Friday, February 11, 2011

Seriously...lighten up...

Blogging world, for gods sake, lighten up! I know a lot of us pretend that we live in a happy, perfect scrapbooking world...but seriously, its all shit. We all live a 'normal life' as well, whatever that may be for you, with dramas and problems and issues and everything else that goes on in each and every one of our households.

For one of my fave bloggers EVER to have to deal with so much flack for her honest, heartfelt, hilarious blogging....I'm just stunned. You too will be amazed at the crap Stephanie has had to put up with because she says what she thinks and feels. I don't understand why people think they have the RIGHT to comment negatively on someone's blog...if you don't like it, RACK OFF and don't bloody read it.

I'm so cranky right now. If Steph stops blogging because of the crap these commenters give her, I'll never forgive them.



  1. Wow, I have never seen her blog before, but WOW, there is a huge storm over there. Interresting how people read all sorts of things into the things others type and how easy it is for people to misinterpret things. It is a free world, she has the write to put whatever she wants on her blog. OK, now I am about to make a 'judgement' statement. Having lived in the US, I know how easy it is to offend people there, sometimes :(.

  2. yep, I am follower of her blog too, cause I love it :)) I love blogs that are 'real' and yes to see this person(s) giving her grief, its silly, makes my blood boil, totally agree though.. they need to rack off and dont read it. Why do people have to make other lives miserable.
    It takes courage to say how it really is, but like Steph, I blog for me, I love my blog, its my dairy as such, my record of life and way to share things with others. I really hope she keeps blogging too.
    AND you Sar.. keep blogging too, I love your blog :))

  3. I'm with you Sar. I was late to work this morning as I was reading Stephanies blog. I must thank you for putting me onto it.
    Stephanie is an amazing person, and I really think there should be more of her honesty in the world. I think we all say things that people read into or take offence to, but that is life and no one is perfect.
    I just cant believe that there are people out there that would intentionally antagonise people like has happened to Steph....

    P.S I think mullets are hilarious too!!!!!

  4. I agree Sar. I read her post yesterday. Love her blog!!! Congrats on your eat less/move more journey too. You are amazing with all your fitness/exercise. Take care, Deb xx

  5. I can't believe that Stephanie's blog has garnered so much "hate". It's quite sad when you can clearly see that her entries are in no way mean-spirited. She isn't attacking anyone, only expressing her everyday thoughts and how she is dealing with her good days and her bad days...her blogs are not the reason we have such craziness in the world, it's the people like Annadell that cause more problems than there should be. So sad :(

    Well, I should thank all that craziness for allowing me to find THIS blog...I look forward to following it :)

  6. It's amazing how easily the "written" word can be taken totally the wrong way!!!!! I too love Stephanie's blog and the honesty she has - I'm sad to see her hurt over this :(. As I've always been told "if you've got nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all"!!!!!!!. Congrats too on your amazing weight loss and all the exercise you've been fitting into your schedule - you are amazing.

  7. Thanks girls for all your support on this...sometimes I just need to vent and I will do that on my blog if I please...just wish some of the 'high profile scrapbookers' could do the same without copping so much flack! Thanks Jane for your words on my MMEL journey...don't know that I'm amazing but I'm trying! ;)

  8. Loved your post and well said!!! I am in shock with this whole episode and can't imagine how people can be so awful. So typical that all the nasty comments were said anonymously. Very cowardly. I like to think of our scrapping community as a friendly fellowship and this kind of drama just makes me crazy!! Thanks for blogging about this. :)

  9. Un-fricken-believable!!
    I LOVE her blog because it is so real, what the hell gives anyone the right to bag her blog. Some people seriously need to get a life!

  10. I couldnt believe it when I first read it either... I just wanted to put my hand through my screen and give that woman a bit of a slap! well, ok more than just a bit!
    Stephanie's blog is one of the first ones that I read every day and I do LOVE the fact that it is her daily life that she is writing about.. I just wish that I could be as honest with myself as she is

    love ya
    Donna xx

  11. Stephanie is a woman doing her best and I LOVE it that she is raw. I love her blog xxx. It continues to make me pose the question why do some woman have to bring others down?? we are all just trying and doing our best, in this tough world of is tooo short serious