Monday, February 28, 2011

Where do YOU find the time?

This is a question I get asked a LOT! 'Where do you find the time?' People ask me this question regarding lots of things - my business, my personal scrapbooking, my exercise regime, my social life, my whole life basically! I kind of get sick of this question and want to just yell at people and say 'I BLOODY WELL MAKE THE TIME!' All of us seem to live very busy lives in this day and age, and we need to prioritise and make the time to fit in the things we consider MOST important in our lives. I do manage to fit a lot in but in doing this I do have to sacrifice other things - like doing the ironing (which I just do as I need to), reading books, watching sitcoms on television (I just don't have the time to absorb myself in OTHER peoples lives), sleep (yep I go to bed too late but ah well) name it, I'm sure there are other things I give up too but they seem unimportant once you fit in the REALLY important stuff.

In regards to my scrapbooking, I MAKE the time to scrap a lot. The way I look at it, as morbid as this may seem, the truth is that one day I'm not going to be here to tell my children all the stories of their past, my past, their father's past, our lives in general...and you know what, I don't have forever to do it, nobody has forever to do it. I have RIGHT NOW to get their stories down on paper, right now while its happening, right now before I forget that funny thing they said or did, or the way they sang that song wrong. It is important not to put this off for the sake of lying on the lounge, or just because its too much effort to pull my scrapbooking stuff out today, tomorrow, or the next day. SCRAPBOOKING IS IMPORTANT! If you don't tell your children their stories and yours, no one will.

Just say'n.

Here's some of the important stuff I put together for my kids this weekend while away visiting my friend Peta, I love that we share this scrappy passion and that we feed off each other's inspiration...whether we're in the same room or not. Love you Pj! xx

BBQ Mate - the story of Cooper the day he very nearly chopped his toes off when he lost a fight with a very sharp barbecue tool, here he is in the bath with a plastic bag on his foot, poor boy!

Sparkle & Shine - my beautiful Georgie girl on Xmas Day 2009.

And my two girls, looking out the window together, enjoying the view and talking about god knows what. They are often found together just exploring and telling eachother stories, bless them.

More to come, but will spread them out over the next few days & posts...thanks for visiting and listening to another of my 'soap box moments'. LOL!

Till next time. xx


  1. I am glad that you make the time honey! and I am sure that the kids will treasure what you have done for them always xxxx

  2. gorgeous layouts, Sar! Love the last one but the pic of Georgie is gorgeous. Well said, about making the time to do what's important to you. Take care, Deb xx

  3. Great post Sar, you've said it all so well :) Love the layouts too.

  4. Totally. MAKE the time. That is what I do. Well said. Love the pages too.

  5. I think you ROCK!! All that needs to be said!! Oh well there is more, always LOVE your work!

  6. well said you..... making time for YOU is an important part of anyones life... The more you do the more you will reap the rewards - it is amazing how much more you can get done if you are feeling good about YOU and have a goal to achieve....
    "the best way to predict your future is to create it".... it wont help by sitting around waiting for it.... go grab the life you want with your own hands & heart.... and you Miss Sar are well on your way to creating a WONDERFUL and rewarding future for your young family - and I am so glad I can be part of it - friend<3

  7. Awesome post, Sar! I will definitely have to re-read this every time i feel guilty about spending my spare time scrapbooking!!

  8. Oh, and I LOVE the "sparkle and shine" LO!!!