Sunday, January 13, 2008

Challenge - Page 6

So I did get another page done last night, nothing too fancy or difficult, but I'm really pleased with it and think its so pretty. I've been stuck on these photos for a while, flip past them every time I pull Georgie's album out cause I just didn't know what to do with them. But they're done now and its all good.

Had a lovely day at Mum & Dad's today for their 40th Wedding Anniversary, what an achievement hey! I'm exhausted now though and just about to head off for a relaxing bath before bed, I desperately need an early night so I'm just praying that my girl will sleep through and not have me up at midnight like she did last night!

A BIG week ahead with my girlfriend Amy's wedding coming up on Saturday, I'm a bridesmaid so the final running around starts tomorrow. Have a dress fitting so they can just about remake my dress before Saturday, it was hard cause I'm pregnant and no one knew just what size I'd be by now. I'm definitely not gonna fit the size 18 dress that was ordered though...its gonna need major alterations before the weekend! Then there is hair, nails, rehearsal, all that stuff....I can't believe this time next week Amy will be married!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Lovely Lo of your bub going home! I remember hanging to get out of hospital after I had Mia, I was going home come hell or highwater!
    My parents had their 40th anniversary two years ago, what an achievement hey!! xxx

  2. so glad you're scrapping up a storm - you'll have to pop into scrapbooking delights for a chat.