Friday, November 28, 2008

Busy busy....

So not much to show here, no scrapping AT ALL! My weight loss was good again this week, 1.4kgs...but I have had a few days of not walking so not feeling quite as good as I was earlier in the week. But thats cool, its crazy here just getting organised for the weekend, so will get stuck back in next week AFTER Loz goes home!! LOL

My pic was a shocker, so not gonna put it up this week....

Just a quick drop in from me but here's a sneak peek of my Bronte girl in her christening dress, I had to try it on so couldn't resist taking a pic!

Best go, kids are in bed so a perfect time for me to actually get some stuff done, IF I can drag myself away from my MSN buddies.... ;)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weight loss update...

I forget to tell you how my first week went....I ended up losing 2.6kgs in the first week, which I'm very pleased about. That was last Wednesday, tomorrow is weigh day again. Don't really like the photo of me, but here goes....

So yesterday I lost Georgie. I was in the loungeroom with Cooper and I said 'Where's your sister?', he's like 'I dunno'. Its all quiet so I start to panic, where is she? Earlier that morning we'd had two tonnes of sand delivered for the sandpit under the cubby....guess where I found her...

Funny girl!

So that pile of sand is now actually a sandpit under the cubby, and the kids just LOVE it! Here's some pics of the boys hard at work moving the sand.

A couple of LO's to share. The first is Sketch #64 for Stuck?! Sketches that I did the other night.

And this one I did today. It is Charm's Blind Scrap from Bon's Cybercrop last night. I'm stoked with how it turned out.

Busy week, christening in five days, Loz here is six days! Its all happening!

Bye for now,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crazy weekend....

The weekend looked like going downhill fast, we ended up at the hospital on Friday night with Cooper. He had been coughing most of the day, but not enough for me to stress about and he was still running around and being his normal self. Come night-time, it was a different story. He was crying, he was curled up in a ball saying he had a sore tummy, he was wheezing and having trouble breathing. I raced him to the medical centre where they put him straight on the nebuliser, but after that didn't help at all and actually seemed to make him worse, they called an ambulance. Coop & I went to the hospital, him on oxygen the whole way. Turns out he has croup, as well as a middle ear infection. We got to come home at about midnight on Friday night after they'd got his temp down, with steroids and antibiotics in tow. He seemed much better yesterday and better again today, so fingers crossed its all good from here.

I did manage to escape yesterday arvo/night to scrap at Kindra's place though, with my lovely DH staying with the kids so I could go and 'play' (as he called it). I got a few bits and pieces done and had a top night. It was great to watch the girls running around after their kids...while I just sat and scrapped the night away! PMSL... ;)

So here they are...

I loved this sketch over at Inspired Blueprints SO MUCH that I've done it twice. It was created by Lisa, and is just so handy for those birthday/xmas photos that usually I just don't know what to do with.

This one is for Puzzle Sketches using the new Fancypants Daily Grind range, which is just awesome for boy pages.

Then this one of Bronte girl being weighed just after being born, just because, using the new Fawned of You range by Sassafrass Lass. I am IN LOVE with these papers and just have so much fun playing with them.

See that page, see how little she was? Today she is six months old, can you believe it? I surely can't. And here she is just yesterday, a big girl sitting up in the highchair. She lights up our days and is just so full of smiles and laughs.

Thats about it from me today, its nearly 10am on Sunday morning and I should start getting ready to head over to Mum & Dad's for lunch with the family. Hope everyone has a good week, we have a HUGE WEEK of getting organised with Bronte's christening coming up in a week's time. Wish us luck...


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do you like Ribbons?

If you do, you HAVE to go visit Ribbon Palace from 9pm Friday 21 November until 9pm Saturday 22 November for a MASSIVE 50% OFF!!

Go on, you know you NEED more ribbon for your stash, who doesn't!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So our Sunday was taken up by the Convoy, Cooper was still not 100% so wasn't as bright and chirpy as usual. We still managed to have a good day and I ended up very sunburnt, even though it was an overcast day here. Here's a few pics from our day out.

Daniel & his step-bro Damo with the girls

Daniel with our bf's daughter Charlotte & Georgie

Our mate Adam's truck, being driven by Marty from i98fm

Georgie having a ball with the farm animals

And Cooper in Adam's truck (just before he got in trouble for blowing the air horn too much!)

Only scrapping to show is my Scrap Therapy blind scrap from Saturday night. Don't do doubles much anymore, so its GREAT to be able to do one and get through some of those xmas and birthday pics that seem to wait forever to be scrapped. This is Cooper on his 3rd birthday, over a year ago now.

Here are a few more LO's from awhile back that I haven't shown off, these ones were all for the Stuck?! Sketches creative team call, which I obviously didn't make it into or you would've heard about it, lol!

Blogger is doing stupid things so please excuse the sideways photo! There is another LO from my Stuck?! submission, but I can't seem to find it at the moment.

