Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SIA Today!

Scrapbooking Industry Australia held a trade show today (and tomorrow) in Sydney, and I was lucky enough to go along. It was a massive day, and before I flake I thought I'd share some pics from my day! I met the lovely Marelle (who I know from Bon's) and her friend Shelly, and also got to spend some time with Lisa & Kim at the Scrapware stand, and Sandra from my LSS who also works for Bella. Apart from all that, I did an AMAZING class with Carol Janson and learnt a ton. Thanks Carol! Make and takes all over the place were amazing, and the amount of things to look at....omg, my head is STILL spinning!!

Why did I go to SIA? Can't tell you... ;)

Anyways, here are my pics:

Marelle & I first thing this morning

Shelly, Marelle & I with Carol Janson

Lis & I

Sandra & I

Hopefully I'll have some news for you tomorrow, or so I'm told. Fingers crossed.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Basic Grey

Check out the Basic Grey gallery, a couple of my pages have been accepted!! How cool is that. I'm on the front page of the gallery at the moment but if I'm not by the time you check it out, my page is here.

Thanks Lisa for inspiring me to give this a go!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bit slow...

Bit slow on the scrapping front this week, not much happening at all. Life is generally busy, getting organised for something BIG in my life, but I can't share exactly what that is just yet. Soon hopefully... ;)

All I have to show is a LO I have done for Color Combos Galore, this is Combo #113, which I did on the weekend while Emma was here.

I haven't done any scrapping since then, whats going on?! I'm hoping to join in the fun at Bon's Cybercrop tonight, fingers crossed.

I have something else I have to do also, for my sister Nic's 40th coming up this weekend...the party is on Saturday night with a dress up theme of something 'arty'. Wish me luck with that, I have no idea yet what to go as! Any ideas??


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday Night Crop

I so look forward to the Friday Night Crop @ Scrapbooking Delights, just to get out of the house (even if I was over an hour late!) and be with 'real people', iykwim! Sitting and watching what everyone else is doing and picking up little tips and tidbits, even if its stuff you've done before and just forgotten about for awhile. Very inspirational watching Lisa & Kim at work, they amaze me with their talent. Can't wait till the next one! By the way, Scrapbooking Delights has 20% off today (Sat 21 March) if you're in the Wollongong area, the girls are playing up while Sandra is away, hehe...

I ended up with three LO's by midnight, although one I can't show just yet. These are both 'just because' pages using gorgeous new papers I bought when I visited Shop & Crop recently.

Guess where Hayles & I are going tonight?

KINGS OF LEON @ Acer Arena! Can't wait. So excited. I've seen them once before when they fronted for Pearl Jam, but it will be great to see a whole show of just them. Now I just have to keep myself revved up and awake for the drive up and back tonight...after only five hours sleep, damn crop night! LOL!

Happy Saturday, talk soon,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Another Wednesday here, off to swimming lessons this morning but other than that we have a day at home. In our house this week we've had...

Georgie playing the guitar...

And building book 'houses' for Cooper's cars...

And Bronte the transformer baby...

And we've had Mummy scrapping, surprise surprise!

Here is another page from my Design Team kit for Mystical Scrapbooks. Cooper and brand new baby Georgia.

This one of Cooper at the Fire Station Christmas Party, inspired by one of the March Pagemaps but kinda sorta turned out different in the end.

And Georgia on her first birthday, another Pagemaps from this month.

Hope everyone is having a great week, mine is going well and I finally seem to be getting a little organised around this house of mine! Small miracles, eh... ;)

Bye for now,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mystical DT pages...

...as promised, here they are! The first one using the new Basic Grey Marrakech range and the second using the Little Yellow Bicycle Love Letters range. If you're after either of these, head on over to Mystical Scrapbooks now!

And I've even managed a few more pages this weekend. Scrapped with Emma yesterday, then then we had the pleasure of Hayley, Kindra & Alicia's company today as well. A total of four all up for the weekend, one being the above page of my sis with Bronte and the other being the one I showed yesterday of Georgia my Play-Doh girl.

The third I can't show yet as it is for a Scraplift Tag challenge over at Scrapbook Savvy. This is an awesome concept, one person does a layout then emails it to the next person who scraplifts it. It goes down the line, being passed from person to person, each lifting the last layout but making it their own. No layout reveal until the absolute end, when a total reveal takes place and we can see the change from the first to the last layout completed. I can't wait to see the difference in them all!

So that leaves the only one I can show from today, being Sketch #77 over at Stuck Sketches!?

If you're looking for some inspiration, head over to Inspired Blueprints where Sketch #12 has been launched today! Mine isn't there yet, but I'll be sure to let you know when it is.

Its nearly 11pm Sunday night, I have a page nearly finished so I may as well go finish it, Daniel is at a fire call and I'll wait up for at least a little while longer.

Bye for now,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Black Magic

Just in time I've completed the first Black Magic sketch for March. I didn't know how this colour scheme would go, but the end result pleased me...although in the light tonight the blue is actually looking a little purple?

And I HAD to enter Black Magic again, as I actually won last month, how cool is that! $25 to spend in the awesome Mystical Scrapbooks shop, woo!

Being the middle of the month tomorrow, I'll have some DT layouts to show off...but you'll have to wait! Hehe!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Inspiration from Inspired!

The second week of DT layouts for Sketch #11 is up at Inspired Blueprints, including mine which is this one:

Don't forget to have this sketch, or the next one which will be up next week, uploaded to the Inspired Blueprints Gallery by the end of March to win an awesome prize from Noel Mignon.

