14 layouts but won't bombard you with them all at once, here's just a few from my first night here...

We Share The Joys - Me & Dan on Xmas Eve 2009 using a kit from SFS, this page talks about how we get to share everything - the births, the first, the bumps and bruises (etc etc etc) and how lucky we are to be in this together. xx

Good-Bye Bro - Georgie saying goodbye to her big brother on his first day at school. I used a Simple Stories kit for this one from Scrapbooking Delights.

My New Friend Gem - of Georgie the first time playing with her friend Gemma, who is the little sister of one of Cooper's school friends Sam. Georgie and Gemma will start kindy together in 2012, so its lovely that they are already friends and will have a familiar face at that scary first day of school! I've used another kit from SFS for this one.

Enough time spent blogging, I'm off to get my scrap on with the girls again...can't think of a better way to spend a Monday! Hope you have a happy start to your week.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two days left...

...till the end of the month! Are you looking for some quick challenges to do before February is over? If you are, make sure you have a go at the 15th Feb Sketch from Stuck. Have I mentioned that I'm back on the team!? Here's the post to prove it... ;)

Here's the sketch:

And my take:

Submissions close in 1d 17h 4m so get scrapping!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The quickest page EVER!

I swear to God, I looked at the clock at 11.10pm last night and thought 'mmm, will I get another layout in before midnight? may as well try!' try I did and it was done and dusted by 11.30pm!! Gotta be happy with that. :D

I've used the Bo Bunny Whoo-ligans range for this one, not much of this left in the store at all.

Whats the quickest you've done a page? Are you a speed scrapper or does it take you days to finish a layout?? Would love to read your comments on this one. :)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick Scrapping...

So today I spent the day on the lounge, Cooper at school and the little girls at daycare, Dan sleeping after night shift. Just me and a couple of chick flicks on the big tv. Its not often I get a day to myself like this, and I'm sad that the only time I do is because I'm sick! The joys of motherhood, owning a businss and working as well, eh... :)

Here's what I ended up with, three layouts in five hours, not bad if I do say so myself.

First off - Across The Story Bridge. A page of my boy up on stage during last year's Book Week celebrations at school. The theme of Book Week was 'Across The Story Bridge' hence the title, and in these photos one of the teachers was dressed up as the troll under the bridge in Billy Goat Gruff. The little boys thought it was hilarious!!

My Bronte girl at only 11 months old. Such a gorgeous little thing, always exploring, playing and learning. Love the look of joy on her face in this photo.

And a closeup, some circle flowers, gorgoues new Kaiser flowers and some WOW Chipboard from Delights plus pearls and journalling to finish off.

And a quick one to finish off, Week 6 for my 52 Weeks album of Coop going 'Back To School' using a gorgeous kit from Scrapbooking From Scratch.

I am determined to be better tomorrow...this being sick just doesn't suit me! No exercise, no fresh air, just not me at all. :(

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do you love...

...blind scrapping? I know I do and the regular blind scrap sessions over at SFS are just such a great way to get the mojo flowing. If you'd like to play along with Peta and her blind scraps, head over here and purchase a BC sub.

Here's my take on blind scrap #78, a page of my Georgie on her birthday last month using leftover bits & pieces from this month's She's Savvy Kits and some new Thickers from Scrapbooking Delights.

Stil sick, haven't left the lounge this arvo. :(

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The dreaded lurgy...

...has hit this house. :(

First Cooper last week, then Georgie has had a god awful cough and now me...achey, sneezing, eyes watering constantly and a really deep cough. Hoping a hot chocolate and an early night will kick it quicksmart. Can't stand wasting time being sick!

And just cause I'm sure you didn't come to visit me and listen to me whinge, I'll show you something scrappy...

My Week 4 page for my 52 Weeks album, Australia Day & my friend Nat's little boy Jaidan's 4th Birthday all rolled into one. I've used the OA Seaside range, have lost count of how many pages I've done with this range!

Tomorrow will be a better has to be!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kerryn's CC Challenge

My weekend so far has consisted of six layouts! One I can't show yet, one I showed yesterday, one I'll show now and some more I will show you soon!

Kerryn's English 101 Cybercrop Challenge this month was very appealing to me, head over and check out the criteria here.

I managed a page for my 52 Week Album and am so happy with the result, LOTS of journalling and a poem thrown in as well.

And a close up of the very appropriate poem I found...gotta love Google!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Don't Wanna!

Poor Georgie...god forbid we try and get her to have fun playing pinata! She was totally against it and wouldn't join is quite obvious in this photo...

