Thursday, April 29, 2010

More OA Goodness...

Any theme at all can be scrapped with these gorgeous ranges, I have so many photos thrown in with these papers and can't wait to get more done.

This one is using Fly A Kite and Sketch #183 from Pencil Lines. My gorgeous Bronte girl. She makes me smile every day. xoxo

And this one using Thrift Shop, of my Dad on Xmas Day a couple of years back. We found this hat and knew it was just perfect for both my Dad and Dan's Dad...and we made them both wear it over the course of that Xmas Day! My Dad wasn't very impressed... ;)

My week is going quickly considering Dan is away, although my nights are lonely and I can't wait for him to get home on Friday afternoon.

Monday, April 26, 2010


If you're like me and get in the mood with your scrapping where you really just don't know where to start, you need to head on over to Stuck?! Sketches and get yourself motivated with the perfect sketches to get your page started. My friend Sara runs this wonderful ning community.

Last night, I knew I wanted to play with the new October Afternoon ranges in store now at Scrapbook Savvy - Thrift Shop & Fly A Kite. I'd had a long day with the kids and just didn't feel it...but after heading over to Stuck!? I found myself a starting point and just went with it. After that I managed four pages in total last night and the mojo just flowed...I just needed to get myself in the groove, if you know what I mean. ;)

Here they are, both using April Sketches from Stuck?!

We had our friends the Baldock's over for lunch today, and had a great day except for when Cooper nearly had his toes chopped off when the very sharp Barbie Mate fell on his little foot....ouch! Two big cuts now steri-stripped and bandaged up...fingers crossed for a quick heal up. :(

Off to spend the night with the family before hubby heads off to QLD tomorrow for work, its going to be a loooong week for me without him here!

My time is up...

...over at Inspired Blueprints at the end of this month. You have one last chance to join me with the last sketch I have completed for IB, Sketch #46.

And my take which I did on the Easter weekend just gone, of Georgie the Easter before.

Upload your layout to the gallery before the end of April to be in the running for an awesome prize from our sponsors.

Of course I'll still be playing along with the girls at Inspired Blueprints, I've loved my time there and thank Lisa and the rest of the team for having me. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Weekend Already...

I don't know where time goes, seriously. I'm sure it was just Monday and now its the weekend again. I love the start of my weekend being Friday night crop, but the rest not so much. With Dan at work all weekend everything just seems harder. I miss him. The kids miss him. Its not ideal and I can't wait for him to get off this shift and be able to really become a part of our family on the weekends. He hates missing the important things like birthdays and get togethers, but especially at the moment missing out of Cooper's football games is killing him. Work keeps saying things will change soon...I just with soon was NOW. Ok, rant over.

To celebrate my little boy scoring his second try today, here's a couple of layouts I did at Savvy crop last night using a mix of Teresa Collins Sports Edition, October Afternoon Thrift Shop, Jenni Bowlin bingo cards and BRAND NEW release Thickers which are now in store at Scrapbook Savvy. The first one is inspired by a page on the front of last month's Scrapbook Trends mag.

Hope your weekend is better than mine, life is not so cheery with an unhappy husband. :(

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Childhood love...

This is one for Cooper's album, of his little friend Sophie. We tease him about her being his 'girlfriend' and he gets cranky. They get along great and look forward to playing together, albeit not often enough these days with everyone's busy lives.

Do you remember who your first 'love' was? I don't mean in highschool, but when you were LITTLE! I remember from the time I was in kindergarten I 'loved' Mark Pearson...and anyone who I went to school with will remember Mark and have a giggle with me. We would go to eachother's house to play, and we'd play kiss & catch in the school yard. I will never forget his white blonde hair, he was so cute!! :)

Leave me a comment and tell me about your first love!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Want $25 to spend at Scrapbook Savvy?

Silly question, of course you do!! All you have to do is enter our Sketch Challenge each month and some Savvy spendings could be yours. Our sketch each month is designed by the gorgeous Anthea, and this is what April's sketch looks like:

And my take, of my cheeky girl last Easter, found in the fridge stealing chocolate at every given opportunity!

