Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Xmas Morning!!

A special post for my mum so she can see the kids this morning...

It was all very exciting, Cooper was ripping open presents left, right and centre...and Georgie watched on in awe. They spent the last hour and half just wandering around the loungeroom playing with everything. We've had a lovely relaxing morning, haven't had breakfast yet but just busy playing and checking all the new 'prizes' out.

Here's some pics:

Cooper very excited about his new golf buggy...he's been riding it round and round in circles around the dining room.

Georgie and her Glow Worm that was from Aunty Leesh, Uncle Ben & Charlotte. She was already in bed last night when they came over but loved opening this pressie this morning.

And all of us!

Merry Xmas! Love you Mum!



  1. Merry Christmas Sar! Such little cuties on Chrissy morning.

  2. Luv the Golf buggy to cute :) I have also tagged you so check out my blog....