Monday, September 29, 2008

Where does the time go?

I can't believe its nearly the end of September! Where does the time go? I haven't finished everything on my September scrapping to-do-list, but i have done the important things and made sure I prioritised the deadlines. I finished last night this week's LO for Chipboard School, it is the second last week and I'm so glad I signed up for this! Have learnt lots and have found the freedom to just try different things and see what happens.

This week we had to use tulle on our chipboard and emboss it, was really weird to do and I nearly burnt my fingers and set the tulle on fire...but it turned out ok in the end.

My baby girl had her first attempt at solids tonight. She looked so little in the high chair!! She made some funny faces to start with but seemed to like it in the end. Gorgeous girl.

I've had a top night over at Bon's Scraps Cybercrop tonight. Chatted the hours away with the girls and even finished a blind scrap page. Will show that off tomorrow when I can get a decent pic. Check it out if you want to have a go at some challenges, you've got till midnight next Monday 6th October to get them done.

Still chatting to Marijana on MSN, so better go, talk soon! Leave me some love if you visit, go on.... ;)


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mini canvas

I've just finished a mini canvas for Rach's challenge over at Scrapbook Divas. Lots of fun and never would've thought of this without her inspiration.

We had a lovely morning at the Dragon Park this morning, met up with Kaz, Chloe & Molly and had a coffee and a relax. The weather was gorgeous and the kids had a ball, as usual. I took some more lovely pics of Bronte but will share tomorrow when she isn't screaming in the background! Bath time now...



I forgot to put up the LO I did on Wednesday night, it was a blind scrapping session with Relsi over at Scrap Therapy. Lots of fun, especially cause Hayles & Alicia joined in. Was fun to see how different our LO's turned out.

I worked on a mini album yesterday for my Guest DT spot at Scrap 'N' Craft With T, its all done but I can't show it off just yet.

I also finished a LO for Mel's Challenge over at the Scrapbook Divas Cybercrop that is happening this weekend. We had to use pink, brown, orange, numbers & handwriting. Its all there and I'm liking it. Think this pic may have been better printed black & white, but never mind.

Mums on the phone nagging me for an update, so I better post this!!

Bye for now,

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrapbook Divas Cybercrop

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, head on over to Scrapbook Divas for their monthly Cybercrop. Lots of fun, challenges, and prizes. Lots of lovely girls to chat to as well, they'll make you feel more than welcome!



Here is my first ever attempt at a Stuck?! sketch. Bit of fun and very good for getting you going when you have NO IDEA where to put your photos. A starting point anyway. This is taken from Sketch #56.

Looks like my house is the place to be again this weekend if you want to scrap...yesterday I was joined by Hayley, Kellie, Emma & Justine (and nine kids in all!!) for a bit of scrapping. Today Alicia & Doreen are coming over, so should be another productive day ahead.

I was in trouble last night...Daniel called me when i was out at Doreen's place for dinner. Apparently sometime during the day Cooper and Kellie's step-son Ellery had managed to take the PS2 from upstairs to downstairs, opened a brand new game and attempted to hook up the playstation on the tv downstairs...meanwhile we didn't even notice!! Daniel's words to me were 'You were obviously too busy scrapping to be supervising your children...' What?! Me...distracted by way... ;) Oops...

Bye for now, hopefully will have something to show later today.


Scrapbooking Memories Cybercrop

The first ever SM Cybercrop was held on Thursday night, it was pretty good, a bit short for my liking with the deadlines only being until 3pm Friday afternoon. Doesn't give a mum of three littlies much time to get three (decent) layouts done! I still had a great time playing bingo with my original forum girls, and completed two LO's by the deadline.

The first one was for Ruby's Challenge, god that Ruby is a clever chook and only like 14 years old!

The next one was for Kristy's Challenge and I love this one, only fairly simple but I didn't want to take away from the beautiful photo (excuse the cake on her face!).


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Colorstory Challenge

Here is my take on the Colorstory Challenge for this month. This month was very quilt related, so I went with the quilt block that is actually in the background of this photo. Its all about my neice Emma, the journalling says:-

'I don't think I could (heart) this girl any more if she were my own daughter. I love my niece Emma so much. She has been my saviour in helping with the babies. I can never thank her enough. Photo Xmas Day 2005. Journalled 22 Sep 2008.' The title is 'This Girl Shines Like A Star'. And she does. Love you, Em!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Cute Shoes

Every little girl needs cute shoes, don't they???

This is layout #9 for the weekend...

This was for Category Stories, go check this blog out, they have some unreal topics to scrap each month. Always fun.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

On a roll...

