Monday, January 31, 2011

Did you?

Did you do my blind scrap last Tuesday night over in the Scrapbook Savvy forum? If not you missed a fun night and what I think was a cool layout at the end! The instructions are still up in the forum if you want to give it a go. Here's mine...

All is going well here in the Ward house. Dan & I are still in full 90 Day Challenge swing with me so far losing 5kg and Dan losing 8kg in only three weeks. We're both feeling so much better for it, and I am in no way having second thoughts on taking this challenge up, its totally do-able if you set your mind to it. Smashing the exercise at the moment too, with an average of around 10hrs exercise each week...made up of lots of walking, zumba, spin, pump, kickboxing and boxing. Loving Rekreate Gym and the fact that I now have my little posse of friends there with me, all of us supporting eachother all the way. Thanks girls. xx

Hope your week has started as well as mine has, getting even better tomorrow night by going to see this awesome show...can't wait!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Have you?

Have you done this month's Scrapbook Savvy sketches?? Yes, I said SKETCHES....there are TWO this month with Anthea celebrating her one year anniversary on the Savvy DT.

Go here to check them both out, you've got a couple of days to get your entries uploaded to the gallery.

Here's my take on the second sketch, of me & San at our retreat last year using the Sold Out December We're Savvy Kit.

Would love to see your take on our sketches....AND if you upload by the end of January you will be in the running for a $25 voucher in the Savvy store!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Do you love Purple Pumpkin?

I do! My fave handmade stuff around (except for my mum's, of course!). Love buying Sam's little handmade kits, they always have just that perfect 'something' to finish off my page.

Right now Sam is having a giveaway on the Purple Pumpkin blog with the prize pack looking like this:

Head over to the blog and see how you can be in the running to win!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Share...

Surely I have a couple of layouts I haven't shown you yet, right!?

A Bronte Is A Friend - using some supplies from my favourite manufacturer, October Afternoon.

Our Littlest Helper - using the leftover Bella papers from a class kit at a recent crop at Scrapbooking Delights.

Thats it for now, another busy week starting here, but loving the motivation & excitement in my days at the moment. Hope you all have a lovely week!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Savvy CC Layouts!

I managed two layouts last night at the Scrapbooking Delights crop for the Savvy January Cybercrop happening over in the forum right now!

This one is for San's challenge in which we had to use the word 'bugger' as our title. This is Cooper in a play centre tunnel after having a head clash with his big cousin Sid!

And this one is Kerryn's challenge using a Pagemaps sketch, check it out here. My page is about the boys playing footy with Wendell Sailor at our club's footy presentation.

Thanks San for another awesome crop night, I had a great time!

Friday, January 21, 2011

What better way to celebrate Australia Day...

....than by scrapping it and creating a memory that lasts forever for your Aussie family!

January 2011 Cybercrop @ Scrapbook Savvy starts today! Join us in true Australia style for our 'Aussie Aussie Aussie' Cybercrop! Starting Friday 21 January and ending midnight Thursday 27 January. Lots of fun to be had with the usual challenges, blind scrapping, bingo & more! Check it all out in the forum, challenges up later today!

More info here in the forum! Go and register now!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't you just love it...

...when you see a range of papers and you just fall in love! This was me at Scrapbooking Delights on Saturday when I saw the MemoryWorks Simple Stories ele.ment.ary Kit. I don't know if there are any left, but hopefully San will get some more in when they're back in stock at our supplier.

Totally HAD to have it right then and there. Have only managed one page so far, of Cooper's Kindy Group at their first athletics carnival, but I can see many more from this awesome kit.

Whats the range that you've fallen in love with right at this very moment?

PS. Amended 19/1/2011 - I totally FORGOT to say that this layout is for the January sketch at Scrapbook Savvy, check it out and have a go to be in the running for a $25 voucher to spend in the store.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stuck Sketches 15 Jan

The new sketch over at Stuck was released yesterday and it looks like this...

And my take, using some Bella which I'm sure you can still get at Scrapbooking Delights, of Bronte & Georgie at their friend Sophie's disco party last October.

Be sure to link yours up to this post here for your chance to win!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crop Share

Wow, what a busy couple of days! Work, exercise, crop last night...then boxing, walking and San's crop at Scrapbooking Delights this afternoon before getting home in time to have dinner with my beautiful family before hanging two loads of washing and vacuuming the whole house! Phew!

I have managed a few layouts in all this busy-ness though, here's a look!

Week 3 (of my 52 weeks) - Using the November She's Savvy Kit and all about the beginning of my weight loss journey and 90 day Food Patrol Challenge.

A Brother Is A Friend - An oldie of Cooper & Georgia using some of the OA Fly A Kite range.

