Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SIA Today!

Scrapbooking Industry Australia held a trade show today (and tomorrow) in Sydney, and I was lucky enough to go along. It was a massive day, and before I flake I thought I'd share some pics from my day! I met the lovely Marelle (who I know from Bon's) and her friend Shelly, and also got to spend some time with Lisa & Kim at the Scrapware stand, and Sandra from my LSS who also works for Bella. Apart from all that, I did an AMAZING class with Carol Janson and learnt a ton. Thanks Carol! Make and takes all over the place were amazing, and the amount of things to look at....omg, my head is STILL spinning!!

Why did I go to SIA? Can't tell you... ;)

Anyways, here are my pics:

Marelle & I first thing this morning

Shelly, Marelle & I with Carol Janson

Lis & I

Sandra & I

Hopefully I'll have some news for you tomorrow, or so I'm told. Fingers crossed.



  1. bout time u spilled chickee...

    fab photos ..

  2. so jealous here...wish I was there

    I wold love to see Carole in action, she is a total scrapping hero of mine.

  3. wow how lucky that you got to go to SIA!!! Great photos! I know Marelle (online) too - she's great and how cool you got to meet her! :) Can't wait to hear more!

  4. Wow - green with envy here too ;) I love Carole's work!!!
    can't wait to see what your news will be!
    Aga xx

  5. hi Sar!!! Is SIA always held at Sydney??? tell me more about it hihihi! and what the news??? im so excited for you!!! sounds BIG!!!

  6. OMG the suspence is killing me.....lol


  7. when will you be telling? I'll tell you if you tell me.... Charlotte loved the photo of you and Sandra funny kid!! Very sad when your 3 year old knows the person from LSS... classic!!!!