Don't forget to play along, and pop yours in the gallery by the end of the month for your chance to win. :)

This flu still has me, and is driving me crazy, I NEED to be better!! Fingers crossed for tomorrow...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting through them...

The 'old' photos I have left to scrap, that is. Have been trying to go back and pull these out instead of constantly scrapping the new ones.

Here's my two eldest, having a shower and a laugh together. Love the way that Georgie is looking up at Cooper like he's her everything. xoxo

Even though they spend most days trying to kill eachother, I know they really do love eachother. :)

My Georgie

This girl has always been so photogenic, everyone comments on how gorgeous she is, and I have to agree! ;)

This day was when I'd managed to get Bronte into daycare for two days, but there was a wait to get Georgie in, so she had a few days at home being the ONLY child...which she totally wasn't used to, but thoroughly enjoyed. We found her in the loungeroom with every single 'baby' she could find, all lined up and watching tv. Classic. I've used the Crate Paper Paper Doll range for this one.

An older photo of my girl, laying on the floor colouring in, one of her favourite things to do. I've used Sassafrass Lass Nerdy Bird mixed with other stuff, and omg I've used purple, can you believe it!

Love this one, the beginning of this year when we were visiting Loz & Luke, and Loz had gone out and bought the kids bubbles to play with which were a huge hit. I've used gorgeous Scribble Scrabble papers from Scrapbooking Delights for this, love the tones in this range.

The flu has well and truly got me, and I'm spending this gorgeous Sunday on the lounge, in my pjs, hoping that the kids will be happy to just hang at home. Wish me luck.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cybercrop Weekend @ Savvy

Head on over to Scrapbook Savvy this weekend if you're looking for some inspiration, our cybercrop started last night and runs until next Thursday giving you almost a week to complete your challenges! And we all need more scrappy spendings, so the prize of Savvy dollars won't go astray, will it?! :)

I've even done a challenge for you all this weekend, here it is!

I want to see the following on your page:

- something to do with the weather, be it a sun, clouds, etc.
- BRIGHT colours
- Buttons that are STITCHED

Here's mine:

Can't wait to see your take on this, and BTW it doesn't have to be a double...god knows we don't need any more double layouts in our life!

Pop your layout into the correct gallery folder by midnight Thursday for your chance to win some Savvy spendings.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

24 hours left!

Head on over to the Scrapbook Savvy store to grab a bargain, only around 24 (ok, 26 to be precise) hours left! 25% off storewide, you won't be disappointed!

Here's a layout I did at my last crop night with the new Pink Paislee Queen Bee range, all about me feeling like a teenager somedays...with pimples and braces! LOL!

And a double, omg a double! Of Cooper at his first ever Dragons game, nearly three years ago now. Can't believe how little he was. :(

Its nearly the end of the week, looking forward to the crop at Scrapbooking Delights tomorrow night! I'll see some of you local girls there!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can you believe...

...that its been over a year since I became the proud owner of Scrapbook Savvy? I certainly can't, its gone so quick! I guess being so busy with the store and the kids, and life in general...thats the way it goes. I would just like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone in my life that has supported and helped me during the last year, because some days it really hasn't been easy as anyone running their own business and raising a family would know. My husband Dan is my rock and I'm lucky to have him, without him Savvy would not have been mine...I love you babe. My awesome friends that have become loyal Savvy shoppers, you're all awesome and I'd be lost without your weekly visits and crops and very late nights. Sandra, my 'other LSS' boss lady friend who has taught me so much, your friendship means the world to me. My DT, old and new, are all amazing and help me everyday. And of course, my online customers who order week in and week out, thanks so very much.

Just to show how appreciative I am, I have put a sale online with 25% off storewide (the only exclusions being kits, albums & brand new CHA just arrived). Free postage does not apply during the sale. Originally the sale was going to be for only 3 days, but I've decided to extend the sale until midnight Friday 16 April, so 5 days in total.

