Sunday, May 31, 2009

123 Challenge

Scrapbook Savvy will once again be a sponsor over at 123 Challenge, starting soon! Make sure you check it out and join in the new challenge which will be up in the next day or so. Also the 123 Blog Party is happening on the 15th June 2009 - you HAVE to play along for some awesome prizes including one from Savvy, save the date in your diary now! Stay tuned for more info on that. Many thanks to the awesome Charm for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful site.

Things have been a bit nuts in my house, with Daniel in hospital overnight on Friday with an unexplained stomach issue. He is off for an ultrasound tomorow on his gall bladder, hopefully we'll have some answers soon.

Before the drama started late Friday night with Daniel, I was at a Stampin Up party at Deslie's place (thanks again Des for having Coop while we did the midnight dash to the hospital). If any of you local girls are looking for an awesome Stampin Up demonstator, make sure you give Ness a call, she has done lots of parties for our group and is a gorgeous person. Of course I HAD to order something....check out these new yummies...the clip assortment released this year, I just HAD to well as the new catalogue, its awesome to have just to flick through and get ideas, or scraplift cards from!

After Ness left, I managed one page which I've had in my head for ages and came together really quickly. I've used the Pink Paislee Fascinating range, this is one of my fave lines at the moment and ALL the extras are now available at Savvy, check it out here. This page of Cooper is a classic, it was one of the many scrap days held at my place, the kids were playing dressups and Cooper was a very handsome fairy. He was happily running around with Sophie, until his Uncle Ben arrived and he got all embarrassed about being in a fairy ran away into his room and hid under the bed saying I'm NOT a FAIRY!!!

Another rainy day her in the Gong, I'm hoping to have some scrapping company at some point today from Alicia, Kindra & Des so best make a move and get the scrap room tidied up.

Bye for now,

PS. And a BIG happy birthday to my friend Amy for yesterday...I didn't make it to her party with everything going on. Hope you had an awesome night babe, and aren't suffering too much for it today! ;)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Correct Blog Time!

Can you believe its taken me this long to work out how to get the CORRECT DATE and time on my blog! OMG!

Its done now but, so I can finally stop confusing everyone.... ;)

Things in my house are a bit off, Daniel is sick with a tummy bug, the radio doctor was here about an hour ago and has given him a needle. Fingers crossed the kids & I can avoid it...I really don't have the time to be sick right now...

Other than that, I've been a busy bee today uploading brand new Green Tara Flowers to the Scrapbook Savvy store. Head on over and have a look, there are some brand new colours just released as well as all the old favourites. Here's just a taste...

You like?


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A new look!

A new look for my little old blog....I figure the rest of my life is PINK at the moment so why not my blog!? :)

A lovely day of scrapping and chatting with my quilting friends Margaret & Rhonda and my Mum yesterday, and then I joined in the cybercrop at Bon's Scraps last night which was so much fun as always. I don't think I'm allowed to show my layout from Peta's blind scrap as yet, so you'll have to wait for that.

We have just had an amazing revelation that Bronte CANNOT be put to bed without her Pooh Bear. We had noticed for awhile that he desperately needed a wash but weren't game to take it out of her bed. This morning I bit the bullet and washed him. OMG, the tantrum putting her back to bed this morning was unbelievable, you wouldn't think a 1yo could make such a fuss about something like that...but by golly, she did! After 10 minutes of absolute screaming, I got her WET Pooh Bear out of the washing machine and gave it to her....and she is now sound asleep! Unbelievable.

Not too much on the agenda for today, swimming lessons for the kids and work for me. Daniel was supposed to be at his course, but somehow the dates got mixed up so he is home for the day now. What a relief.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

3 posts in 2 days - omg!

Whats going on, I hear you all say? I guess I'm just having a really good weekend and wanting to shall with y'all. :)

Today is mine & Daniel's 6 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe it, its gone so fast and we've done so much in that time. If you'd told me then that we'd have three kids under the age of 4, a BIG mortgage, a scrap shop, and Daniel studying to be an Undermanager in the mines I would've told you that you were crazy. But that is where we're at in our lives right now...and I'm loving it. Here we are today...

And if I had any of my wedding pics on the computer I'd show you...but they weren't digital, can you believe it.

We've had a lovely day, Daniel's dad came to visit this morning as he missed her party yesterday with still being in Mudgee. Then we headed into the beach for a play at the park and lunch with the kids, they had a lovely time as did we...chasing the seagulls and eating hot chips. Icecream on the way home, then the girls were in bed for the arvo. Cooper is watching Transformers, Daniel has been out in the garden...and I scrapped! OMG I hear you say....but I didn't want to work today, so I scrapped a page in about half an hour for absolutely no reason at all. AND IT FELT GREAT! Here's what I ended up with...

I used the Rose Moka Pique-Nique range which is in the Savvy Store if you'd like some.

The kids are off to Grandma's for a sleepover shortly, and Daniel & I get to spend a night together child-free! What will we do with ourselves, I wonder...LOL! Dinner and drinks for sure, not sure where yet, we'll see where we end up.

