Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weight loss update...

I forget to tell you how my first week went....I ended up losing 2.6kgs in the first week, which I'm very pleased about. That was last Wednesday, tomorrow is weigh day again. Don't really like the photo of me, but here goes....

So yesterday I lost Georgie. I was in the loungeroom with Cooper and I said 'Where's your sister?', he's like 'I dunno'. Its all quiet so I start to panic, where is she? Earlier that morning we'd had two tonnes of sand delivered for the sandpit under the cubby....guess where I found her...

Funny girl!

So that pile of sand is now actually a sandpit under the cubby, and the kids just LOVE it! Here's some pics of the boys hard at work moving the sand.

A couple of LO's to share. The first is Sketch #64 for Stuck?! Sketches that I did the other night.

And this one I did today. It is Charm's Blind Scrap from Bon's Cybercrop last night. I'm stoked with how it turned out.

Busy week, christening in five days, Loz here is six days! Its all happening!

Bye for now,


  1. Hey chicky - CONGRATS on the weight loss! That is fantastic!

    Your layouts are totally divine!

    Love, Maz xx

    P.S. Your parcel went postal today, apologies for the tardiness!!

  2. OMG that last LO is soo cute the bling goes so well.
    Wait a minute is that Bronte or is it Georgia hmm the mystery continues!!

  3. you look fantastic... well done!!!

    gorgeous pages too :-)

  4. Oh Boy, i shouldnt have eaten that Twirl today... u are so gonna catch me.... But, I have already lost my 6kg...almost 7 so i am stoked.... Keep it up babe!!!!!

  5. Good work on the weightloss so far!!

    Loving your layouts, and especially the ribbon/pom pom detail on "going home".


  6. gorgeous layouts sar! and congrats on your weight loss! your looking fantastic!

    luv tanXx

  7. well I think that picture of you looks just fine..I wish I was as skinny as you..

    Great layouts...