Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Start & The 1st Page for 2011

So, I have many a goal for the coming year.

Too many to write down here....especially after journalling them all on my title page for my new 52 Weeks album for 2011.

The usual ones - lose weight, save money, clean the house...blah blah blah. But also new ones like looking after me & my health for the sake of my kids and teaching them about healthy living, being kinder to my husband and not yelling at him just because I can and prioritising as the 'woman of the house'. All the little factors that are going to build up to make the me I want to be, once again. I have been her before, and I know I can be once again...its just not as easy as I would like it to be and I am going to have to work and make an effort to be her again.

Here's my page - I Need To Put Me First in 2011 using the new October Afternoon Schoolhouse range.

My family is still here visiting me this week so all is hectic in my house, but after Georgie's birthday on Wednesday I plan to begin my new year resolutions and start making a difference to my world.

I have joined a wonderful 'project' (I guess you could call it) over at Cathy Zielzke's blog called Move More Eat Less, which you'll see the logo for on my sidebar here. I have been reading up on this for the last couple of days and am loving everything about it. A basic philosophy of moving more and eating less. Makes sense, right?

On the weekend I will share my first month's details and photos, and once a month I will update my progress here. I am not turning this into a weight loss blog...just in case you were getting scared about that! But once a month I will bore you with the details...and this is going to be a scrapbooking project for me too, so hopefully with my scrappy commitment, I'm set!

Wish me luck!


  1. Go Sar, I will be with you every step xoxo

  2. i am proud of you honey.....and I am here with you every step of the way....loves you lots mwah!

  3. great ideas hun, you have inspired me to take a look and MMEL, thanks xxxx
    your album is well under way and it looks great, can't wait to catch up on a tuesday x

  4. You cam do it babe... Have been there when you did it before, and I ain't goin' anywhere this time - just yell out if you need a kick up the ass!! :) oh and I think I NEED some if those red corrugated alphas yumyum

  5. Wow, this is fabbo. Gorgeous pic of you, love the title going around the circle and the journaling just looks great.
    Enjoy your journey and you can do it...

  6. Love that layout. Good on you, that's awesome! I loked at doing that too but decided to do a different version over at BPC. You are such an amzaing person. Looking forward to following your journey.

  7. Good luck with your goals, Sar. I'm sure you will do amazing things. Great title page for your new album too.

  8. Great post, Sar! Love the LO too and can't wait to see it IRL. Good luck with all your goals... looking forward to seeing your progress.

  9. good luck with your MMEL journey!