Monday, January 28, 2008

Amy's Wedding

Better late than never! What better time to post a message, than at 5am when your baby is screaming and you're refusing to get her up... Two days in a row, naughty girl, she needs to start letting her Mummy have more sleep or we're not gonna have a good day.

So, Amy & Adam's wedding was over a week ago now...still can't believe its over and how fast it all went. It was a busy few days in the leadup to the wedding, with hair appointments, nails, rehearsals and all the usual wedding stuff. I was tired before the weekend even arrived! But Saturday was a lovely relaxing day, I arrived at Amy's at 8am in the morning and pretty much got pampered until it was time to leave for the church. We got our hair done, makeup, ate lots of yummy food made by Amy's sisters. Amy was really calm surprisingly and didn't stress much at all, even when it was pouring with rain and after we had the usual hiccups with the reception centre. It wasn't until the photographer got there that we all really noticed her nerves... ;)

Everything went off without a drama, the church was gorgeous and the rain stopped just long enough for us all to have photos outside the church which was so important to Amy. Fair bit of rain for the rest of the photos, but we was full on though, between holding umbrellas, holding Amy's flowers, holding her dress up, wiping raindrops off her face! All we could do was laugh though and I can't wait to see the photos, they're gonna be unreal. We even laughed when Amy and the camera bag nearly got washed away by a wave on the beach...and afterwards when all of us girls were washing our feet (with our shoes still on!) under a beach tap! It was just had to be there....

Then of course, Sarah did the typical pregnant clumsy thing and stumbled through the door when introduced at the reception...SOOOO embarrassing, the only sober one in the place and I couldn't bloody walk properly!! Ha ha.

All in all an unreal day, gone too soon but we'll never forget it. Here are a few pics for you to have a look at.

Here is the quilt that I made for Amy & Adam, I was sooo happy with it and Amy loved it too. Can't wait to see it on her bedroom wall!

My family and the special couple outside the church after the ceremony:

Daniel, Georgia, me & Cooper:

The sign on the back of Ad's truck which he drove to the church, unreal hey!?

And the last one, me & Daniel at the end of the night, I think it was just before midnight and I was knackered! And yes, Daniel is wearing different clothes to the photos at the church....while taking baby seats out of our car the wedding bubbles opened in his pocket and went EVERYWHERE! So after a mercy dash home between the church and the ceremony, he turned up in a completely different outfit... ;)

Back to bed for me, sounds like that baby has finally gone back to sleep.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Challenge - Page 6

So I did get another page done last night, nothing too fancy or difficult, but I'm really pleased with it and think its so pretty. I've been stuck on these photos for a while, flip past them every time I pull Georgie's album out cause I just didn't know what to do with them. But they're done now and its all good.

Had a lovely day at Mum & Dad's today for their 40th Wedding Anniversary, what an achievement hey! I'm exhausted now though and just about to head off for a relaxing bath before bed, I desperately need an early night so I'm just praying that my girl will sleep through and not have me up at midnight like she did last night!

A BIG week ahead with my girlfriend Amy's wedding coming up on Saturday, I'm a bridesmaid so the final running around starts tomorrow. Have a dress fitting so they can just about remake my dress before Saturday, it was hard cause I'm pregnant and no one knew just what size I'd be by now. I'm definitely not gonna fit the size 18 dress that was ordered though...its gonna need major alterations before the weekend! Then there is hair, nails, rehearsal, all that stuff....I can't believe this time next week Amy will be married!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Challenge - Pages 3, 4 & 5!

So I've had a productive week, haven't I! And I'm not half proud of myself either...

The first page is one I did on Thursday night, took me ages and I just couldn't get it right but I was pretty happy with it in the end. Got glitter EVERYWHERE but it was worth it!

Today I had a scrap day at my place with the girls, only four of us in the end as a couple couldn't come, but we still had a good day. Here is my first effort for today, one for Georgie's album. Note the random diamonte sitting in the middle of nowhere....don't know where they came from but its gone now!

And this afternoon's page which I managed to do because my good girl had a three hour sleep. This is photo of Cooper that I adore, we actually used it on his christening invitations. I've been scared to scrap it for ever, always thought I'd stuff it up and would be disappointed. Have to say that I am pleased with the final result, and his first album is finally close to being finished.

My neice Emma is still here and we're planning to scrap until late, just have to get the kid's bedtime routine done and I'll be back into it. Probably won't post again till tomorrow though, its always worth waiting till daylight to take photos of my layouts.

Halfway through the 10 page challenge already! I told my sister this arvo that its hilarious, I could do 100 pages without buying anything!! She said that I could open a shop just with what is in my scrap room... ;)


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Challenge - Page 2

OMG, I know thats what you're saying! Another page from me already. Two on the same day actually! My boys went downstairs after dinner last night to play trains so I snuck into the scrap room. And even better, I created something all of my own and didn't even peek at a mag so I was very proud of myself. I yelled to hubby at one point 'I've got my mojo back!'...I'm sure he thinks I'm a loony sometimes.

Happy Birthday to my hubby Daniel today, another birthday in my family already! Crazy time of year for us. Not much planned for the day, off to swimming lessons with the kids shortly and then we'll see what happens.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Challenge - Page 1!

Long time no scrap from me...but this week I challenged myself and four of my friends as we're all a bit lacking in the motivation department (except for Kindra!). The challenge is to scrap ten pages before the end of the month, any size, the only rule is you can't buy anything new and HAVE to use your stash.

So here is my first page, total and utter scraplift, I to Nicole Southworth whose layout was in Creating Keepsales December 2007. But I had to start somewhere. I have the flu, I feel like crap and I just went into my scrap room for less than an hour to try and cheer myself up at least a little bit.

I have trouble with white space, so this was good for me to just finish and not HAVE to fill the entire page. I used Thickers letters for the first time too, and just love them. The journalling is hard to read here, but this is Georgie's first bath when she was three days old. We've just had her 1st birthday three days ago, so this brought back a lot of memories for me on just how little she was at exactly this time one year ago. Precious girl.

Here is a photo from us from last night, we had a family celebration for her birthday, she was such a good girl and had a great time!

Till next time,