Sunday, July 27, 2008

Best weekend in ages...

I had an unreal weekend, still a bit tough late this afternoon as my patience was wearing thin with the kids...but all in all, the entire weekend was really good!

It started on Friday night with Cross-stich Night at my bf Alicia's place. CSN is where our group of girlfriends all get together for dinner and then we stitch (and bitch!). We all take turns at doing dinner and we get together every three weeks. We've been doing this for years, and I still look forward to it every single time.

Then on Saturday I had my friend Jacquie here for a visit. I used to work with Jac at Freemans, but she lives on the Gold Coast now with her new hubby Wade and they're due to have their first baby on 29 November. It was so lovely to see her, and she was stoked to meet Bronte for the first time.

The day just kept getting better...I dropped Cooper & Georgia at Mum & Dad's at about 3pm for a sleepover, then drove into town to meet Loz from the SM Forum. It was so nice to meet one of my internet friends that I talk to all the time, but had never met face to face. It was amazing, we got along like a house on fire! It felt like we'd been friends for years. Thanks heaps Loz for a top night of scrapping, chatting and yawning...oh no, thats right, it was only me yawning! Ha ha. I'd had a late night the night before, so by the time Loz & Chloe left my place at midnight, I was absolutely shattered! You should've seen how cute Chloe and Bronte were together, here's a pic of our gorgeous girls.

So scrapwise my weekend was fantastic, got three pages done last night (as simple as they were...) and then got two singles and a double done today, scrapping with Miss Emma.

There are two with similar photos and the same papers, cause one is for Coop's album and the other is for my nephew Sidney's album.

I'm super happy with this one of Cooper's first birthday. I've been putting it off forever (nearly three years, he is four next month!), I think cause there were lots of photos and I don't know, I guess I just over-thought it. This is a total scraplift from the latest Creating Keepsakes mag, thanks to Allison Davis for the inspiration. But yeh, I love it.

Thats all for now, I really need to go to bed! Daniel has just gone to a fire I don't even have anyone to keep me warm, bugger... ;(


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Molly!

I'm very excited to show off my new baby niece, Molly Helen! Karen & Scotty welcomed baby Molly at 9am on Monday 21 July 2008, weighing 7lb 12oz and 50cm long.

Here's a couple of pics for the girls at Karen's work, isn't she gorgeous!?

Also, another page to show, this one is of Chloe, Karen & Scotty's older daughter, just some various pics over the first year of her life. Its amazing, her & Molly are completely different!

This page is for the July Sketch Challenge on the SM Forum. Wasn't totally happy with how it turned out, bit of a waste of the gorgeous BG Blush papers underneath the photos.

Quiet week scrap-wise for me so far, hopefully this will pick up as the week comes to an end. Have had sick kids for the past week or so, which has really eaten into my time and energy. They've had a touch of a gastro bug, not overly bad, but just enough to make them feel a bit off, cranky and clingy. Everyone seems fine today though, so finters crossed they'll be right for daycare tomorrow. Daniel & I are in desperate need of a day together and are hoping to catch a movie or something.


Friday, July 18, 2008

My day!

So I had a deal with Daniel yesterday...he would look after Bronte for the day and Em & I were gonna scrap ALL day. So we did. Well...if you class all day from after we dropped the kids at school, did the grocery shopping, did the washing and hung it out....LOL. I think it was about 11.30am by the time we made it into the scrap room, but at least we made it. I ended up with four layouts to show by 10pm last night, the most I've done in one day for a very long time.

More to come over the weekend, i promise!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Why am I frustrated? Because I have been plugging away with my Weight Watchers program...and once again have had nothing to show for it. The last two weeks I have stayed the same and this week? 200 lousy grams. Couldn't believe it. I've been on the treadmill every single morning. Know what I felt like doing? Eating a huge block of chocolate and tub of icecream...but I didn't, I was good, I'm already thinking of next week and am gonna have to try hard again to get at least some sort of a result! Everyone is telling me 'you just had a baby' and 'you just stopped breastfeeding' which are very true...but that doesn't stop me from being pissed off! LOL

Anyhoo, I did have a good day regardless and didn't less this morning's weigh in totally blow me out of the water. Had a lovely morning at the park with SIL Kaz who is due to have her baby any day, then out to mum's for lunch with the 'Dear Jane' girls. Home to a pretty decent afternoon considering we'd been out all day, I thought the kids would be feral for sure! But no, its been ok, which helps when Daniel is working OT. Em has been here to help me again, she's a gem.

