Monday, January 31, 2011

Did you?

Did you do my blind scrap last Tuesday night over in the Scrapbook Savvy forum? If not you missed a fun night and what I think was a cool layout at the end! The instructions are still up in the forum if you want to give it a go. Here's mine...

All is going well here in the Ward house. Dan & I are still in full 90 Day Challenge swing with me so far losing 5kg and Dan losing 8kg in only three weeks. We're both feeling so much better for it, and I am in no way having second thoughts on taking this challenge up, its totally do-able if you set your mind to it. Smashing the exercise at the moment too, with an average of around 10hrs exercise each week...made up of lots of walking, zumba, spin, pump, kickboxing and boxing. Loving Rekreate Gym and the fact that I now have my little posse of friends there with me, all of us supporting eachother all the way. Thanks girls. xx

Hope your week has started as well as mine has, getting even better tomorrow night by going to see this awesome show...can't wait!


  1. I did your blind scrap and LOVED it! Your page is gorgeous, love the 4 photos! Enjoy the show tomorrow night, we are heading to see Train and Inxs on Saturday. I am VERY excited!!

  2. Gorgeous LO Sar :) enjoy the show - lucky you!!!!!!