Wednesday, January 12, 2011

QLD Flood Appeal for Scrapbookers

One of my scrapbooking friends Sharryn Thompson has started this appeal.

Thankfully, most of us won't ever have this horrible tragedy happen to us, and when these poor buggers get home, they will need some things to make them smile.
We can all help, if only a little bit.

Read Sharryn's idea and if you want to assist...make your pages....and both myself at Scrapbook Savvy and my friend Sandra at Scrapbooking Delights will have a box (or more if needed) ready for you to add them in and then we will post them to Sharryn, who can arrange whatever needs to be done.

EVERYONE who adds a page to the pile (well for each page added) will get a ticket in the draw for a surprise pack from Savvy & Delights.

Lets help..........

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