I've been tagged by Aga, so here are a few random facts about me:

1. My job used to be Personal Assistant/Typist and I can type 80wpm.
2. I am obsessed with my weight, all the time, no matter how 'fat' or 'thin' I may be.
3. I spend waaaay too much time on the computer (anyone who knows me personally would know and agree with this).
4. I have two golden labradors, Kobe and Kiara.
5. My mum spends at least one day a week here with me and the kids, just because.
6. I believe everything happens for a reason, fate is a weird and wonderful thing.

So now I want to hear six random facts about you - Leesh, Loz, Belinda, Janine, Mel & Mandy!

Time to go, the ironing pile is calling me, wish it would go away!

Till next time,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Productive... what I was last night, managed three LO's when I FINALLY made it to crop night. The baby decided to cry and cry when I was trying to leave my sister's place, so that was really hard....I felt terrible leaving but knew that they'd cope. Naughty girl, she is just too social and would rather have had cuddles all night than gone to bed! Can't really blame her for that, I suppose... ;)

So here they are. The first one is Sketch #3 for Inspired Blueprints. Great inspiration, you should go look at this site if you haven't been before. They've just up another AMAZING sketch today createed by Lisa Warren, an awesome double that I can't wait to try.

Then one of me. These don't happen often. I printed this photo for a challenge at the Scrapbook Divas CC, but I never got to it so this is just did a pretty basic page on me.

Then I did the November Sketch for Bon's Scraps, LOVE the Tinkering Ink paper on this one, so fun to use.

Today Kel, Emma & I scrapped at my place, perfect day for it with rain and miserable weather all day here in the Gong.

I did this LO for the Black Magic Sketches but I can't submit it because I'm an idiot and forgot about the colour palette which was meant to be used! Never mind, its still another LO done and dusted, and I really like it so thats an added bonus.

And this one I've been working on all week but finished today, just because, love this pic of my SIL Karen with baby Molly, love this BG Urban Prairie range. Its all scrummy.

Off to the Convoy for Kids tomorrow, should be a blast, fingers crossed for good weather and healthy kids, neither of which we have today.

Just working on a blind scrap over at Scrap Therapy at the moment, so much fun, me and Em just LOVE doing these. So funny to try and interpret the instructions, and the end results are always so amazingly different! Best get back to it.

Bye for now,

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick Post

...before I start running to get myself organised for tonight. Off to crop night at Scrapbooking Delights, but this time with Daniel on arvo shift so have to run around like a mad woman getting myself organised before dropping the kids off, then pick some dinner up on the way! Thanks so much to my amazing sister Nic and Daniel's sis Kaz for helping me out with the kids, you guys have NO IDEA how much my scrap nights mean to me. They're my escape....

Today my mate Juzzy came over for a few hours and I FINALLY did the page for the Scrapbooking Delights challenge kit, its only due tomorrow so nothing like leaving things till the last minute. But its done, and its good, and I'll hand it in tonight. What do you think??

And while I'm talking about Scrapbooking Delights...who wants to come to a retreat!!?? So excited. Can't believe its only two weeks after the Bons one, but I'll be there with bells on. Hubby isn't TOO impressed, but with the help of my mum with the kids, I'll definitely be there. Let me know if you're keen, I'd love to meet up with you all and scrap the weekend away. Plenty of notice too, so claim the date and come along.

Time to fly, need to get my pages organised for tonight, pack the kids bags, feed the baby...the list goes on & on!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Start for Me...

So I'm re-committing to my weight loss endeavours as of today, have managed to put on a couple of kilos in the last few weeks and not happy about it, so about time I got off my butt and got organised. I am walking in the mornings again, will be getting the meal plans happening and will actually start using Weight Watchers Online that I've been paying for since Bronte was born. At the moment I have 9kgs to lose, I am scrapping my weight loss journey with a page a week and a photo, just something to keep me motivated. Me & my buddy Loz have started our health kick together today, I have WAY more weight to lose than her but we're just gonna keep eachother going and keep eachother accountable. Wish us luck!

Here I am today, not very flattering and I'm not looking impressed, but anyway...

Not much else happening here really, Cooper isn't well and has been complaining of an earache, but two visits to the doctor has proved nothing. Poor boy, he's so miserable.

Just got an awesome deal for some accommodation in Port Macquarie which I can use three times in the next 12 months, am thinking a girls trip away is in order maybe around March next year, three nights away for less than $100 each...anyone keen?

Best be off, getting late and I'll be up early for my walk, talk soon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Def Leppard Tonight!

Daniel & I are off to see Def Leppard tonight, I can't wait! Daniel is a huge fan and has been for years, I've always loved their music too so it should be good. A whole night, child free, how will we cope?! I'm sure we'll be fine...LOL. Thanks heaps Alicia for having my babies for me, you're the best.

Its a gorgeous day here in the Gong, have spend a nice morning with the kids at playgroup, its now just after lunchtime and the girls are in bed...well one of them is anyway, Georgie keeps wandering out, little bugger. Cooper is relaxing on the lounge and Daniel is at a fire call. The scrap room is calling but until Georgia goes to sleep I'm stuck upstairs. Soon hopefully!

