Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do you go to crops?

Tell me about your local crops...when are they, where are they, are they held in your local scrapbook shop? My local shop, Scrapbooking Delights in Dapto, hold crops every second Friday night and the other Saturday night. I LOVE to attend these, it takes me out of my store and into the social side of scrapbooking, whilst also supporting the ONLY bricks & mortar store in the Illawarra area. Let me know if you're a local girl who would be interested in joining doesn't matter if you've never scrapped before! San & I would love to see you. :)

I managed two layouts while I was there last night (in only three hours, mind you!). Hope you like them.

Playing Dolls with Daddy - my baby girl and her Daddy, just sitting in the loungeroom and playing together, I LOVE that my husband loves to do this with all of his babies. I have used the October Afternoon Schoolhouse range for this one.

Parachute - my boy at his athletics carnival 'doing the parachute'. I remember doing this as a kid, its a classic! Used the October Afternoon Seaside range. Had a bit of a love affair with OA last night, me thinks... ;)

A happy Saturday here in my house...the hubby & kids have headed off to the farm for the night and I am joined by the lovely San & Nat for some quiet (or maybe NOT so quiet!) drinks, dinner and scrapping. Bliss!


  1. Hi Sar!! LOVE the string bow stapled on ... might have to try that myself, it looks great :-). And so does all your pages here lately, I haven't visited for a while (sorry!!). Have fun scrapping tonight :-)

  2. Gorgeous layouts, Sar!!!Love the colours on the dolls one! Take care, Deb xx

  3. OA Schoolhouse - great minds huh? ;)

    I don't go to many crops.... I don't really know anyone who goes so I usually scrap by myself at night!