Sunday, July 27, 2008

Best weekend in ages...

I had an unreal weekend, still a bit tough late this afternoon as my patience was wearing thin with the kids...but all in all, the entire weekend was really good!

It started on Friday night with Cross-stich Night at my bf Alicia's place. CSN is where our group of girlfriends all get together for dinner and then we stitch (and bitch!). We all take turns at doing dinner and we get together every three weeks. We've been doing this for years, and I still look forward to it every single time.

Then on Saturday I had my friend Jacquie here for a visit. I used to work with Jac at Freemans, but she lives on the Gold Coast now with her new hubby Wade and they're due to have their first baby on 29 November. It was so lovely to see her, and she was stoked to meet Bronte for the first time.

The day just kept getting better...I dropped Cooper & Georgia at Mum & Dad's at about 3pm for a sleepover, then drove into town to meet Loz from the SM Forum. It was so nice to meet one of my internet friends that I talk to all the time, but had never met face to face. It was amazing, we got along like a house on fire! It felt like we'd been friends for years. Thanks heaps Loz for a top night of scrapping, chatting and yawning...oh no, thats right, it was only me yawning! Ha ha. I'd had a late night the night before, so by the time Loz & Chloe left my place at midnight, I was absolutely shattered! You should've seen how cute Chloe and Bronte were together, here's a pic of our gorgeous girls.

So scrapwise my weekend was fantastic, got three pages done last night (as simple as they were...) and then got two singles and a double done today, scrapping with Miss Emma.

There are two with similar photos and the same papers, cause one is for Coop's album and the other is for my nephew Sidney's album.

I'm super happy with this one of Cooper's first birthday. I've been putting it off forever (nearly three years, he is four next month!), I think cause there were lots of photos and I don't know, I guess I just over-thought it. This is a total scraplift from the latest Creating Keepsakes mag, thanks to Allison Davis for the inspiration. But yeh, I love it.

Thats all for now, I really need to go to bed! Daniel has just gone to a fire I don't even have anyone to keep me warm, bugger... ;(



  1. Those two bubs are 2 like 2peas, hahaha, so cute!

    LOVE that BG paper on the Aunty Nic pg :) Sounds like you had a FABBO weekend and are in great spirits, just make sure you do slip in some rest every now & then lol...

  2. i had a great time too Sar, cant wait to catch up again!
    I loved it.
    Bronte and Chloe are so cute!!!