Sunday, September 9, 2007

My God, 3 scrap days in 4 days!

Can't believe it...another scrap day at my place today! Totally friend Linda missed out on coming over yesterday as her little boy was sick. Linda & I went walking this morning and neither of us had plans, and seeing as all my stuff was still out I asked her to come over, so she did! So did my other friends Alicia & Rachel and my neice Emma again. We all had a good day and got some done.

Here are my two efforts for the day, pretty happy with them although they're nothing spectacular.

This first one is of Daniel & Cooper when Coop was about four months old and the next one is Georgia on our way to the maternity ward, funny story about the cricket bear....the boys had been joking around for ages, and Daniel had said that Georgia wasn't allowed to be born until after Australia had won in the Ashes....I kept saying that i was gonna go early but Daniel said I couldn't. His step-brother Damo and brother-in-law Scotty were in on the joke, Daniel kept telling them 'imagine your children being born while England had the Ashes!'. As it turned out, Georgia was born on Friday 5 January, the last day of the test and we watched Australia get the Ashes back while sitting in the hospital before she was born! Classic...



  1. Hiya Sar - thanks heaps for dropping by my blog and for the kind words.
    Totally fabbo work with the layouts - sounds like you had a great day scrapping with friends.

    take care
    Julie H xx

  2. nothing like another scrap day...Love your work

  3. You are a lucky girl - hopefully next week I can get some time to do some scrapping too. Love the cricket story! Your pages look great. Lis.