Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still sick!

A week has passed and would you believe I'm STILL sick! So are the kids and so is Daniel, and we're all very much 'over it'. Surely it has to go away soon. I have my fingers crossed for the kids being at daycare tomorrow, but I guess that just remains to be seen in the morning...

Our house is officially a disaster zone with the kitchen in full swing and halfway installed. We've had the kitchen guys (our mate Joe, thanks Joe!) here today, the plasterer, plumbers, electrician (our mate Anth, thanks Anth!)...AND all while I had a crop day yesterday. Needless to say it was just a tad running around while the boys worked on the house, crazy times. The girls scrapping without lights for as long as it took Anth to do his job. As you can imagine it wasn't the normal relaxing scrap day I'm used to...but we still had a great time and everyone managed gorgeous layouts, as always.

Here's a pic of the sight I came home to after leaving Loz's last week...

Nice huh? Everyone keeps telling me it'll be worth it, and I KNOW it will...but omg, what an effort in the meantime, especially with us all being sick! Thems the breaks, we'll survive and it'll all be back to normal real soon, I'm sure. :)

Here's a few more of my latest layouts from Loz's. Not too much in the way of scrapping since I've been home, just one at yesterday's crop. Been busy with shop stuff and everything else.

I 'stole' a couple of sketches when I was at Peta's place scrapping, the sketches being by the gorgeous Kate who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time at Peta's. Here's the layouts I ended up with.

And another one I did at Peta's...and I admit it, this is a total and utter scraplift of one of Peta's layouts! I had the exact paper she'd used and couldn't pass by the opportunity to lift her while I was there. Thanks PJ, mwah!

Oh, and here are me, Peta, Kate & Loz...posing in Peta's front yard with the camera on timer, what a crackup! Great result for the pic but, don't you think?!

This weekend just gone we had the Christmas in July Cybercrop at Scrapbook Savvy. You still have one whole day to complete your challenges before the deadline at midnight Thursday 16 July, so make sure you check it all out here and catchup on scrapping those xmas photos before it rolls around again this year! Here's one I did, for Emma's challenge, a photo of my gorgeous nieces Chloe & Molly...

Oh, and before I head off and finish watching the footy with my boys, I can finally show off my layout that got me back on the Inspired Blueprints DT (and took me five bloody hours to create!). See my re-introduction and my layout here. Cool huh?

Thats it from me, I'll go blow my nose (for the 1000th time today) and relax with my big boy and little boy watching the SOO.

Bye for now,


  1. Hope you all feel better soon Sar, and eek I feel for you regarding the kitchen!! Love your gorgeous layouts.. especially the washing up one!!

    Take care
    Aga xx

  2. LOVE your LO's Sar, and love that photo, it was awesome meeeting you!! hope you are better when we go to melbourne xxx