Saturday, January 12, 2008

Challenge - Pages 3, 4 & 5!

So I've had a productive week, haven't I! And I'm not half proud of myself either...

The first page is one I did on Thursday night, took me ages and I just couldn't get it right but I was pretty happy with it in the end. Got glitter EVERYWHERE but it was worth it!

Today I had a scrap day at my place with the girls, only four of us in the end as a couple couldn't come, but we still had a good day. Here is my first effort for today, one for Georgie's album. Note the random diamonte sitting in the middle of nowhere....don't know where they came from but its gone now!

And this afternoon's page which I managed to do because my good girl had a three hour sleep. This is photo of Cooper that I adore, we actually used it on his christening invitations. I've been scared to scrap it for ever, always thought I'd stuff it up and would be disappointed. Have to say that I am pleased with the final result, and his first album is finally close to being finished.

My neice Emma is still here and we're planning to scrap until late, just have to get the kid's bedtime routine done and I'll be back into it. Probably won't post again till tomorrow though, its always worth waiting till daylight to take photos of my layouts.

Halfway through the 10 page challenge already! I told my sister this arvo that its hilarious, I could do 100 pages without buying anything!! She said that I could open a shop just with what is in my scrap room... ;)


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