Meeting Deb - Using the absolute last of the kit from Lisa's Class at our retreat last year, about meeting my forum friend Deb at Peta's retreat last year.

Miss Photogenic - the gorgeous Miss Em using some of the Basic Grey Green At Heart range, just LOVE the colours in this range.

Time now for some relaxing on the lounge with my man, its been a very tiring week...but totally worth it and feeling good so far! Seeya!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So very tired!

I feel like I could sleep for a week! I have been going great in my first week of the Food Patrol challenge...and exercising up a storm as well. I am feeling fab for it...but omg, I'm soooo tired! I had forgotten how well I sleep when I have been exercising. Love it!

Food wise, all is well. We are getting used to the program and have been experimenting with the meals and how we can make them different each day. Tonight was lemon & chilli fish baked in the oven with a 'big salad' (thanks Seinfeld!). We have been missing out of late with having the same old meals every single week...its so nice to mix it up a little, and with healthy food to boot!

As for scrapping, nothing done this week apart from the two I showed from my 52, but here are some from last week...and yep, they're Christmas! These little gems just keep popping out of my kit bag...from LAST xmas!

The Eve - Georgie girl all excited on Xmas Eve '09 using a mixture of Xmas bits & pieces from my Xmas box.

Christmas Ornament - Georgie again, this time putting her special 'Baby's 1st Christmas' ornament on the tree and using another mix of Xmas product!

There are more but I can't find them right now...will have to re-photograph them tomorrow. Till then, ciao!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

QLD Flood Appeal for Scrapbookers

One of my scrapbooking friends Sharryn Thompson has started this appeal.

Thankfully, most of us won't ever have this horrible tragedy happen to us, and when these poor buggers get home, they will need some things to make them smile.
We can all help, if only a little bit.

Read Sharryn's idea and if you want to assist...make your pages....and both myself at Scrapbook Savvy and my friend Sandra at Scrapbooking Delights will have a box (or more if needed) ready for you to add them in and then we will post them to Sharryn, who can arrange whatever needs to be done.

EVERYONE who adds a page to the pile (well for each page added) will get a ticket in the draw for a surprise pack from Savvy & Delights.

Lets help..........

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank You!

Thanks so very much for the lovely comments on my last post, it means so much that you're all there watching and waiting for my progress...thats gotta help keep me motivated in itself, doesn't it!! :)

I have had a fab first couple of days, totally on track and exercising to the extreme...feeling so good for it but oh so tired! I'm in bed as I type, just hanging to get some shut eye. I'd forgotten how good exercise is for sleeping.

Tomorrow I'm back at work, so have pre-prepared my lunch and my day will be GREAT!

In my new year of trying to be more organised (well, don't look at my house today!) I have managed to scrap my first two weeks for my 52 Weeks album, my effort at the Savvy crop today.

Week 1 - I'm Four! of my gorgeous Georgia on her birthday last week.

Week 2 - 34 plus 1 which is my man Dan on his birthday on Sunday.

Hope your week has started on as good a note as mine - 2 days down, 88 to go! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011


“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

Tomorrow is the beginning for me of the 90 Day Food Patrol Challenge. This is something I have looked at for a little while, but have brushed off...because I'm not THAT big, or it was my b'day or it was xmas...or whatever! But the bottom line is I AM NOT HAPPY with my weight, attitude or appearance right now and only I can change it. So tomorrow I begin. 90 days of focusing on myself and my health, my wellbeing, my fitness and my commitment. As I said on my facebook last night...

"I am creating a road with no exits come Monday! Please support me. Don't ask me to stray and don't doubt my commitment. Its only 90 days in my life and I can do it!"

I do understand that this is the beginning of a lifestyle change for me, and I can accept that. As quoted from the 90 day challenge book "If you continue to do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got". That was enough for me to really grasp what I'm doing to my body, my life, my family right now with being unfit, unhealthy and unhappy with the way I am.

I will be here tomorrow with a photo and my first page for my Move More Eat Less Project. Stay tuned for that, and don't wish me luck cause I don't need it! Just staying focused and taking each day at a time will get me through. :)

Suppose I better share some scrapping while I'm here! I have a few I've done this past week with Donna here, Scrapbook Savvy crop day and then Scrapbooking Delights crop on Friday night!

Only Original Savvy Girl - using some Bella papers available at Scrapbooking Delights and about my gorgeous DT girl Kerryn who I met IRL for the first time at the 2010 Savvy Delights Retreat, and who is the only original Scrapbook Savvy Design Team member left from the days before I owned the store. xx

Young Aunty Sar - using the November We're Savvy Kit and a S2S iphone App sketch, about me when I was a teenager with my niece and nephew (who are now 15 & 18, omg how scary!).

