Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Georgia Patricia

- we argue every morning about what she is going to wear, and every time it must be 'a dress'.
- she kisses me randomly as she walks past me during the day. xx
- she dances. all the time.
- she sings and makes up her own lyrics, quite funny to listen to when she doesn't know you're there.
- she colours in, inside the lines.
- she has to have dessert every single night, just like her mama.
- she is very over protective of her 'stuff'. the joys of being the middle child.
- she loves to look at her scrapbook pages that mummy makes, asks questions and wants to know the story behind the photos.
- she steals my headbands...i mean, we share headbands. ;)
- she does pointy toes just like a ballerina.
- she loves listening to stories, but doesn't get read to often enough in our busy house.
- she is a wonderful big sister....most days.
- she adores her big brother.
- she is our princess. xx

The day our Princess arrived

1st b'day

2nd b'day

3rd b'day

and today, our big 4yo girl

Happy Birthday Georgie Princess, enjoy your day, we all love you so very much. xx


  1. Happy happy birthday to such a sweet little girl :-) :-)

  2. she was sooo excited when she opended her presents this morning.... Happy Birthday beautiful girl xxxxx

  3. Oooohhhhhh, I have a little tear in my eye reading and looking at the photos....she IS and always will be my little Princess Georgia xx

  4. Happy Birthday Georgie, hope you've had a fabulous day sweet girl.

  5. very sweet sar. Xo

  6. Cute :D
    Happy Birthday, Georgie!!

  7. I love your little diary of Georgia. Very special, as is she. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl xx