Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scrap shopping always helps!

I've been feeling a bit off the last few weeks...not 'sick' but more like 'crazy'! I'm not coping real well with the kids and the house and everything that goes with it, feel like I'm losing my mind. Yelling constantly at poor Daniel, and the kids are copping it as well. Thank goodness I've got my niece Emma to help me get through the days when Daniel is at work...she is here as I type this, and has helped me get the kids fed and bathed and into bed. We're just waiting for Georgie to stop coming out of bed so we can go into the scrap room and start playing! I took Em scrap shopping today, something I do quite often just to thank her for all her help. I'm sure there are other things a 12 year old girl could be doing with her time...but the fact that she comes here and actually pretends to have fun (LOL!) means so much to me.

Here is what we got. The first lot is Emma's, all picked out herself. And the second lot is mine. I told Daniel that I was taking Emma shopping...but for some strange reason I came out with the fullest bag of stuff! Made me feel better but...

And a couple of layouts I've done in the last couple of days, nothing special but getting through some of the boy pages I have waiting for me. Bought some new boy products today too, as my boy stash was seriously pathetic.

And just a smile from my baby girl Bronte to finish off a short but sweet post.


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