Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Bronte!

OMG, I can't believe my baby is one! Where did that year go? Its gone so quick and she has grown so fast. She is a joy, a pleasure, a happy little baby (well ok, except for this week!). Here are some of my fave pics from her birthday morning, opening pressies and having a ball.

Wrapping paper - yummy!

Opening Elmo

Think she likes her bike?!

My beautiful girl!

Its rainy and miserable, so it looks like we'll be moving the party upstairs. Don't suppose I can really make everyone sit in the garage in the cold! LOL!

I better go, its my girl's day and I don't want to waste ALL of it on the computer.



  1. Happy Birthday Bronte!!!
    Hope you all had a great day!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRONTE!!!!! Wish I was there to share in all the fun and excitement, have a great day, Tiff :o)

  3. Oh gosh, I just read the post above and mine is almost exact same, I didn't copy, promise xx.