It's A Boy! - Another S2S iphone App sketch with a gorgeous kit from Scrapbooking From Scratch, of a frozen beer that was just too funny NOT to photograph!

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Georgia Patricia

- we argue every morning about what she is going to wear, and every time it must be 'a dress'.
- she kisses me randomly as she walks past me during the day. xx
- she dances. all the time.
- she sings and makes up her own lyrics, quite funny to listen to when she doesn't know you're there.
- she colours in, inside the lines.
- she has to have dessert every single night, just like her mama.
- she is very over protective of her 'stuff'. the joys of being the middle child.
- she loves to look at her scrapbook pages that mummy makes, asks questions and wants to know the story behind the photos.
- she steals my headbands...i mean, we share headbands. ;)
- she does pointy toes just like a ballerina.
- she loves listening to stories, but doesn't get read to often enough in our busy house.
- she is a wonderful big sister....most days.
- she adores her big brother.
- she is our princess. xx

The day our Princess arrived

1st b'day

2nd b'day

3rd b'day

and today, our big 4yo girl

Happy Birthday Georgie Princess, enjoy your day, we all love you so very much. xx

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life is Good!

Still love this Echo Park Life is Good range, its just so versatile! This page is called Baby Shower of Leesh not long before Oli was born in Nov '09. :)

Tomorrow my big girl Georgie will be 4 years old and I cannot believe it! Where has that time gone? I will have to dig out the external hard drive to do a bit of a photo post about my girl in the morning. xx

Monday, January 3, 2011

Are you Stuck in 2011?

Has your mojo gone missing after the excitement and wind down of Christmas & New Year? If so, here is the brand new Stuck sketch to get you motivated and moving forward in your scrapbooking goals. :)

And my take using the October Afternoon Seaside range, some of which is still available in the Savvy store.

Make sure you link yours to this post over at Stuck for your chance to win some awesome sponsor prizes!

Another great day spent scrapping with Donna & Emma, and joined by Des in the afternoon. A very productive few days so far while Don has been here...back to reality far too soon for me though when they go home on Thursday. :(

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Start & The 1st Page for 2011

So, I have many a goal for the coming year.

Too many to write down here....especially after journalling them all on my title page for my new 52 Weeks album for 2011.

The usual ones - lose weight, save money, clean the house...blah blah blah. But also new ones like looking after me & my health for the sake of my kids and teaching them about healthy living, being kinder to my husband and not yelling at him just because I can and prioritising as the 'woman of the house'. All the little factors that are going to build up to make the me I want to be, once again. I have been her before, and I know I can be once again...its just not as easy as I would like it to be and I am going to have to work and make an effort to be her again.

Here's my page - I Need To Put Me First in 2011 using the new October Afternoon Schoolhouse range.

My family is still here visiting me this week so all is hectic in my house, but after Georgie's birthday on Wednesday I plan to begin my new year resolutions and start making a difference to my world.

I have joined a wonderful 'project' (I guess you could call it) over at Cathy Zielzke's blog called Move More Eat Less, which you'll see the logo for on my sidebar here. I have been reading up on this for the last couple of days and am loving everything about it. A basic philosophy of moving more and eating less. Makes sense, right?

On the weekend I will share my first month's details and photos, and once a month I will update my progress here. I am not turning this into a weight loss blog...just in case you were getting scared about that! But once a month I will bore you with the details...and this is going to be a scrapbooking project for me too, so hopefully with my scrappy commitment, I'm set!

Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Free Savvy Kit Goes To....

Comment #26 out of the 44 comments received...

Which is the gorgeous, Ruby!

Congratulations Ruby!!! I'll be in touch with you really soon and we can work out just which kit you're taking home. :)

Thank you so much to everyone else who entered, it was so lovely to receive all your comments and kind words. xx

A New Year & My Final Layouts of 2010

Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful new years and aren't suffering too badly today (unlike Dan & Donna who have been holding down the lounge for most of the day!). I've kind of half cleaned up after our party and am thinking its too hot to anything else but scrap now...I've taken the kids to the pool already and now they've gone for a visit to my Aunty's place with Donna. :)

Here are the final pages that I haven't shown you for 2010 - they are totally random, some done at the start of the year, some done at the end...but for some reason they haven't made it to the blog.

6x12 holiday layouts, all using a We're Savvy kit from a few months back.

And the randoms...

So the final count for 2010 was 412 layouts, can you believe that! That is over eight albums full of pages which is a lot of memories preserved for my family this if nothing else has been achieved in this year gone by, at least I have my pages to show. ;)

This year there will be again lots of pages...but there will be lots of other stuff too. I have some aims, goals and resolutions in mind...but that post is for another day.

Have a fabulous New Years Day...oh and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Kindra for today. Lotsa love chicky! xx