Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crazy weekend....

The weekend looked like going downhill fast, we ended up at the hospital on Friday night with Cooper. He had been coughing most of the day, but not enough for me to stress about and he was still running around and being his normal self. Come night-time, it was a different story. He was crying, he was curled up in a ball saying he had a sore tummy, he was wheezing and having trouble breathing. I raced him to the medical centre where they put him straight on the nebuliser, but after that didn't help at all and actually seemed to make him worse, they called an ambulance. Coop & I went to the hospital, him on oxygen the whole way. Turns out he has croup, as well as a middle ear infection. We got to come home at about midnight on Friday night after they'd got his temp down, with steroids and antibiotics in tow. He seemed much better yesterday and better again today, so fingers crossed its all good from here.

I did manage to escape yesterday arvo/night to scrap at Kindra's place though, with my lovely DH staying with the kids so I could go and 'play' (as he called it). I got a few bits and pieces done and had a top night. It was great to watch the girls running around after their kids...while I just sat and scrapped the night away! PMSL... ;)

So here they are...

I loved this sketch over at Inspired Blueprints SO MUCH that I've done it twice. It was created by Lisa, and is just so handy for those birthday/xmas photos that usually I just don't know what to do with.

This one is for Puzzle Sketches using the new Fancypants Daily Grind range, which is just awesome for boy pages.

Then this one of Bronte girl being weighed just after being born, just because, using the new Fawned of You range by Sassafrass Lass. I am IN LOVE with these papers and just have so much fun playing with them.

See that page, see how little she was? Today she is six months old, can you believe it? I surely can't. And here she is just yesterday, a big girl sitting up in the highchair. She lights up our days and is just so full of smiles and laughs.

Thats about it from me today, its nearly 10am on Sunday morning and I should start getting ready to head over to Mum & Dad's for lunch with the family. Hope everyone has a good week, we have a HUGE WEEK of getting organised with Bronte's christening coming up in a week's time. Wish us luck...



  1. I hope your little man is better. Love your pages.

  2. big hugs Sar - I know exactly how you feel rushing your little one off to hospital! I hope Cooper's feeling better.

    Great layouts Sar - love both the doubles!

  3. hey sar
    Hope the little guy is feeling better soon. ( hope it wasn't bought on by eating ears!!) See you at the crop fri. ( a much nicer place to be to midnight)
    hope your week is good.