Thursday, February 10, 2011

Move More Eat Less - Month 2

My first month has flown of the 90 Day Food Patrol Challenge. I feel great, I have a ton of energy, my life is changing...AND to top it off I've lost 5.6kg to date! So proud of me and hope that if you're on the same journey, its going well for you. Let me know how you're doing!

Here is my page for Month 2...

Apart from following the challenge, I have incorporated a whole lot of exercise into my world! I am walking every day as well as doing 5-6 sessions a week at the gym. My gym classes include the awesome Zumba classes, Pump for muscle building, my all time fave from all those years ago - kickboxing, with some spin and boxing classes thrown in the mix. I love the feeling of walking into the gym knowing I am there with a purpose, and the feeling when I leave is indescribeable...the adrenalin, exhaustion and the knowledge that I have just kicked ass is just awesome!!! AND I am sleeping better...speaking of which, its way past my bedtime.

Thanks for reading. xx


  1. Look at you!! I can't believe how much smaller your butt looks.
    Not that it was big anyway :)
    But I know you have been working hard. So well done girl!!

  2. That's just awesome, Sar! So proud of you... Don't have to tell you to keep it up cos I know you will :)

  3. awesome job chicky :)

    You can definitely see a difference, although would you mind sharing some boob with me, lol

    Keep it up hun


  4. Kick ass.... I know what thats like cause its MY ass you're kicking LOL!!! I can see a difference honey.... I thought that the other day at the gym. Apart from your appearance I am seeing a difference in YOU!!! I am very proud of you and look forward to helping you kick those 12.8 kilos at the gym xx Love you!!

  5. Way go go Sar!!! I'm starting the 12 week body transformation next week...wish me luck!!!