Saturday, September 29, 2007

My bestie has a BLOG!

I'm so of my best friends, Leesh, has started her own blog! Check it out...and I'm on the first layout that she is showing off! Funny, I have hardly any photos of me with the kids to scrap....I might have to get a copy of this pic from her!

Lots going on with me but I'll fill you all in when I get a chance...not much scrapping happening, too much house cleaning to do today (seeing as I haven't cleaned properly for what seems like forever!) but maybe I'll get something done tonight, we'll see...



  1. It's a great pic of you and Cooper, Sar - I'm a bit the same, love to take pix of the kids but really any of me with them.
    Fantastic work on the layout in your last post!!

    chat soon
    Julie H xx

  2. Hey Sar, Are you still awake? I am but shouldnt be.... I am doing washing...YAY....I will get that photo to you. As i said its not the best quality, but i loved it all the same!!!!