Nine layouts and still going this weekend...gotta be happy with that!? When my sister Nic came over this arvo to pick Emma up she said to us 'so, you've scrapped ALL weekend?' and we're like 'yep, pretty much!'. LOL

Last night I finished the Word Pictures Challenge for September, I really wasn't sure about this paper, when I got it the texture and thickness was really strange. But I just wanted to use it and be done with it, so here it is.

Absolutely in love with this page. This was for the kit challenge at Scrapbooking Delights. And done a week early this time, Sandra!! pmsl

Next up is this week's LO for Chipboard School at Scrapping Outback. This week was tough, I had to buy and borrow some art supplies as I had nothing suitable in my stash. Well worth it in the end though and I'm stoked with the end result. On the big bird I've used gold paint, wax, gold foil, glitter and dimensional magic. On the little bird I've used gold paint, crackle medium (which didn't really work), glitter and dimensional magic. Bet my mum likes this one, do you mum?

This last one is for the Manufacturer of the Month Challenge over at Scrap Therapy. I ordered some new Sassafrass Lass from Scrap Therapy this month, so figured I may as well do a LO for this one!

And you'll have to wait for LO #9 for the weekend, as it was way too dark to be getting a decent pic by the time it was done.

Another big week ahead, playgroup tomorrow, then needles for Cooper (which he is gonna hate!), typing work in the arvo then Daniel has drill at the fire station tomorrow night. Tuesday I have an orthodontist appointment, so I'll find out when my braces are going on. Wednesday swimming lessons. Thursday Daniel is working and Coooper is at daycare so I'll have a day with my girls, before a cybercrop at the Scrapbooking Memories Forum on Thursday night. Friday is cross-stitch night with my girlfriends, which I'm really looking forward to. And then it'll have to be time for another weekend of scrapping, lol!

Bye for now,

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lots to share again....

Geez I've been a busy little scrapper, getting much happier with how things are turning out of late as well. Don't know if I'm just getting more comfortable in my 'style' or what. Its all good but.

Last night was Friday crop night at Scrapbooking Delights and I was stoked that three of my girls came along - Kel, Hayley & Kindra. We had a great time and all got lots done (except Hayley who reckons she left her mojo at home!). I hope that this will be a permanent fortnightly outing for us, its lovely to just get out without the kids and be adults for a change. It was Sandra's birthday so we were very spoilt with a yummy mud cake, it was divine!

I managed three layouts, all of which were challenges over at Scrap Of Difference. The first one is of Cooper aka Mr Spike and was for the September DT Challenge. Loving this line of Kaiser paper, very boy.

Then New Years just gone (just, hah, how many months ago!) with another range of Kaiser. This one was for the Sketch Challenge at Scrap Of Difference, was glad to get one with lots of pics done.

Then Challenge 1 for the Scrap Of Difference Cybercrop that is happening this weekend, it had to be a monochromatic layout.

If you're looking for something to do this weekend go and have a look, the LOs don't have to be in until Wednesday so plenty of time!

I've continued to be inspired today and have done Challenge 2 as well which had to be a LO that was a shape rather than the typical 12 x 12 square LO. I LOVE this one of my buddy Jacquie, isn't she gorgeous! Love the way he is looking at her in this pic...he only had eyes for her all day.

Emma is here for the night and we plan on scrapping tonight and tomorrow, don't know if anyone else will be joining us but we'll wait and see.

Took the kids to the park this morning, its such a gorgeous day here. Got some great pics of Bronte on the grass, I never realised what a great backdrop grass & trees are. Even with my pretty ordinary camera, these pics turned out pretty good.

And here is Miss Georgia this afternoon eating her Kinder Surprise that Aunty Leesh left for her on Thursday night. Thanks Aunty Leesh!

Well thats it for now, nearly tiime for the bath, dinner, bed rush to start. Then its scrap time (again!).


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Midweek scrapping...

So after wasting time Tuesday night blog and forum hopping (can you call it wasting time when you're learning and enjoying so much??), I decided that last night I was gonna ignore the computer (for a little while anyway) and get into the scrap room. And I did!

I finished this LO of Georgia last xmas, loving the new Kaiser xmas ranges. This was for a CC challenge over at Scrap of Difference that I've completed early, I was a bit unsure as I was doing it but ended up happy with the result.

Then the Diva Challenge over at Scrapbook Divas, set by Marijana this month. We had to use:

- green & pink & red & aqua colours
- scallops
- fabic OR lace OR ribbon
- 3D embellishment

I used all the colours, cut out the scallops from pp, lace, and the flowers & photo corner are all on foam so I hope that counts as a 3D embellishment! I love it anyhow, not too many pics of me so its nice to scrap one for a change.

