Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm an Aunty again!

Welcome to the world, Spike Raphael Pettett!

My big brother Dave and my SIL Jozie had their baby boy at 1.35pm today, by emergency caesarian. He was a big boy at 8lb 11oz, much bigger than his big brother Sid. Thankfully Mum & bub are both fine now, and he was feeding like a little trooper when we got to visit late this afternoon.

Here's a few pics of this gorgeous new addition to my family:

We love you, Spike...can't wait for another cuddle!

Scrapping Up a Storm!

Thats what I've been doing! 10 layouts since Friday night, don't know the last time I scrapped that much over a weekend. Crop day @ Savvy yesterday helped, with three finished. Can't show all of them and have already showed you a couple, but here's the rest.

I have put off scrapping this photo for ages cause I just loved it and guess I was 'scared' to scrap it, for fear of wrecking it maybe? I'm not really sure but now its done and I'm glad it is.

Another one I'd been putting off, I think cause it was one 4x6 and I always find thats a bit difficult. This is Bronte laying on the absolutely beautiful quilt that the Illawarra Scquilters made her. Lucky huh?

This one is my take on the Savvy Scraplift for July, which was lifting one of Emma's layouts. Coop going into his 'big boy bed'. You've still got a couple of days to finish this challenge, upload your take to the gallery before the end of July.

Another page using the gorgeous Sarah Jane paper I bought at Scrapbooking Delights, tihs range was just so easy to use.

And finally this page of Daniel's dad with Bronte only a few days old, on one of his weekly visits that mean so much to us.

Thats it for the page share for now, I did my White With 1 sample for next month as well but you'll have to wait a few days for that one. :)

We celebrated my niece Molly's first birthday and christening on Sunday, check out this gorgeous girl.

A lovely day was spent with family, many more of those to come. :)

I'm thinking about heading into the beach for a walk, fingers crossed its not too windy in there this morning!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

SD Crop

A very successful night was had by me at the Scrapbooking Delights crop last night - I finished four pages! I can't remember the last time I did that, it was great to be outside of my own environment and just being able to relax and scrap the night away. Here's what I achieved...

Bronte 'Being Mum', using the new Bella Sarah Jane range which is just divine, grab some at SD next time you're there before it runs out.

This one is the July Roadmap for Aussie Pub Calls.

And this one is the July Sketch at Anna's Craft Cupboard.

There is one more but i can't show that one just yet.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, I am so far and the rest is looking tops. We've been to a birthday party today for one of Georgie's little preschool friends, I took the pups for a walk, now Des is here to scrap and Kindra & Juzzy are coming up later. Tomorrow is my niece Molly's christening and 1st birthday party, so looking forward to that!

Enjoy yours, whatever you do!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kitchen update!

So we now have a benchtop!!! The kitchen is looking great, a few more things to be done yet but its getting there.

My house is still very chaotic and nowhere near back to normal, but we're coping.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Catch up

Well I'm in trouble from Mum for not posting often enough, so here goes...

Still have this yukky flu hanging around, two weeks now and I'm well and truly wanting to feel better already! I do feel MUCH better than I have been, but still definitely not 100%. Maybe tomorrow eh...

A great weekend of scrapping was had here, with crop night on Friday night being just about booked out and then I had the pleasure of Kindra & Hayley's company for some scrapping on Sunday. Bronte was in a bit of a mood and wanted attention most of the afternoon (*insert roll eyes here*) so I didn't get quite as much done as I would've liked. But you get that. :)

This is a photo from when I met Malinda from Bon's, a lovely morning at the harbour with the kids playing at the park. Less than three weeks till I see Mal and all the Bon's girl at the retreat, can't wait!

Tiny baby Bronte in her clothes that were far too big for her! This makes me sad, she was so little and has grown up in what seems like a blink of an eye. :(

Yes, I've scrapped these photos before, but this one is for Cooper album. He was such a good brother at the hat parade, holding Georgie's hand and showing her the moves for all the dances. Sweet boy.

And Bronte Biscuit Eater...I've had this wooden 'b' hanging around for ages and finally decided to just use it! After unsuccessfully glimmer misting, then painting..I eventually covered it in paper and love how it turned out.

Its looking like a gorgeous Monday morning here, the girls are happy, Cooper & Daniel are still in bed, and in a couple of hours we're off to playgroup for Molly's birthday. Happy day!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still sick!