I want to boast about my friend Lisa Warren being chosen for the new DT at Color Combos Galore, congrats Miss Lisa, you so deserve it! She has motivated me already to start doing the Color Combos again...here is Color Combo #112 I did the other night, after FOUR strongbows, mind you! I have to admit, I was pretty happy with the result when I looked at it with clear eyes in the morning... ;)

The only other thing I have to show is a card I made for my bf Alicia's daughter Charlotte's 3rd birthday yesterday.

And here is the birthday girl with her Mummy & Daddy just after blowing out her birthday candles, gorgeous family huh?

We're so lucky to have these guys as our besties, Daniel & Ben have been friends since Kindergarten and Alicia & I have been joined at the hip since Daniel & I got together over eight years ago. They are godparents to my three babies and treat them as their own. I can't imagine not having them in my life. Love you guys!! :)

Ok, enough mushy-ness....bye for now,

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Big weekend of Scrapping!

Before life gets totally out of control and busy (which is bound to happen anytime, I'm sure of it), I have been trying to get as many layouts done as I can. I only did one during the week, but since Friday night I have managed another seven. So 12 so far and its only the 8th of the month, so ahead of myself so far.

There are a few I can't show just yet, but here are the ones I can.

A couple of 'just because' layouts that I've been wanting to do, so just did to get them done.

My darling girl Georgia, getting so big so quick, and getting more beautiful every day.

Bronte in her size 000 jeans, never too little for jeans, I reckon!

Then this one which is Cookie's Colour Challenge at Mystical Scrapbooks for this month. This was Cooper and his easter hat nearly two years ago, look how little he was!

I've found another sketch site, Pencil Lines, which has a cool sketches every week. This was Sketch #124, Em and I both attempted this today and both turned out very different but both still looked really good.

And lastly this one is the Sketch Challenge over at Bons. Cooper in the spa @ Grandma & Grandads, hard life eh.

Well thats all I can show, a few DT layouts have been done but you'll see them all in good time.

Not too much on this week, Emma has just gone home after being here all weekend. Playgroup tomorrow and the usual routine of our week.

Hope all is good in your part of the world, talk soon.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby Christian

Our friends Joe & Doreen welcomed a baby boy into the world this morning, Christian Joseph, 7lb 13oz and all well. CONGRATS to you and big sister Lauren, he is just gorgeous. He looks exactly like his Dad, I couldn't believe it! Here is a pic, isn't he cute!

But no cluckiness from me this time, I promise... ;)

Off to crop night at Scrapbooking Delights, hope you all have a great Friday night!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Midweek update...

After a miserable Monday morning saw our playgroup being cancelled, Hayles & I decided to get together for the day to scrap instead. The boys were here in the morning but headed off to work after lunch (should I say thank goodness?! They were driving us insane!). We had a really good arvo and the kids were kept amused most of the day, playing outside in the cubby and we even got the babies to have a couple of sleeps. I ended up with three pages done by Monday night, so off to a good start for March...

The first I can't show you yet, sorry! The second was the Colour Challenge at Bon's CC. LOTS of white space which I always find really hard.

And the next one was the February sketch over at Scrapbook Savvy. Not done till March but oh well, another page off my list and I love how it turned out.

Daniel is at his first class in his Undermanager's course today, Ben picked him up at 7am and we all stood outside and waved while they left, the kids were so funny and told me that Daddy is going to 'school' because he had his pencil case. Hehe!

So my day isn't look TOO exciting, swimming lessons and I really need to do some ironing...but first things first, I best have a shower and get out of my pjs.

Bye for now,

Monday, March 2, 2009

Massive March Update!

First up, AMAZING RACE 2009 is now launched at Mystical Scrapbooks! I'm first cab off the rank...so my LO is up with my criteria for Week 1. Go and check it out. Here is a quick sneak of my page, you'll have to come over here if you want to see it in all its glory!

There are more challenges up for March at Mystical as well, mine being this sketch:

And my take:

Then there is the UYS (Use Your Stash) challenge which for this month is lace cardstock, my example being this:

So LOTS happening over at Mystical, be sure to head on over and say hi on the forum, will be lots happening over there this month.

Ok what else, its my first month as a DT at White With One, so join in the fun this month with a White With Navy page featuring Stars. Here is my take, Cooper & Chloe a while back now hiding in the cupboard, cute kids!

And its time for another awesome sketch over at Inspired Blueprints, this time its Sketch #11. My take isn't up yet, but go have a look at the other girls' gorgeous work.

So wow, my DT commitments are climbing aren't they, seems to be a lot there this month! I'm still managing to fit in LOTS of other scrapping and ended the month of February with 35 layouts in total. Don't know if I can possibly beat that record this month, but I'll give it a shot. I did one layout yesterday on the 1st, being the Color Combos Galore #111, thanks Lisa for inspiring me to head back over to this awesome challenge site. Here's my take:

Once again I had the gorgeous Miss Emma over for the weekend while Nic was in Melbourne, she is my sanity and I appreciate her help so much. You should see her latest work, omg, for 13 years old I am just in awe of this girl's talent. She scrapped up a storm this weekend, as usual.

Well I better go, I have spent the entire morning on the computer and am still in my pj's. Lots to do as always, and I best spend some time with my husband before he heads off to work OT afternoon shift today.