Managed one LO last night, Challenge #3 for the Scrap Therapy Cybercrop. Hats had to appear somewhere in your LO, be it the word hat, an actual hat, hat embellishment, whatever. I've used more of my Melbourne Cup photos and a Fancypants overlay that I've been saving for something special.

Speaking of Scrap Therapy, they have 20% of all American Crafts for this month, I don't need any better reason to buy more Thickers! I need more like I need a hole in the head....but I can't resist. They're my fave product, I just love how easy they are and the range is amazing. My Thickers collection is already over 40 packs...I think it'll be over 50 really soon....but don't tell Daniel! Ssshhh! Go buy some, just so I don't feel bad...


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Once again an arvo shift wife....

So Daniel's shift at work has changed once again, from day shift on the weekends to afternoon shift on the weekends. I no longer have company at night from 7.30pm, which is good for my scrapping time but not good for my sanity after a long day with the kids. Also very bad for my Friday nights...crop night and cross-stitch night isn't going to be as easy now and I'll have to rely on my mum to help me out with the kids if I want to have a life!

Hayley and the kids came round yesterday arvo to keep me company and have some dinner. Hayles decided not to scrap as it was too much effort...and of course because she didn't bring her things, the kids were so good and just played with no hassles! Always the way. We had tacos for dinner and Cooper ate & ate & ate, that boy just loves his tacos.

Speaking of which, my tacos LO for Bon's won the October Sketch Challenge, pretty cool huh?

The cybercrop is happening over at Scrap Therapy this weekend, all based around Spring Racing Carnival this month so lots of fun. What better reason to get my Melbourne Cup photos printed already?! Here is my LO for Challenge #2 which I am so happy with, just love the colours, all red & black which is what we all wore on the day.

I also did a page for Scrapping Word Pictures for November. This is Cooper over two years ago now, cute boy.

We've had a lovely morning in at the beach before Daniel left for work at 10am, now the girls are having a sleep and this arvo we're off to our bf Ben's b'day. Happy Birthday Mooley! Should be a good day.

Bye for now,

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Birthday Week

I've always been teased by my family for making my birthday last as long as possible! Not this year though, I really didn't make too much of a big deal at all, not sure why really. Spent an awesome day with my girlfriends at the races for Melbourne Cup Day the day before my b'day, which was a great people-watching expedition, but waaaay too busy for us who don't venture 'out' too often. We could barely move and had trouble just betting and getting drinks, just so many people out for as good a day as us I suppose.

On my actual b'day I just bummed around the house with Daniel & the kids, had a REALLY lazy day and just went with it. Didn't organise anything, didn't have a dinner, which I think made me a bit sad later in the day...but then we watched the new Sex & The City movie which was so good, a nice way to end my b'day. My darling hubby made me a cake which the kids and I just loved, he can be such a sweetheart. I NEVER bake cakes, he is the one who always does that, and he did a fab job as usual.

Not too much happening on the scrapping front here this week, have only managed one LO so far. This one is for the November Sketch Challenge at Scrapbook Divas.

Went to a xmas card class with Lisa at Scrapbooking Delights on Thursday night too, lots of fun and nine cards finished in two hours, very productive! Haven't take pics yet, will try to remember to do that.

For now I must go, for one I have three (yep, thats ALL OF THEM!) children asleep in the middle of the day....I'm off to scrap!


Monday, November 3, 2008


So, life is busy. Very busy at the moment. Had my time away with Loz last week which was so lovely. Great to spend some time together in 'real life' again...we talk every single day but its not the same.

Me & Loz

We also managed to meet up with Peta who I met on Bon's, was fantastic to meet her and her kids are just gorgeous. Can't wait to spend some more time together when we go to the retreat next year!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my gorgeous niece Chloe for yesterday, we had a family party at Karen & Scotty's which was really nice. The kids had an absolute ball playing with all their cousins.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Blowing out the candles

Georgie scoffing a sausage sandwich

Cooper having a whack of the pinata

Daniel with Bronte, he just adores her...

Today is playgroup with the kids, then tomorrow Melbourne Cup! Can't wait for that. Going to Kembla Grange races with the girls, have a brand new dress, fascinator (that my gf Krissy bought me for my b'day!), jewellery. Fingers crossed for good weather. Wednesday is my birthday, not much planned but will take it as it comes. Thursday night have a xmas card class with Lisa at Scrapbooking Delights. Friday night cross-stitch night with my girlfriends. How am I going to fit any scrapping in this week!? I'm sure I'll manage somehow...who needs sleep... ;)

Here are my three LO's from the midnight crop on Friday, love them all but the first one is my fave. All of these are just because I wanted to do them, all using new stuff I've bought. I've got a bit caught up in challenges of late and thought it was about time to just scrap because I wanted to! Not to say I won't be doing challenges, I love them...just sometimes I need to use what I have and what I love for me.

And this one I did on Saturday night scrapping with Miss Emma, this one for a Bon's Colour Challenge at Bon's Scraps.

Best go start my day and get this house organised, I could easily sit and blog surf for the next two hours but I better not....