Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Time @ Loz's

Well its my final night at Loz's place and I'm not even scrapping....I am so sick with the flu and feeling like total crap. Its not fair, what a waste of my precious time here with my friend. :(

I have managed eight layouts since arriving here yesterday though. Not all are photographed yet, but here are some.

My big grown up boy at Easter, this was a Pagemaps sketch.

My baby girl Bronte, another Pagemaps sketch.

My three babies & I on Easter morning.

A layout for Charm's sketch challenge at the Bon's CC. Me & Dan, taken on our 6th wedding anniversary, the journalling is just so true. Lots would've said that we wouldn't be where we are today...but we've proved them all wrong, eh! :))

An awful photo of me just after having my wisdom teeth taken out...but these are the things that have to be documented in our scrapping boy comforting me and giving me cuddles when I was feeling like crap!

And gorgeous Charlotte on her third birthday, she's a bit cute, don't you think?

Thats it for now. A sad day in the world, with Michael Jackson being remembered worldwide today, his memorial and concerts have been on tv all day. I hope that soon the Jackson family will be allowed to mourn in peace. :(

RIP Michael Jackson, your music will live with me forever, and I am just one of millions that will never forget you.

Tomorrow is a new day, here's to it being a happy one, and I'm hoping to feel much better in the morning.



  1. these are fantastic Sar...great work and oh so productive!!!!!!!

  2. Wow 8 pages!!!!! Go you Sar, you scrapbooking machine!!! :)

    I especially love so proud and puffy face!

  3. Looking good babe... Especially that gorgeous Charlotte child hehe.. Have noticed a few eyelets happening lately Miss LOL...,,mdmfmnmm.klj'b. ....kgchhjgnnmnnmmcmbnbb,bmcxv,ccmx,vmcvmnmmnmnxcmm nm cmnnvm That was Charlotte trying to type quickly like Mummy!!!

  4. these are gooooorgeous Sar!
    And congrats on proving everyone wrong too - good on ya! :)

    Hope you're feeling better hun!