Saturday, February 26, 2011

The quickest page EVER!

I swear to God, I looked at the clock at 11.10pm last night and thought 'mmm, will I get another layout in before midnight? may as well try!' try I did and it was done and dusted by 11.30pm!! Gotta be happy with that. :D

I've used the Bo Bunny Whoo-ligans range for this one, not much of this left in the store at all.

Whats the quickest you've done a page? Are you a speed scrapper or does it take you days to finish a layout?? Would love to read your comments on this one. :)



  1. Nice one Sar! I am a bit of both. Sometimes might finish a page in half an hour, other times it could take quite a bit longer. I tend to get a bit frustrated if it takes too long though....or if i spend the majority of a day scrapping and I only get 2 pages done. But then I sometimes think I should take more time to add more detail/stuff to my pages- can't win!!!!!

  2. Love your page ..gorgeous !! sometimes it takes me hours and hours but latley it just all comes together very quickly ...its nice when it happens !! xx♥

  3. Gorgeous page, Sar! Depends on what else is happening in my life at the time as to how long a layout takes. I have one that's been sitting on my desk for a couple of days :( Take care, Deb xx

  4. Awesome page! Love all the photos and the colours are to die for. Hmmmm..quickest page was prob 30 minutes and was my most popular page ever at The Colour Room and was featured that week. LOL..Can you believe it..?

  5. ALWAYS the way, isn't it Nadia!!!!