Hope everyone has had as awesome a weekend as I have, not often do I have my hubby at home with me on weekends so I'm making the most of my time with him.

Bye for now,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Awesome Day!

What more could we ask for? Friends, family & fun, its all that matters. Bronte and all the kids had an awesome time at her little party @ home, even if the weather was crappy and we were stuck inside! It didn't matter one little bit. The one thing missing was Loz and her family... :(

Here's a few pics...

And finally some scrapping to show off, what a change!

Here is the card I made for Bronte for her birthday using the new Kim Flourish from Scrapware, available now at the Savvy store!

And the only layout I completed at Savvy's Friday night crop...this one for the Sketch Challenge over at Anna's Craft Cupboard.

I love this new range from Pink Paislee - Fascinating. Grab yourself some at the Savvy store, its a beautiful range to work with.

Best be off, more visitors here to celebrate Bronte's birthday, if she's anything like me she'll milk this birthday for at least a week!!! ;)


Happy Birthday Bronte!

OMG, I can't believe my baby is one! Where did that year go? Its gone so quick and she has grown so fast. She is a joy, a pleasure, a happy little baby (well ok, except for this week!). Here are some of my fave pics from her birthday morning, opening pressies and having a ball.

Wrapping paper - yummy!

Opening Elmo

Think she likes her bike?!

My beautiful girl!

Its rainy and miserable, so it looks like we'll be moving the party upstairs. Don't suppose I can really make everyone sit in the garage in the cold! LOL!

I better go, its my girl's day and I don't want to waste ALL of it on the computer.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Crazy Week Ahead!

OMG, another week just flew by and another has already started. This week is FULL ON with organising Bronte's first b'day party which is this Saturday, orthodontist appointment, hair appointment, work work work as always plus Daniel is off to Mudgee on Friday for his uncle's funeral. I can't go with him as I have 10 girls booked in for Friday night crop, including Loz who is down all weekend with Luke & Chloe...I can't wait to see them all!

I managed a little scrapping over the weekend, some I can't share once again but here is the one that I can show off...this is for Mel's Savvy Scraplift Challenge for May.

I've been thinking about having a Savvy Retreat sometime next year, maybe around March, if you'd be interested in joining us let me know...I'm just guaging how much interest I have before I look further into things. It would be in the Wollongong area (one hour south of Sydney for anyone thinking of flying). Leave me a comment if you'd consider coming along!

Anyway, lots to do as usual, nearly time to head downstairs once Coop is in bed. Best get moving, bye for now.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Catch up

Oooh, I really need to blog more, can't somebody find me some more hours in the day, please!? ;)

This week has been just as busy as the last month, if not busier. I've had Tuesday crop day, one on one class Tuesday night plus Savvy's first Friday Night Crop last night which was an awesome night with lots of fun and laughs. This will be a fortnightly event here at Savvy, so if you want to book in for the next one on Friday 22 May give me a call on 0400 439 602.

My good friend Loz will be here from Maitland that weekend also (22-24 May), for Bronte's 1st if you want to book in for photos drop Loz an email at To check out her work visit her blog.

Scrap-wise, I've got a little bit to show from this weekend and last. Some I can't show, but here are the ones I can! Here goes.

A just because LO of Bronte with her sippy cup, using the Mama Bushka range by Kaisercraft, LOVE this range!

The next one is Sketch #76 at Stuck Sketches, I have had this one hanging around for awhile and FINALLY finished it off.

Sketch #15 at Inspired Blueprints, better late than never I've been having a go at the Sketch Bonanza sketches from last month!

Sketch #18 at Inspired Blueprints,

Sketch #19 at Inspired Blueprints - Our Besties - Ben, Alicia & Charlotte

And Sketch #20 at Inspired Blueprints, my Mum & Dad. xoxo

And FINALLY I've done a Savvy challenge! This is the Sketch Challenge for May, set by Lisa. Love this one, used the brand new Rose Moka Pique-Nique range available in the Savvy Store now!

So there you have it, I HAVE actually been doing some scrapping!

I hope you all have a Happy Mothers Day tomorrow, I will be sleeping in before having breakfast with my little family before Daniel heads to work at 10am. Then off to Mum & Dad's for lunch, should be a lovely day.

Leave me some love, let me know you're still checking in on me despite my lack of blogging lately! LOL!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

White With 1

The new White With 1 is up for this month, and this month's criteria is:

- White
- Olive
- Birds

And here is my take:

I thought this one would be hard when the criteria arrived in my inbox, but it really wasn't and I loved the end result. Make sure your give it a go and submit by the end of May for your chance to win some awesome prizes! Check out the White With 1 site for more info.


National Scrapbooking Day!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day! Hope you have something scrappy planned.

My crop day is about to start, we'll be here all day just scrapping and chatting (and referee-ing our children, I bet!) If you're a Wollongong girl and feel like popping in, feel free to give me a call on 0400 439 602.

Hopefully I'll have something to show by the end of the day.