And here is my baby girl Bronte last night after her bath, enjoying some much needed tummy time. She's getting cuter every day!

Best be getting organised, daycare for Cooper today, the girls and I are heading to Mum & Dads for me to do some work for Dad, then home to clean the house before my bf Alicia & Daniel's bf Ben & their little girl Charlotte join us for dinner tonight, they've back from their big holiday adventure and we need to do some much needed catching up. Here's betting that all Alicia & I talk about is scrapping and all the boys talk about is coal mines! Always the way...


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Georgie has bows!

Finally, first time ever, we have bows in Georgie's hair!!

We have tears....but we have bows, yay!!! I'm so mean...

Happy Birthday Mum!

My mum is 60 today! Happy Birthday Mum. The kids and I going over to her place for the day with some of the quilting ladies for our monthly 'Dear Jane Day' where we all hand-stitch. Perfect day for it, its blowing a gale here.

My Mum means the world to me. She has helped me so much since having the kids, and has spent at least one day a week here for the last four years! I don't know what I'd do without her. We tend to drive eachother crazy at times, but can always laugh about it afterwards. Love you mum!

Last night I sat down and wrote the instructions for my blind scrapping session that will be happening over at Scrap N Craft With T later this month, I can't wait for that. Will be interesting to see how different the layouts can turn out using the same set of instructions.

Then I did a LO for this month's challenge over at Puzzle Sketches. It was harder than I thought!

I'm very excited, my bf Alicia has joined me over at the Scrap Therapy forum, yay! If you're looking for a bit of fun, a bit of chat or just some inspiration be sure to check it out.

Bye for now,

Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy girl!

Well, another Monday and I've had a really productive weekend. Most of last week was taken up by preparations for Mum's 60th birthday party which was on Saturday...I managed to get a mini album done for her as well as bind the quilt I'd made. So thats why I couldn't tell you what was next on my to-do-list...cause Mum reads my blog and I would've spoiled the surprise! LOL

So this is what I made her, you like?

First her quilt, which Georgie loved, can you tell?

Mum liked it too...

Then her mini album, it was for everyone to sign and leave birthday messages, with room for a couple of pics from the night.

And a last minute card I made on the day, inspired by this card over at Scrapping Outback.

Mum loved everything I made her, she is definitely worth all that time and effort!

Sunday I had Emma & Hayley over to scrap, and I had the most productive scrap day I've had in ages. Ended up with four LO's done by the time I went to bed last night! I'm scrapping off my to-do-list and slowly getting there.

The first page is for Chipboard School over at Scrapping Outback. This week we had to use something that WASN'T a scrapbooking product to cover our chipboard. I was a bit stumped...but finally decided to use the blue rag paper towel my hubby gets from work. As I was covering my chippie I was thinking to myself 'what the hell am I doing?' but I'm stoked with how it turned out in the end. I've wanted to do a page on this cutout cardstock for a while now, it was easier than I thought and is a great effect.

Next was for the challenge over at the 123 Challenge blog.

Then for White With 1, which was brown this month and the theme was Dads.

Last night I joined Mandy over at Scrap Therapy for a Blind Scrapping session. It was heaps of fun and I was absolutely stoked with my LO at the end. Thanks Mandy!

Off to playgroup this morning with the kids, looks like its a nicer day than yesterday, thank goodness. Then cleaning the house and some typing work this arvo. Hope everyone has a good week!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

2 more challenges done!

Last night was very productive and two more challenges crossed off the to-do-list! I finished my LO for the monthly challenge at Scrapbooking Delights which was an all black & white kit, with one item of colour allowed from your stash. Here is my take, a very old pic of me & Daniel from our Melbourne Cup cruise in 2002. There were a few pages already up on the wall at the shop today and they all look amazing! I don't envy Sandra at all having to judge them.

Also done is this week's challenge on Scrapping the Music. I haven't done any of these before but loved this week's topic so will definitely be visiting them again. I love this LO with my new Noteworthy paper, MM glitter alphas and Queen & Co felt. I absolutely adore this pic, Georgie just sitting and watching the other kids play, you can even see Cooper at the park in the distance if you look close enough! All she wanted to do was join them, poor baby, she was only 9 month old here.

