Sunday, July 13, 2008

LO share!

Crying babies aside...Hayley, Emma & I had a fairly successful scrap day today. I managed three layouts, although fairly simple ones. Still something though, and I'm happy to have managed that!

I have only photographed two and will post the other tomorrow as the light was fading fast by the time I finished up this afternoon.

The first page is me with my three babies, trying out the 'white space' theory but I'm not real sure.

The next is a complete and utter scraplift from the latest SM magazine, credit and thanks to Janine King for the inspiration! My Bronte girl, only four days old.

Am thinking I may just head into the scrap room again tonight...I really should go to bed, but I'm a bit motivated...



  1. Hi girl, thanxs for the tag.
    Still going strong but I was on a holiday the last weeks so I saw your tag just now. I'm updating my blog today or tommorow so stay tuned. X Mika (

  2. Gorgeous work with both these layouts Sar - I love the white space look and you did a fabbo job with it!!

    Julie xx