Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bit slow...

Bit slow on the scrapping front this week, not much happening at all. Life is generally busy, getting organised for something BIG in my life, but I can't share exactly what that is just yet. Soon hopefully... ;)

All I have to show is a LO I have done for Color Combos Galore, this is Combo #113, which I did on the weekend while Emma was here.

I haven't done any scrapping since then, whats going on?! I'm hoping to join in the fun at Bon's Cybercrop tonight, fingers crossed.

I have something else I have to do also, for my sister Nic's 40th coming up this weekend...the party is on Saturday night with a dress up theme of something 'arty'. Wish me luck with that, I have no idea yet what to go as! Any ideas??


1 comment:

  1. Er..how about a scrapbooker? Lol. Or a girl with a pearl earring? Or just wear jeans and a t-shirt and paint yourself? Am I helping? Or not? Anyway, love the way you've sort of reversed the pp and plain paper on your LO, nice idea!