I have used some leftover pieces of the Sold Out February She's Savvy Kit for this one...yep, it was that popular that I even missed out this month! I have thrown in other bits & pieces including some random chipboard from my stash and some new Thickers I got while at the Scrapbooking Delights crop last night.

Another night of scrapping here for me - Dan is off doing some OT at work so I am being joined by my friends Kindra & Des for some scrapping. Hope you've managed to get some scrap time this weekend as well! xx

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What are your plans for the weekend? Want to come play with us at Savvy and maybe 'learn' a thing or two? We'd love to see you!

Head over to the forum to enrol!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OPEN DAY - Rekreate Womens Gym

This is where I spend a fair bit of my time these days - REKREATE - and I am loving each and every one of the classes including Zumba, Pump, Boxing, Kickboxing...maybe not LOVING Spin so much but damn its a good workout!!! I'll be braving the spin bikes tonight with my bestie Leesh, as well as Tina & Deslie. Think I'll regret it tomorrow but ah well, no pain no gain...right?!

Kylie & Jenny are holding an open day to celebrate the opening of their new gym on Saturday 26 February including four classes, free childminding and specials on the day for gym gear & gym membership. If you're a woman in the Illawarra area looking for somewhere to work out, this is the place for you.

Scrapbook Savvy is sponsoring the Open Day with a contribution to the goody bags and I'll be there on the day with a few little things to show off, and to hopefully spread the word a little more about this wonderful craft we call scrapbooking.

If you'd like to try the classes out on the day and organise some free childminding (the kids will have a ball!!) please call the gym on 4228 7776.

I'd love to see you there!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

February He's Savvy Kit Reveal

So far I've managed four layouts from this awesome boy themed kit, but with still two pieces of cardstock left I'm betting its a six page kit...hows that for value for your $45? Pretty good, I reckon... ;)

There are still a couple of He's Savvy Kits left in the store if you'd like one.

First I completed the example for my Random Kit Challenge for February, in which all of my kit customers get the chance to be our next Guest Designer who receives a FREE kit and a generous DT discount for a whole month. This month's criteria is:

- Large rounded corners
- At least one circle
- Use your journalling stamp provided in each kit

You need to upload your take to the relevant gallery folder before 25th February to give us a chance to get your kit to you before the March reveal.

Here's my challenge page:

And a closeup...

'Half-time' is a page of my boy and his best mate having a rest at half time during a game of footy.

'Fire Brigade' is for Dan's album and features a photo of him & all the boys he was in the NSWFB with. Although he doesn't miss the middle of the night fire calls, time involved and the restriction of not being able to leave the house...all part of being in the Fire Brigade...he always loved the social side of it and I'm sure he misses spending time with these crazy boys every day.

And lastly 'Faces of Coop' of my crazy, silly boy pulling some awesome faces for me on the morning of Good Friday 2010. I loved how this one turned out.

And the closeup...

I so love having a boy themed kit put together for me, always harder to find coordinating products for boys than for girls...thanks once again Sara for all your hard work in designing the Scrapbook Savvy Kits.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anthea's Class @ Savvy

We were very lucky this month to have Anthea give us a step by step class in the Scrapbook Savvy forum using this month's sold out We're Savvy kit. I just LOVE the different flowers we made, and the tips on clustering....awesome! Thanks so much, Anthea! Here's my take...

Another rockin' weekend just finishing here...but no point wasting the rest of my Sunday - I've got the scrap stuff spread over the entire loungeroom and have had all afternoon...which has been fun and awesome except for when little miss Bronte spilt and ENTIRE bottle of Chalkboard Glimmer Mist all over the coffee table!! Argh! At least she missed the layout I was working on, eh... ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Seriously...lighten up...

Blogging world, for gods sake, lighten up! I know a lot of us pretend that we live in a happy, perfect scrapbooking world...but seriously, its all shit. We all live a 'normal life' as well, whatever that may be for you, with dramas and problems and issues and everything else that goes on in each and every one of our households.

For one of my fave bloggers EVER to have to deal with so much flack for her honest, heartfelt, hilarious blogging....I'm just stunned. You too will be amazed at the crap Stephanie has had to put up with because she says what she thinks and feels. I don't understand why people think they have the RIGHT to comment negatively on someone's blog...if you don't like it, RACK OFF and don't bloody read it.