So head on over to the store and get shopping!! :)

Thought I'd share a few layouts I did while scrapping with Peta last week, these are all from the gorgeous December She's Savvy Kit, of which there are still a couple in the store if you'd like one of your own.

An early night ahead for me, my head is very stuffy and I can feel a cold coming on, so will try to get it before it gets me by resting up while I can. Tomorrow is another day and I need to be at my best. Night all!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Be Inspired! the latest sketch at Inspired Blueprints, Sketch #45!

Here's my take, another page with the April He's Savvy Kit.

Its a gorgeous Saturday here in the Gong, I've just put the baby to bed, will do a bit of cleaning, play some handball with my boy and heading off to a Lorraine Lea Linen party at my friend Juzzy's this afternoon. A pretty cruisy Saturday, just the way I like it. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Back in the swing...

...of things, home safe & sound, and busy as usual. I am sick & tired of stumbling through life with no routine, no priorities and no today I introduce the new Sar! I woke up and went for a walk, I cleaned my house before I turned the computer on, and I've been happy to stop what I'm doing to be a Mum...without throwing a tantrum and yelling at everyone. Life is too short to be feeling the way I have been of late, and the only one who can change things is ME! So I am. :)

Here's some scrapping goodness I've created, I'm a bit behind in showing these ones off...but here they are.

These are the rest that I've done with the April He's Savvy kit, I have used a few other bits and pieces as I was getting to the end of my kit...but let me tell you, I USED the kit to death!

A QLD page from '08, Coop & Jack in the awesome pool in the hotel at Port Macquarie.

Cooper having a moment and refusing to let me take his photo, little bugger! This was Sketch #99 at Got Sketch.

My gorgeous nephew, I've added the blue spotty Jenni Bowlin paper from Scrapbooking Delights but the rest is kit.

Coop & Jared being boys and playing with cars, love the looks on their faces and can still hear their mischievious giggles. :)

Cooper on his way to school for the very first time, I LOVE this one, this moment meant so much to me.

These gorgeous papers are Basic Grey Kioshi from Scrapbooking Delights, San has the whole range of these in store so grab some while they're still available, and she was awesome enough to give me some to play with, thanks hun! xoxo

My babies by the beach, we love to just go into the beach for a walk and our reward at the end is usually icecream for the kids and coffee for has actually been far too long since we've done this, can't wait for Dan to get off the weekend shift so we can do it again as a family. I took inspiration from March 26 Sketch at CISter's Stylish Sketces designed by the gorgeous Krissy Christie.

Baby Oliver when we first met, I was so excited for our besties Ben & Alicia, he was just perfect. I have used a Pencil Lines sketch for this one.

Its time to crop with my girls here at Savvy Friday Night Crop, love just hanging out, scrapping and spending time with the awesome chicks. Hope your Friday night is amazing. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter Monday!

Well the Easter weekend is coming to an end, but I'm still enjoying it! I've got Des, Megs, Courtney, Erin & Emma here at the moment...soon to be joined by Leesh & Linda. Only one of my babies are here, the eldest two have gone to the farm with Daddy for some good ol' outdoor fun. :)

The highlight of the weekend for me was one of my best friends having a baby girl, Bella, on Good Friday night 2 April 2010. Congrats Loz, Luke & Chloe! I can't wait to meet your new bundle of joy (which will hopefully be tomorrow when I head up to the Hunter Valley).

Of course another highlight was my babies excitement on Easter morning, nothing beats it. xoxo

And some Easter layouts to share that I did on Friday night, just to keep the festive mood going!

Georgie last Easter, eating our favourite easter egg of all time, a Red Tulip Elegant Rabbit. I have used a gorgeous sketch from Sketches by Jolene for this page.

Bronte's first Easter last year, this one is a Pagemaps sketch for April.

