Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OPEN DAY - Rekreate Womens Gym

This is where I spend a fair bit of my time these days - REKREATE - and I am loving each and every one of the classes including Zumba, Pump, Boxing, Kickboxing...maybe not LOVING Spin so much but damn its a good workout!!! I'll be braving the spin bikes tonight with my bestie Leesh, as well as Tina & Deslie. Think I'll regret it tomorrow but ah well, no pain no gain...right?!

Kylie & Jenny are holding an open day to celebrate the opening of their new gym on Saturday 26 February including four classes, free childminding and specials on the day for gym gear & gym membership. If you're a woman in the Illawarra area looking for somewhere to work out, this is the place for you.

Scrapbook Savvy is sponsoring the Open Day with a contribution to the goody bags and I'll be there on the day with a few little things to show off, and to hopefully spread the word a little more about this wonderful craft we call scrapbooking.

If you'd like to try the classes out on the day and organise some free childminding (the kids will have a ball!!) please call the gym on 4228 7776.

I'd love to see you there!!!

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