And guess what....I've found the culprit in the missing heat gun saga!! My bf Alicia has been away for six weeks galavanting around Australia, and got home only yesterday. On reading my blog she started pissing herself laughing when she read about me & Emma turning the house upside down looking for the heat was safe & sound the whole time in HER scrap room!! She said I lent it to her one day we scrapped at her place....but me and my baby brain can't remember that at all! LOL

Best go, lots to do,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Very Excited!

Check out my new blinkies <<<<< over that way. Very excited! Tanyah from Scrap 'N' Craft With T has asked me to do a step-by-step class on the Kaiser Skull album that I'm working on for her, for my Guest Design Team spot next month. Can't wait...will be fun writing instructions and taking pics along the way. AND, at the end of this month I will be hosting a 'Blind Scrapping' session on her blog, with step-by-step instructions for a LO...the end result, you don't know till its done! Check out all the fun happening on Tanyah's Blog, lots of challenges and giveaways happening all this month.

Had a visit from my SIL Hayley yesterday...with lots of scrapping goodies that I'd totally forgotten we'd even ordered! Naughty huh. Look at all the yummy petaloos and felt, and the alphas, my god. Now where am I gonna find a place in my overcrowded scrap room for all this?! Guess I'll have to go scrap, use up some supplies, just to make room! Ha ha.

Still a bit sore and sorry here in my house, my face isn't AS puffy as it was, but still definitely not back to normal. Hoping for a better night's sleep again tonight, last night was shocking. You'd think that'd make me go to bed early tonight, but no....

And to finish, a smile from my baby girl Bronte, just to make your day like it does mine!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feeling puffy!

Well the wisdom teeth are gone and I officially look like a bullfrog! My face is soooo swollen....Daniel thinks he is absolutely hilarious when he asks me 'Did you get stung by a bee?' or 'Are you allergic to peanut butter?'. Smart ass. I've decided today to stop taking the Panadeine Forte as its starting to make my tummy hurt, so just on the nurofen and antibiotics now. Hopefully I don't wake up at 3am tonight in pain like I have the last couple of nights, as the Panadeine Forte has really helped to zonk me out!

I scrapped yesterday to take my mind off it...and also because my LO for Chipboard School at Scrapping Outback was due today! I'm absolutely STOKED with the result, and geez I had fun doing this page. Thanks heaps Nicole for the challenge!!

The techniques we learnt this time were putting foil on chipboard, doodling on them then painting. I actually learnt this technique last year in a class with Celine Navarro but it was great to do it again. We also painted the edge of chipboard and sanded the edge of chipboard. We had to use ALL of these different techniques, but on a page that we'd painted the background AND we had a sketch to follow. So many criterias, but it was so much fun!!

Now, whats next on the list? Can't say really....cause its a surprise!

Off to have some yummy homemade chicken soup made by my Mum, she is such a gem! What would I do without her? Love ya mum!


Saturday, September 6, 2008


Blogging two days running, whats going on... ;)

My to-do-list is not going to worked on very much this weekend I presume, just two hours now until I have my wisdom teeth out. Just passing the time at the moment....

- Mellinda's photos of Shelby (DONE)
- Something (can't say what) for next weekend
- LO for guest spot at Scrap n Craft With T (DONE)
- Mini album for guest spot at Scrap n Craft With T
- LO for chipboard school (due 9/9, still trying to find foil tape, argh!)
- LO for Say It In Scrap 'The Ugly Truth' challenge (DONE)
- 123 Challenge (due 15/9)
- Scrapbook Divas Sketch Challenge (DONE)
- Scrapbook Divas September Diva Challenge
- Colorstory Challenge
- Puzzle Sketches Challenge
- Category Stories Challenge
- Black Magic Sketches Challenge
- White With 1 Challenge
- Aussie Scrapjacked Challenge
- Scrapping Outback Summer Challenge
- Scrapping Outback Card Challenge

Ok, it looks like a lot now that I've written it down!! Geez, I'm gonna be busy...

Went to the midnight crop at Scrapbooking Delights last night and had a ball. Even managed some scrapping! So glad that my buddy Kel decided to come along, thanks Kel! Had fun as always watching Lisa at work, she amazes me.

Here is my double LO for the Scrapbook Divas Sketch Challenge, using more from my Sissey kit.

And my take on Say It In Scrap's challenge for this month which was The Ugly Truth. The journalling on this one says 'The Ugly Truth is that no matter what Mummy does she'll never be your fave person, that role is taken by your cousin Emma and always has been!' So true...

Just to be extra mean cause I am fasting and not allowed to eat until after my operation, Daniel decided to cook a chocolate cake today!!! I tell ya. Here are some pics of my kids enjoying the beaters...

Best go, have to feed the baby and then get myself ready to leave. Eeek....