Here's the LO I managed last night after the kids finally went to bed, no scrapping tonight but spent some time sorting new photos and putting them in the albums in date order. Nothing like being organised! The plan for tomorrow is that Em & I are going to scrap all day...Coop & Georgie will be at school and I've made a deal with Daniel that Bronte is his for the day, unless he gets a fire call. So we'll see. Hopefully we'll have layouts galore to show off tomorrow night!!!

Off now to give the baby a 'dream feed'. A new thing I'm trying to stop the 2am feed, my midwife said it'll probably take about a week to kick in properly, so here's hoping.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scrap shopping always helps!

I've been feeling a bit off the last few weeks...not 'sick' but more like 'crazy'! I'm not coping real well with the kids and the house and everything that goes with it, feel like I'm losing my mind. Yelling constantly at poor Daniel, and the kids are copping it as well. Thank goodness I've got my niece Emma to help me get through the days when Daniel is at work...she is here as I type this, and has helped me get the kids fed and bathed and into bed. We're just waiting for Georgie to stop coming out of bed so we can go into the scrap room and start playing! I took Em scrap shopping today, something I do quite often just to thank her for all her help. I'm sure there are other things a 12 year old girl could be doing with her time...but the fact that she comes here and actually pretends to have fun (LOL!) means so much to me.

Here is what we got. The first lot is Emma's, all picked out herself. And the second lot is mine. I told Daniel that I was taking Emma shopping...but for some strange reason I came out with the fullest bag of stuff! Made me feel better but...

And a couple of layouts I've done in the last couple of days, nothing special but getting through some of the boy pages I have waiting for me. Bought some new boy products today too, as my boy stash was seriously pathetic.

And just a smile from my baby girl Bronte to finish off a short but sweet post.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

LO share!

Crying babies aside...Hayley, Emma & I had a fairly successful scrap day today. I managed three layouts, although fairly simple ones. Still something though, and I'm happy to have managed that!

I have only photographed two and will post the other tomorrow as the light was fading fast by the time I finished up this afternoon.

The first page is me with my three babies, trying out the 'white space' theory but I'm not real sure.

The next is a complete and utter scraplift from the latest SM magazine, credit and thanks to Janine King for the inspiration! My Bronte girl, only four days old.

Am thinking I may just head into the scrap room again tonight...I really should go to bed, but I'm a bit motivated...


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bad Blogger!

Yep, I'm officially a bad blogger, sooo long between posts! Lots has changed though and I'm feeling much better than last time.

Bronte is now on the bottle. After six weeks of crying and uncertainty on my part, I finally took Bronte to see my fave midwife Ruth as I was at wits ends as to what was going on with her. And guess what....she has reflux! Not the obvious reflux where they constantly vomit all over you, but the silent reflux that just burns their poor little insides. It all made sense finally, and it was such a relief to know that I didn't just have a 'horrible baby'. Thats how I'd been feeling, isn't that awful. Still lacking in the sleep department but its getting better. The theory of waking the baby before I go to bed for a feed just isn't working so I'm giving that up, I woke her last night at 9.30pm thinking I'd get her through the 6-8 hours that she has been doing...but no, 12.30am she started, fed her at 1.30am then she was up again at 5am. So from now on I'm just gonna let her tell me what she wants, instead of me trying to control it all! Mmmm, me...controlling...noooo... ;)

So in my blogging absence I have still been checking my fave blogs daily, just not updating my own. And I've been tagged twice, by the lovely Ali and the very talented Lisa Warren.

Same tag though, so I sorta get to cheat, LOL! The tag is to list 7 random/weird facts about yourself. And no, I can't think of 14 random facts, so just the one lot of 7 will do...

1. I've actually been married twice, the first time when I was 19 but only for 13 months.
2. I'm obsessed with my weight. And I mean OBSESSED.
3. I'm getting braces on in the next month or so, yep at 27 years of age.
4. My hubby is a coalminer AND a fireman. Yep, I'm a lucky girl!
5. I sell Cricut products on ebay to pay for my scrapbooking & quilting addictions!
6. I cook Satay Chicken every single week, without fail.
7. I yell. A lot.

So there you have it, hope you learnt something new about me you didn't know. And to keep the tag going, I tag:

1. Nic
2. Alishia
3. Mika
4. Mandz
5. Loz
6. Kristy
7. Tammy

Here's to a successful scrapping day tomorrow, wish me luck!