Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick Post

...before I start running to get myself organised for tonight. Off to crop night at Scrapbooking Delights, but this time with Daniel on arvo shift so have to run around like a mad woman getting myself organised before dropping the kids off, then pick some dinner up on the way! Thanks so much to my amazing sister Nic and Daniel's sis Kaz for helping me out with the kids, you guys have NO IDEA how much my scrap nights mean to me. They're my escape....

Today my mate Juzzy came over for a few hours and I FINALLY did the page for the Scrapbooking Delights challenge kit, its only due tomorrow so nothing like leaving things till the last minute. But its done, and its good, and I'll hand it in tonight. What do you think??

And while I'm talking about Scrapbooking Delights...who wants to come to a retreat!!?? So excited. Can't believe its only two weeks after the Bons one, but I'll be there with bells on. Hubby isn't TOO impressed, but with the help of my mum with the kids, I'll definitely be there. Let me know if you're keen, I'd love to meet up with you all and scrap the weekend away. Plenty of notice too, so claim the date and come along.

Time to fly, need to get my pages organised for tonight, pack the kids bags, feed the baby...the list goes on & on!


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  1. Hi Sar, that's a really cute page :) Hope you have a great weekend and btw... you have been tagged!
    Aga xx