Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year & My Final Layouts of 2010

Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful new years and aren't suffering too badly today (unlike Dan & Donna who have been holding down the lounge for most of the day!). I've kind of half cleaned up after our party and am thinking its too hot to anything else but scrap now...I've taken the kids to the pool already and now they've gone for a visit to my Aunty's place with Donna. :)

Here are the final pages that I haven't shown you for 2010 - they are totally random, some done at the start of the year, some done at the end...but for some reason they haven't made it to the blog.

6x12 holiday layouts, all using a We're Savvy kit from a few months back.

And the randoms...

So the final count for 2010 was 412 layouts, can you believe that! That is over eight albums full of pages which is a lot of memories preserved for my family this if nothing else has been achieved in this year gone by, at least I have my pages to show. ;)

This year there will be again lots of pages...but there will be lots of other stuff too. I have some aims, goals and resolutions in mind...but that post is for another day.

Have a fabulous New Years Day...oh and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Kindra for today. Lotsa love chicky! xx


  1. 412 amazing pages!!! Super!! I love the idea of the 52 weeks things sooooo much, I am playing along this year :-) just need to work out what size I want to do!

  2. Congrats on the win Ruby.....Wonder which Kit you will choose..... as for the 412 LO''re a machine. My aim this year will be to actually count mine :) Oh and finish my 52 week album really really soon!!!!!!

    Love ya babe xx