Monday, November 10, 2008

Def Leppard Tonight!

Daniel & I are off to see Def Leppard tonight, I can't wait! Daniel is a huge fan and has been for years, I've always loved their music too so it should be good. A whole night, child free, how will we cope?! I'm sure we'll be fine...LOL. Thanks heaps Alicia for having my babies for me, you're the best.

Its a gorgeous day here in the Gong, have spend a nice morning with the kids at playgroup, its now just after lunchtime and the girls are in bed...well one of them is anyway, Georgie keeps wandering out, little bugger. Cooper is relaxing on the lounge and Daniel is at a fire call. The scrap room is calling but until Georgia goes to sleep I'm stuck upstairs. Soon hopefully!

Managed one LO last night, Challenge #3 for the Scrap Therapy Cybercrop. Hats had to appear somewhere in your LO, be it the word hat, an actual hat, hat embellishment, whatever. I've used more of my Melbourne Cup photos and a Fancypants overlay that I've been saving for something special.

Speaking of Scrap Therapy, they have 20% of all American Crafts for this month, I don't need any better reason to buy more Thickers! I need more like I need a hole in the head....but I can't resist. They're my fave product, I just love how easy they are and the range is amazing. My Thickers collection is already over 40 packs...I think it'll be over 50 really soon....but don't tell Daniel! Ssshhh! Go buy some, just so I don't feel bad...



  1. Love the Melbourne Cup LO - gorgeous bright colours!


  2. Oh, and hope u had a blast at the concert!!

  3. hey stranger - don't think i really need the encouragement to buy more thickers, but to assist a friend I will.!!! See you Fri nite, I hope.

  4. Love the layout, but not that photo of me (with my mouth full of cheese - what were you thinking?!?!?). Is the blue/green paint?

  5. Gorgeous Cup Day the wave.


  6. thats a great lo..

    loving all you work lately :-)