Monday, June 30, 2008


Just a quick layout update, here are a couple of pages I managed to get done yesterday. Scrapped with my girlfriends, but spent more of the day consoling cranky children than actually scrapping! Had the first page done by 10am, but it took me until about 4pm to have the second one finished. Never mind, at least I got SOMETHING done.

I've been struggling with the decision of breast or bottle lately...the last week has been a real struggle for me emotionally and physically. I'm feeling absolutely drained, like I have nothing left to give, I'm getting hardly any sleep and I'm cranky all the time, my head is pounding non-stop which could be caused by lack of sleep or the fact that I seem to be yelling all day. I'm not in a very good place and only said to Daniel this morning that 'existing' at the moment is an effort! Just as I decided this morning that enough was enough, Bronte has been really good this afternoon, fed well and has slept for a few hours. Now, once again, I'm in two minds. What to do?!

Can't believe my baby girl is over a month old already, she'll be six weeks this coming Friday. Here is a pic of her on her 'month day'.

Lots of love,
Sleepy Sar


  1. Hang in there, sis - I know it seems like forever since you slept through the night, but you'll get through this and before you know it you'll be cruising.

  2. hang in there Sarah. Give me a hoy if I can help out at all. Am writing here because your email is bouncing. Great layouts
    Love Marg

  3. Gorgeous layouts Sar - and the photo of your babe is just beautiful.

    btw - I just tagged you. Check out my blog for the details. I hope you play along.

  4. Loved the Yes I`m a Girl Lo! Lovely colors and lovely girl! Sleep is overrated!:)