Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Start for Me...

So I'm re-committing to my weight loss endeavours as of today, have managed to put on a couple of kilos in the last few weeks and not happy about it, so about time I got off my butt and got organised. I am walking in the mornings again, will be getting the meal plans happening and will actually start using Weight Watchers Online that I've been paying for since Bronte was born. At the moment I have 9kgs to lose, I am scrapping my weight loss journey with a page a week and a photo, just something to keep me motivated. Me & my buddy Loz have started our health kick together today, I have WAY more weight to lose than her but we're just gonna keep eachother going and keep eachother accountable. Wish us luck!

Here I am today, not very flattering and I'm not looking impressed, but anyway...

Not much else happening here really, Cooper isn't well and has been complaining of an earache, but two visits to the doctor has proved nothing. Poor boy, he's so miserable.

Just got an awesome deal for some accommodation in Port Macquarie which I can use three times in the next 12 months, am thinking a girls trip away is in order maybe around March next year, three nights away for less than $100 each...anyone keen?

Best be off, getting late and I'll be up early for my walk, talk soon.


  1. Were here for each other!
    Love ya heaps Sar!

  2. Course you can do it... not sure if you need to lose 9kg but??? But hey, if i can lose 6 kilos, you can too cause you have way more motivation than i do!!!!