I'm so cranky right now. If Steph stops blogging because of the crap these commenters give her, I'll never forgive them.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Move More Eat Less - Month 2

My first month has flown of the 90 Day Food Patrol Challenge. I feel great, I have a ton of energy, my life is changing...AND to top it off I've lost 5.6kg to date! So proud of me and hope that if you're on the same journey, its going well for you. Let me know how you're doing!

Here is my page for Month 2...

Apart from following the challenge, I have incorporated a whole lot of exercise into my world! I am walking every day as well as doing 5-6 sessions a week at the gym. My gym classes include the awesome Zumba classes, Pump for muscle building, my all time fave from all those years ago - kickboxing, with some spin and boxing classes thrown in the mix. I love the feeling of walking into the gym knowing I am there with a purpose, and the feeling when I leave is indescribeable...the adrenalin, exhaustion and the knowledge that I have just kicked ass is just awesome!!! AND I am sleeping better...speaking of which, its way past my bedtime.

Thanks for reading. xx

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Drunken Scrapping & Feb Kits...

Well, it appears my scrapbooking whilst drinking is actually AMAZING with two of my layouts from Saturday night scrapping with San & Nat picked up for publication! I didn't even get to show you yet...guess you'll have to wait... ;)

Here are the other two I managed...

Beware of the Emu - one of my 6x12 pages for my holiday album.

I Miss You - me & my gorgeous friend Loz at retreat in 2009, so wish we had more time together. I have once again used my fave October Afternoon papers for this one.

February kits went on sale over at Scrapbook Savvy yesterday after a bit of a late start this month...but it was a mad rush for the girls with the She's Savvy and We're Savvy selling out pretty much immediately! The only kit still available is the He's Savvy kit which is just awesome, I can't wait to have a play with it myself! Here's what it looks like and there are still a few in the store if you need one... ;)

Best sign off, I am blogging from the carpark at dancing and Georgie's tap class is nearly finished! Till next time! xx

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do you go to crops?

Tell me about your local crops...when are they, where are they, are they held in your local scrapbook shop? My local shop, Scrapbooking Delights in Dapto, hold crops every second Friday night and the other Saturday night. I LOVE to attend these, it takes me out of my store and into the social side of scrapbooking, whilst also supporting the ONLY bricks & mortar store in the Illawarra area. Let me know if you're a local girl who would be interested in joining doesn't matter if you've never scrapped before! San & I would love to see you. :)

I managed two layouts while I was there last night (in only three hours, mind you!). Hope you like them.

Playing Dolls with Daddy - my baby girl and her Daddy, just sitting in the loungeroom and playing together, I LOVE that my husband loves to do this with all of his babies. I have used the October Afternoon Schoolhouse range for this one.

Parachute - my boy at his athletics carnival 'doing the parachute'. I remember doing this as a kid, its a classic! Used the October Afternoon Seaside range. Had a bit of a love affair with OA last night, me thinks... ;)

A happy Saturday here in my house...the hubby & kids have headed off to the farm for the night and I am joined by the lovely San & Nat for some quiet (or maybe NOT so quiet!) drinks, dinner and scrapping. Bliss!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Silly me...

I need a system to remind myself which layouts I have and haven't shown on here! I completely forget what I've shown you and then realise that I've doubled up on some. Here's some I haven't shown yet....I think... ;)

Scary Slide Swing - This tells a story about when Georgie lost her front tooth, and how in these photos she is swinging at the top of the slide....this is exactly what she was doing when she had her accident and whenever she does this now, it scares the absolute crap out of me! I have used some of the My Minds Eye Fine & Dandy Tickled Pink, just such a cute range!

Chocolate for Breakfast - I totally killed one of the old He's Savvy kits in doing this layout, love using each and every last little bit and seeing what I can come up with!

The kits over at Scrapbook Savvy are running a little late this month, with the final parcel hopefully landing with me tomorrow! They will be worth the wait though, let me assure you...with lots of new product including NEW THICKERS (some of which you'll find over here in the Savvy store). So excited about this months kits, hope you are too! Will let you know when they are available, hopefully in the next couple of days. :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February already!

Where has the first month of 2011 gone!!?? I cannot believe we are into February back at school, all the sports and activities starting again, its a bit surreal! Life is flying by at a rate of knots...slow down, world!

Seeing as it is the first of the month, I have a brand new sketch to share with you from Stuck Sketches.

Another awesome sketch (of course) which I had a ton of fun playing with. I used the Echo Park A Walk In The Park range which went perfectly with this photo of all the kids at 'the farm'.

Make sure you upload your take to this post and be in the running for some prizes from our fabulous sponsors.