Sunday, May 24, 2009

3 posts in 2 days - omg!

Whats going on, I hear you all say? I guess I'm just having a really good weekend and wanting to shall with y'all. :)

Today is mine & Daniel's 6 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe it, its gone so fast and we've done so much in that time. If you'd told me then that we'd have three kids under the age of 4, a BIG mortgage, a scrap shop, and Daniel studying to be an Undermanager in the mines I would've told you that you were crazy. But that is where we're at in our lives right now...and I'm loving it. Here we are today...

And if I had any of my wedding pics on the computer I'd show you...but they weren't digital, can you believe it.

We've had a lovely day, Daniel's dad came to visit this morning as he missed her party yesterday with still being in Mudgee. Then we headed into the beach for a play at the park and lunch with the kids, they had a lovely time as did we...chasing the seagulls and eating hot chips. Icecream on the way home, then the girls were in bed for the arvo. Cooper is watching Transformers, Daniel has been out in the garden...and I scrapped! OMG I hear you say....but I didn't want to work today, so I scrapped a page in about half an hour for absolutely no reason at all. AND IT FELT GREAT! Here's what I ended up with...

I used the Rose Moka Pique-Nique range which is in the Savvy Store if you'd like some.

The kids are off to Grandma's for a sleepover shortly, and Daniel & I get to spend a night together child-free! What will we do with ourselves, I wonder...LOL! Dinner and drinks for sure, not sure where yet, we'll see where we end up.

Hope everyone has had as awesome a weekend as I have, not often do I have my hubby at home with me on weekends so I'm making the most of my time with him.

Bye for now,


    have a great night w/o the kids :)


  2. Congrats Sar, have a great night!

  3. WOOHOO, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GUYS!!! Here's to another 60 hey? I'm raising a cold white wine for you as I type, Tiff :o)

  4. EVERYTIME i come here I tell myself I should do so more often!

    Your blog is such a joy to read - i always love your work and your photos!

    Gorgeous stuff - hope you're keeping well!