Thursday, January 13, 2011

So very tired!

I feel like I could sleep for a week! I have been going great in my first week of the Food Patrol challenge...and exercising up a storm as well. I am feeling fab for it...but omg, I'm soooo tired! I had forgotten how well I sleep when I have been exercising. Love it!

Food wise, all is well. We are getting used to the program and have been experimenting with the meals and how we can make them different each day. Tonight was lemon & chilli fish baked in the oven with a 'big salad' (thanks Seinfeld!). We have been missing out of late with having the same old meals every single week...its so nice to mix it up a little, and with healthy food to boot!

As for scrapping, nothing done this week apart from the two I showed from my 52, but here are some from last week...and yep, they're Christmas! These little gems just keep popping out of my kit bag...from LAST xmas!

The Eve - Georgie girl all excited on Xmas Eve '09 using a mixture of Xmas bits & pieces from my Xmas box.

Christmas Ornament - Georgie again, this time putting her special 'Baby's 1st Christmas' ornament on the tree and using another mix of Xmas product!

There are more but I can't find them right now...will have to re-photograph them tomorrow. Till then, ciao!


  1. good for you hun.. can can you send some of that motivation up to me lol
    I am finally scrapping,... hadnt even unpacked my tote from your place...
    love you xxx

  2. Beautiful christmas pages my dear!!
    Great to hear you've had a good week Sar, enjoy your sleep xx