A week has passed and would you believe I'm STILL sick! So are the kids and so is Daniel, and we're all very much 'over it'. Surely it has to go away soon. I have my fingers crossed for the kids being at daycare tomorrow, but I guess that just remains to be seen in the morning...

Our house is officially a disaster zone with the kitchen in full swing and halfway installed. We've had the kitchen guys (our mate Joe, thanks Joe!) here today, the plasterer, plumbers, electrician (our mate Anth, thanks Anth!)...AND all while I had a crop day yesterday. Needless to say it was just a tad running around while the boys worked on the house, crazy times. The girls scrapping without lights for as long as it took Anth to do his job. As you can imagine it wasn't the normal relaxing scrap day I'm used to...but we still had a great time and everyone managed gorgeous layouts, as always.

Here's a pic of the sight I came home to after leaving Loz's last week...

Nice huh? Everyone keeps telling me it'll be worth it, and I KNOW it will...but omg, what an effort in the meantime, especially with us all being sick! Thems the breaks, we'll survive and it'll all be back to normal real soon, I'm sure. :)

Here's a few more of my latest layouts from Loz's. Not too much in the way of scrapping since I've been home, just one at yesterday's crop. Been busy with shop stuff and everything else.

I 'stole' a couple of sketches when I was at Peta's place scrapping, the sketches being by the gorgeous Kate who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time at Peta's. Here's the layouts I ended up with.

And another one I did at Peta's...and I admit it, this is a total and utter scraplift of one of Peta's layouts! I had the exact paper she'd used and couldn't pass by the opportunity to lift her while I was there. Thanks PJ, mwah!

Oh, and here are me, Peta, Kate & Loz...posing in Peta's front yard with the camera on timer, what a crackup! Great result for the pic but, don't you think?!

This weekend just gone we had the Christmas in July Cybercrop at Scrapbook Savvy. You still have one whole day to complete your challenges before the deadline at midnight Thursday 16 July, so make sure you check it all out here and catchup on scrapping those xmas photos before it rolls around again this year! Here's one I did, for Emma's challenge, a photo of my gorgeous nieces Chloe & Molly...

Oh, and before I head off and finish watching the footy with my boys, I can finally show off my layout that got me back on the Inspired Blueprints DT (and took me five bloody hours to create!). See my re-introduction and my layout here. Cool huh?

Thats it from me, I'll go blow my nose (for the 1000th time today) and relax with my big boy and little boy watching the SOO.

Bye for now,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Time @ Loz's

Well its my final night at Loz's place and I'm not even scrapping....I am so sick with the flu and feeling like total crap. Its not fair, what a waste of my precious time here with my friend. :(

I have managed eight layouts since arriving here yesterday though. Not all are photographed yet, but here are some.

My big grown up boy at Easter, this was a Pagemaps sketch.

My baby girl Bronte, another Pagemaps sketch.

My three babies & I on Easter morning.

A layout for Charm's sketch challenge at the Bon's CC. Me & Dan, taken on our 6th wedding anniversary, the journalling is just so true. Lots would've said that we wouldn't be where we are today...but we've proved them all wrong, eh! :))

An awful photo of me just after having my wisdom teeth taken out...but these are the things that have to be documented in our scrapping boy comforting me and giving me cuddles when I was feeling like crap!

And gorgeous Charlotte on her third birthday, she's a bit cute, don't you think?

Thats it for now. A sad day in the world, with Michael Jackson being remembered worldwide today, his memorial and concerts have been on tv all day. I hope that soon the Jackson family will be allowed to mourn in peace. :(

RIP Michael Jackson, your music will live with me forever, and I am just one of millions that will never forget you.

Tomorrow is a new day, here's to it being a happy one, and I'm hoping to feel much better in the morning.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Collage Press Sweet Shoppe

This is one range I'm HANGING to get in the Scrapbook Savvy store, it will definitely be in my next Aussie Scrap Source order! Thanks Lis for sharing and letting me play with this. :)

My three babies at Isabelle's birthday party in May...

My happy Bronte girl on her first b'day...

And Georgie turning 2, celebrating with her little playgroup friends...

Georgie enjoying a Kinder Surprise chocolate...look how little she was...

And Bronte again, look how little she was, awwww...

I'm currently at Loz's place enjoying a few much needed days away, have scrapped three pages, placed two orders, updated my playlist, uploaded pics to the Savvy gallery and now updated the blog, hows that for finally having time to get stuff done!! :)