Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feeling puffy!

Well the wisdom teeth are gone and I officially look like a bullfrog! My face is soooo swollen....Daniel thinks he is absolutely hilarious when he asks me 'Did you get stung by a bee?' or 'Are you allergic to peanut butter?'. Smart ass. I've decided today to stop taking the Panadeine Forte as its starting to make my tummy hurt, so just on the nurofen and antibiotics now. Hopefully I don't wake up at 3am tonight in pain like I have the last couple of nights, as the Panadeine Forte has really helped to zonk me out!

I scrapped yesterday to take my mind off it...and also because my LO for Chipboard School at Scrapping Outback was due today! I'm absolutely STOKED with the result, and geez I had fun doing this page. Thanks heaps Nicole for the challenge!!

The techniques we learnt this time were putting foil on chipboard, doodling on them then painting. I actually learnt this technique last year in a class with Celine Navarro but it was great to do it again. We also painted the edge of chipboard and sanded the edge of chipboard. We had to use ALL of these different techniques, but on a page that we'd painted the background AND we had a sketch to follow. So many criterias, but it was so much fun!!

Now, whats next on the list? Can't say really....cause its a surprise!

Off to have some yummy homemade chicken soup made by my Mum, she is such a gem! What would I do without her? Love ya mum!



  1. mmm, can remember that puffy feeling and I got mine out over 10years ago now. OMG that makes me feel old.

    Love what you did with this weeks challenge. Looks fantastic.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my Blog Sar!! Loving your LO's too - so bright and you've got some cutie pie kiddies too. Love the stitched border you've done here...

    Adding you to my list!


  3. love your layout here Sar- the chipboard is COOL with the foil on it!! eek don't tell me it hurts and your face is puffy, i have to get all my wisdom teeth out on the 2nd October- booked in for surgery!! eep.... any tips on what to eat? what helps etc??

    ive got my mum staying with me when i get it done thank GOD!! :)

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog Sar, Have added you to mine as well, hope that is OK? :-)

    I had 2 wisdom teeth out and an impacted tooth removed from my palate last year in Hospital, I know how you feel. Was worse for me as I'm a Dental Nurse and knew every thing they'd be doing to me LOL.

    Take care,
    Del. xx

    PS. If your having discomfort you can alternate between the panadol and nurofen as you need it. Eat soft foods (yuk, I know after a while, Hehehe) Weetbix, yougurt, scramble eggs and have heaps of fluids. HTH :-)