Like I said, I'm off to the Hunter Valley tomorrow for a couple of days to stay with Peta and visit Loz. Emma is coming with me and so are the two older kids when they get home from the farm. Can't wait! But for now, I best go and scrap with my girls, seeya!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Kit Pages!

I've been using the She's Savvy kit to death, and have a few pages to show now, and then some from He's Savvy which I've done tonight and will have to show later when I've photographed them.

My mum & dad, I'm so lucky to still have my parents together and happy, seems this doesn't happen as often as it should these days. xoxo

Peta's gorgeous girl Sienna...this photo makes her look so sweet and innocent...but I know better! LOL!

And my Cheeky Little Monkey on the monkey bars at the park, Georgie is the brave one who tries everything...before her big brother most of the time.

And some randoms from this week I haven't shown yet.

My layouts for the March challenge at Kraft It Up, got it done just in time to submit, thought I should seeing as Scrapbook Savvy was a sponsor this month at this awesome new challenge blog. :)

One for my holiday album, cheeky baby Georgia.

Me in Bali before kids, oh how I wish for a few days like this again.... ;)

We've had a busy start to the Easter weekend, getting together with my gorgeous SIL's family yesterday morning, then a massive crop at Scrapbooking Delights yesterday arvo/night, spending some time with my brother's family this morning and tomorrow we'll be seeing Dan's dad before he goes to work and I head to my parent's for lunch. Here's a few pics from our Good Friday brekkie at Karen's. :)

Miss Molly finding eggs during the egg hunt.

Cooper's stash, he was offically the winner (aka the greediest!).

Miss Bronte, very proud of her egg hunt findings and covered in chocolate.

I swear, Cooper is becoming a comedian, him in the Yo Gabba Gabba wig & glasses, he thought he was soooo funny! And he really was!

All the Ward kids. :)

Chloe chocolate eater.

Coop the comedian, again.

And then to top my day off, the crop at Scrapbooking Delights was awesome, we had soo much fun and so many laughs. I swear, between Sandra & Di my tummy was hurting from all the laughter! Love those girls. :)

Me & San behind the counter.

And Miss Em at the front counter, making the place look pretty. xoxo

Thanks San for an awesome night, and the rest of the girls, you're a blast!! Can't wait for the next one.

I have a feeling the Easter Bunny is about to make an appearance at our place, so I best stop blogging and go make myself useful. Happy Easter Eve all!

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Kits @ Scrapbook Savvy

Another month, and three more awesome kits at Scrapbook Savvy! Here's what they look like this month...

He's Savvy which is already sold out, based around the gorgeous My Minds Eye Lil Robots range.

And my layouts so far with this one...

Your Last Day which is Cooper on his last day at preschool, and is a scraplift from the latest Scrapbook Trends magazine.

At CJ's again of Cooper, this time playing with the kids last time he came with me to visit Peta.

She's Savvy which is based around the gorgeous new SEI Claire and Crate Paper Pink Plum ranges.

And my layouts so far...

Learning to Crawl which is a complete and utter scraplift from a Stephanie Howell layout in the latest Scrapbook Trends mag, and is also my example for this month's kit challenge at Scrapbook Savvy.

Lovely Earrings of Georgie on the day she got her ears pierced.

Friendship of Georgie with Charlotte & Sophie at Charlotte's birthday party last month, gorgeous girls.

Delight, again a scraplift from the latest Scrapbook Trends magazine...can you tell this is an AWESOME mag? If you're interested in subscribing to this mag each month just let me know as I do get enough in for my girls each month at only $14.95 plus postage.

And the We're Savvy Kit this month, a black & white kit based around the new My Minds Eye Lush range, isn't it gorgeous! Unfortunately I don't get to play with this one but check out Sara & Emma's blogs in the next few days for some awesome inspiration.

Wishing you all a lovely Good Friday with family & friends, I'm splitting my day in half by spending the morning with family at my gorgeous SIL Karen's place and then heading off to a crop at Scrapbooking Delights this afternoon. Can't wait!