Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bad Blogger!

Yep, I'm officially a bad blogger, sooo long between posts! Lots has changed though and I'm feeling much better than last time.

Bronte is now on the bottle. After six weeks of crying and uncertainty on my part, I finally took Bronte to see my fave midwife Ruth as I was at wits ends as to what was going on with her. And guess what....she has reflux! Not the obvious reflux where they constantly vomit all over you, but the silent reflux that just burns their poor little insides. It all made sense finally, and it was such a relief to know that I didn't just have a 'horrible baby'. Thats how I'd been feeling, isn't that awful. Still lacking in the sleep department but its getting better. The theory of waking the baby before I go to bed for a feed just isn't working so I'm giving that up, I woke her last night at 9.30pm thinking I'd get her through the 6-8 hours that she has been doing...but no, 12.30am she started, fed her at 1.30am then she was up again at 5am. So from now on I'm just gonna let her tell me what she wants, instead of me trying to control it all! Mmmm, me...controlling...noooo... ;)

So in my blogging absence I have still been checking my fave blogs daily, just not updating my own. And I've been tagged twice, by the lovely Ali and the very talented Lisa Warren.

Same tag though, so I sorta get to cheat, LOL! The tag is to list 7 random/weird facts about yourself. And no, I can't think of 14 random facts, so just the one lot of 7 will do...

1. I've actually been married twice, the first time when I was 19 but only for 13 months.
2. I'm obsessed with my weight. And I mean OBSESSED.
3. I'm getting braces on in the next month or so, yep at 27 years of age.
4. My hubby is a coalminer AND a fireman. Yep, I'm a lucky girl!
5. I sell Cricut products on ebay to pay for my scrapbooking & quilting addictions!
6. I cook Satay Chicken every single week, without fail.
7. I yell. A lot.

So there you have it, hope you learnt something new about me you didn't know. And to keep the tag going, I tag:

1. Nic
2. Alishia
3. Mika
4. Mandz
5. Loz
6. Kristy
7. Tammy

Here's to a successful scrapping day tomorrow, wish me luck!



  1. Hey thanks for the tag :) I have posted my answers on my blog. Don't worry too much about being a bad blogger I was just absent too.

  2. thanks for playing along Sar!

    I love Ruth too and my little girl had silent reflux - her advice was invaluable! Once I knew what was wrong with her, I had a much happier baby. I hope goes well with Bronte now.