Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Xmas Morning!!

A special post for my mum so she can see the kids this morning...

It was all very exciting, Cooper was ripping open presents left, right and centre...and Georgie watched on in awe. They spent the last hour and half just wandering around the loungeroom playing with everything. We've had a lovely relaxing morning, haven't had breakfast yet but just busy playing and checking all the new 'prizes' out.

Here's some pics:

Cooper very excited about his new golf buggy...he's been riding it round and round in circles around the dining room.

Georgie and her Glow Worm that was from Aunty Leesh, Uncle Ben & Charlotte. She was already in bed last night when they came over but loved opening this pressie this morning.

And all of us!

Merry Xmas! Love you Mum!


Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas Preview...

I am soooo excited! Its 10.46pm on Christmas Eve, our friends have just left and Cooper is in bed. We're just waiting for him to go to sleep so we can get everything out of hiding, then go to bed ourselves! My boy has been out of his skin today, so excited and jibbering all day about Santa and reindeers and presents. Georgia is oblivious to it all but is such a happy girl that you'd think she was excited too! Here's a couple of piccies from today:

Isn't she cute!!! Georgie looks so pretty in red...

And just a glimpse of how excited Cooper will be in the morning, here he is opening his pressie from Aunty Leesh, Uncle Ben & Charlotte...

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas day with your families, I'm really looking forward to it, hope you are too!


Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa photo is Done!

And Georgie officially hates Santa!

After last week trying, Cooper wouldn't smile, Daniel & i were in the photo, Georgie was screaming...I refused to buy them and said we'd try again. Spent a few days trying to get Georgia used to Santa, but no...every time we went anywhere near him she just clings and cries.

So today, that was it...I HAD to get it done...put Georgia on Santa's lap, said to Santa 'I don't care if she cries' and ordered Cooper to 'Smile!'. And this was the end result...

Oh well, at least we'll be able to tease her in future years about her first Santa photo!

Heading off for a relaxing couple of days away tomorrow, going to Mollymook with two of my girlfriends, and can't wait to get there! We have our massages and facials all booked in for Wednesday morning. Planning to do not much at all, taking some stitching but no scrapping. Hoping to get back into that in the new year.

Talk to you all soon.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Quick hello...

I just logged on to quickly reveal that yes, I am still here although life is mental and I have no time for anything!!! My mum has been looking at my blog every day for a catch up on my children...so here I am to quickly post a couple of recent pics of them.

My miss Georgia tried chocolate for the first time the other week thanks to Aunty Hayley bringing Bertie Beetles over...do you think she liked it?

And here is Cooper cooking us something special for dinner, main ingredient Peek-A-

Gotta go, its way late and I'm tired. Promise to do some scrapping soon!